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“To my surprise, Nick reached under his shirt and pulled out the half-heart pendant. With his gaze fixed on mine, he slid the chain over my head. “No one should have to go through life with only half a heart,” he whispered.”
Katherine Allred, The Sweet Gum Tree

David Levithan
“When is a night over? Is it the start of sunrise or the end of it? Is it when you finally go to sleep or simply realize that you have to? When the club closes or when you everyone leaves?
"It's over when you decide it's over," she says. "When you call it a night. The rest is just a matter of where the sun is in the sky.”
David Levithan, Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist

Brigid Kemmerer
“Gabriel’s going to be pissed.”
It took Nick a second to answer. “Why?”
“He’ll have to break his leg so people won’t be able to tell you apart.”
Brigid Kemmerer, Storm

Nick Hornby
“Look at all the things that can go wrong for men. There’s the nothing-happening-at-all problem, the too-much-happening-too-soon problem, the dismal-droop-after-a-promising-beginning problem; there’s the size-doesn’t-matter-except-in-my-case problem, the failing-to-deliver-the-goods problem…and what do women have to worry about? A handful of cellulite? Join the club. A spot of I-wonder-how-I-rank? Ditto.”
Nick Hornby, High Fidelity

Kelley Armstrong
“Torn clothing littered the ground, more hung from bushes. Nick held up half a pair of white panties and grinned at me.

"Wild dogs? Or just Clayton?"

"Oh God," I muttered under my breath.

I walked over to snatch the underwear from him, but he held it over his head, grinning like a schoolboy.

"I see Paris, I see France, I see Elena's underpants," he chanted.

"Everyone's already seen much more than that," Jeremy said. "I think we can safely resume the search."

Peter plucked Clay's shirt from a low-hanging branch and held it up, peering through a hole in the middle. "You guys can really do some damage. Where's the hidden video when you need it?"

"So this--uh--wasn't done by wild dogs?" one of the searchers said.

Peter grinned and tossed the shirt to the ground. "Nope. Just wild hormones.”
Kelley Armstrong, Bitten

Sarah Rees Brennan
“Sometimes I feel better around you. I kind of like your face' -Nick”
Sarah Rees Brennan, The Demon's Covenant

Carrie Jones
“You're pouting. Pouting is not allowed. It's too cute.”
Carrie Jones, Need
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Sarah Rees Brennan
“On the morning of the fourth day, Jamie tipped a switchblade out of his box of cornflakes.
“I think these promotional campaigns have really got out of hand,” he said, freezing with
his hand on the milk carton. “One shiny free knife with every packet of cereal bought is
not a good message to send out to the kiddies.”
Sarah Rees Brennan, The Demon's Lexicon

Kelley Armstrong
“It was awful. It was, like, walk out to the woods, Change, stand there until enough time passed, Change back. It was about as much fun as taking a shit."
"Nice analogy.”
Kelley Armstrong, Bitten

Sarah Rees Brennan
“I don't really get scared. Want to know what else i don't feel?"
Sarah Rees Brennan, The Demon's Lexicon
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Abigail Roux
“Zane glanced toward the stairwell, then back to Nick. "How close are you?" he finally blurted out. "I have no frame of reference, other than the oorah and your tongue down his throat.”
Abigail Roux, Armed & Dangerous

Neal Shusterman
“I remember the first time I saw you,” Allie said.
“I thought you smelled me first.”
“Right,” said Allie. “The chocolate. But then I saw you as I sat up in the dead forest, thinking I knew you. At the time, I thought I must have seen you through the windshield when our cars crashed…. But that wasn’t it. I think, way back then, I was seeing you as you are now. Isn’t that funny?”
“Not as funny as the way I always complained, and the way you always bossed me around!”
They embraced and held each other for a long time.
“Don’t forget me,” Nick said. “No matter where your life goes, no matter how old you get. And if you ever get the feeling that someone is looking over your shoulder, but there’s nobody there, maybe it’ll be me.”
“I’ll write to you,” said Allie, and Nick laughed. “No really. I’ll write the letter then burn it, and if I care just enough it will cross into Everlost.”
“And,” added Nick, “it will show up as a dead letter at that the post office Milos made cross into San Antonio!”
Allie could have stood there saying good-bye forever, because it was more than Nick she was saying good-bye to. She was leaving behind four years of half-life in a world that was both stunningly beautiful, and hauntingly dark. And she was saying good-bye to Mikey. I’ll be waiting for you, he had said…. Well, if he was, maybe she wasn’t saying good-bye at all.
Nick hefted the backpack on his shoulder. “Shouldn’t you be heading off to Memphis?” he said. “You’d better hit the road…. Jack.” Then he chuckled by his own joke, and walked off.”
Neal Shusterman, Everfound

Kelley Armstrong
"Yes, unless Nick found a woman in the forest, which I suppose wouldn't be too surprising.”
Kelley Armstrong, Frostbitten

Jennifer Echols
“You had a bet. You couldn't lose a bet. If you had a choice between me and winning, you'll choose winning every time. It's still true.”
Jennifer Echols, The Ex Games

“This isn’t a church social, Sweetheart. You aren’t going to be able to save me this time.”
Katherine Allred, The Sweet Gum Tree
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Megan Hart
“He hadn’t been her first lover or the first boy to give her an orgasm. He hadn’t even been the first she’d loved. He’d been the first to turn her inside out with something as simple as a smile. The first to make her doubt herself. He’d taken her deeper than anyone ever had, and yet she hadn’t drowned. ”
Megan Hart, Deeper
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Sarah Rees Brennan
“Sin met Mae and Alan coming into the flat.

