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Stephenie Meyer
“I decided as long as I'm going to hell, I might as well do it thoroughly.”
Stephenie Meyer, Twilight

Diana Gabaldon
“Why, what's the matter wi' the poor child?" she demanded of Jamie. "Has she had an accident o' some sort?"

"No, it's only she's married me," he said, "though if ye care to call it an accident, ye may.”
Diana Gabaldon, Outlander

Kelley Armstrong
“Closed door means knock," Elena said to Clay, shooing him out.
You've been in here for two hours," he said. "She can't need that much work." He frowned as he examined my outfit. "What the hell is she? A tree?"
"A dryad," Elena said, cuffing him in the arm.
"Oh, my god," Jamie said, surveying my outfit. "We forgot the bag!"
"Bag?" Clay said. "What does a dryad need with-"
"An evening bag," Cassandra said. "A purse."
"She's got a purse. It's right there on the bed."
"That's a day purse," Cassandra snapped.
"What, do they expire when the sun goes down?”
Kelley Armstrong, Industrial Magic

Sidney Sheldon
“Jamie enjoyed solitude, but loneliness was a constant ache.”
Sidney Sheldon, Master of the Game

Kelley Armstrong
“I moved up beside Jamie."I have to go."
She frowned at me. "Where?"
I pressed a hand to the bottom of my belly. "My bladder.It-"
Ah." She gave a small laugh. "We interrupt this life-or-death situation for a pregnancy pee break. Don't see that in the movies, do you?”
Kelley Armstrong, Broken

Jamie McGuire
“Let's get something straight; you're not a piece of shit, you're amazing. It doesn't matter who buys me drinks, or who asks me to dance, or who flirts with me. I'm going home with you. You've asked me to trust you, and you don't seem to trust me. - Abby, Beautiful Disaster”
Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster

Sarah Rees Brennan
“On the morning of the fourth day, Jamie tipped a switchblade out of his box of cornflakes.
“I think these promotional campaigns have really got out of hand,” he said, freezing with
his hand on the milk carton. “One shiny free knife with every packet of cereal bought is
not a good message to send out to the kiddies.”
Sarah Rees Brennan, The Demon's Lexicon

Sarina Bowen
“It’s us. And it’s perfect.”
Sarina Bowen, Us
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Diana Gabaldon
“How shall I tell ye what it is, to feel the need of a place?" he said softly. "The need of snow beneath my shoon. The breath of the mountains, breathing their own breath in my nostrils as God gave breath to Adam. The scrape of rock under my hand, climbing, and the sight of the lichens on it, enduring in the sun and the wind."
     His breath was gone and he breathed again, taking mine. His hands were linked behind mv head, holding me, face-to-face.

"If I am to live as a man, I must have a mountain," he said simply.”
Diana Gabaldon, Drums of Autumn
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Sarah Rees Brennan
“Oh my gosh,Nick. You're not wearing a shirt! This must be one of those exciting days ending in Y.”
Sarah Rees Brennan, The Demon's Surrender
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Louise Rozett
“He finds his way up the side of my neck, biting me just a little, moving lightly back and forth, like he's searching for a special spot. When he finds it, I make small sound I've never heard myself make before, like a gasp. He traces his tongue in slow circles around that spot. I realise my hands are just lying in my lap, doing nothing. I concentrate on lifting my arm and reaching for his face, but he catches my hand and holds it tightly at the wrist. His lips leave the spot and find their way back to my mouth, which is waiting, hoping for his return. He plants a gentle kiss on my lower lip and then whispers in my ear, "I just got lucky, Rose.”
Louise Rozett, Confessions of an Angry Girl

Monica McCarty
“What was she trying to do to him? Was this what being in love was supposed to feel like? Was it supposed to make him feel out of control? Was it supposed to rip him apart, pulling him in two opposite directions? Was it supposed to make him want to tear his hair out in frustration? If it was, he didn’t need it.”
Monica McCarty, Highland Warrior

Monica McCarty
“As soon as the man had gone, Caitrina moved to stand before him, her soft feminine scent clouding his senses. Would it always be like this—this clawing need for her? The inability to think when she was near? The feeling that if he didn’t take her in his arms and kiss her, he would surely die?”
Monica McCarty, Highland Warrior

Kandi Steiner
“I was water, he was whiskey, and I couldn’t dilute him — not now that I knew he loved me enough to let me. I needed to be stronger, to be ice the next time I melted with him.”
Kandi Steiner, A Love Letter to Whiskey
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Kandi Steiner
“One more weekend with Whiskey, and then I’d have to let him go.For good.”
Kandi Steiner, A Love Letter to Whiskey
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“Take it easy, but take it”
Jamie Dornan

Christina Henry
“And then I was alone, and glad that he was