Mae frowned. "Is it no-shirts festival day?"

"Every day with Nick is no-shirts festival day," Alan said absently, but he was frowning too.”
Sarah Rees Brennan, The Demon's Surrender
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Garth Nix
“Nick shook his head and found to his surprise that he did have tears left after all. He wasn't surprised by a talking cat. The world was crumbling around him and anything could happen.”
Garth Nix, Abhorsen

Sherrilyn Kenyon
“Hey, Ms. P," Tad called, "what's going on?"
She let out a slow breath before she answered. "You won't believe this... Brian Murrey tried to eat Scott Morgan."
Nick's eyes widened at the unexpected explanation. Had he heard that right?”
Sherrilyn Kenyon, Infinity

Neal Shusterman
“Mooooon!” said the Ogre. “Tranquility …” Then he pointed at the full moon. “Neil Armstrong walked in a sea of tranquility.” Then he added, “It’s made of cheese. But you have to take off the plastic before you put it on a burger.”
Mikey sighed.
“What’s his story?” the wraith asked.
“He’s chocolate,” Mikey said.”
Neal Shusterman, Everfound

Sherrilyn Kenyon
“you're so full of shit, you ought to be a cow manure”
Sherrilyn Kenyon, One Silent Night

Sarah Rees Brennan
“Nick could see the gun shaking in Alan's hand now, in tight, terrified spasms. "Last night we put a magician in the river," Alan said, his voice low and intense as if he was making a promise."Maybe we should send you to join him."
"You know the rules," the woman whispered. "Don't shoot the messenger."
Nick interrupted, leaning down to speak in her ear. "Do they say 'Don't cut the messenger in half with your great big sword'?”
Sarah Rees Brennan, The Demon's Lexicon

Holly Smale
“I came to get you. I knew you'd freak out."
"But..." My head still feels like a helium balloon. "Why?"
Nick looks blank. "Because you always freak out."
I shake my head. My voice feels like I've swallowed it. "I mean, why do you care if I freak out?"

There's a long silence.

"Well," Wilbur finally bursts, "I can take a shot in the dark, if you want."
"Seriously," Nick snaps, making his fingers into a gun shape. "I'm going to take a shot in the dark in a minute and it will make contact."

Wilbur looks charmed. "Isn't he adorable?" he says fondly. "My duty as Fairy Godmother is complete, anyhoo, and I believe it's time to spread my magic dust elsewhere. So many pumpkins after all; so little time.”
Holly Smale, Geek Girl

Neal Shusterman
“So the gods must mean something else,” said Jix.
“God, not gods!” insisted Johnnie.
Nick threw up his hands. “God, gods, or whatever,” said Nick. “Right now, it doesn’t matter whether it’s Jesus, or Kukulcan, or a dancing bear at the end of the tunnel. What matters is that we have a clue, and we have to figure it out.”
“Why?” Johnnie asked again. “Why does God – excuse me, I mean ‘the Light of Universal Whatever’- why does it just give us a freakin’ impossible clue? Why can’t it just tell us what we’re supposed to do?”
“Because,” said Mikey. “the Dancing Bear wants us to suffer.”
Neal Shusterman, Everfound

Sherrilyn Kenyon
“I need you to take Amanda shopping for clothes. The Daimons burned her house down and she has nothing except the clothes on her back."

Nick arched a brow. "From what I saw, she had no clothes whatsoever on her back. Her front neither.”
Sherrilyn Kenyon, Night Pleasures

Georgia Cates
“Can't you see I would do anything to be your everything?”
Georgia Cates, Shallow
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“Dude, you're scaring the crap out of me,' said Nick. 'I'm serious, I literally have no crap right now.”
Mark Frost, The Paladin Prophecy

Abigail Roux
“You know I'd follow you anywhere. Even if it's straight to Hell.”
Abigail Roux, Crash & Burn

Neal Shusterman
“Mary believes she was put on earth to bring an end to the living world.”
Both Nick and Mikey just stared at her.
“What do you mean … end?” asked Mikey.
“End means end. Complete and total destruction. She wants to kill everyone and everything. She wants to bring down every building, burn every forest, empty every ocean of life. She wants to turn the earth into a dead planet …”
Neal Shusterman, Everfound

Alex Adams
“My two best friends are dead, which means they're great listeners now, but lousy as far as support goes.”
Alex Adams, White Horse
tags: nick, zoe

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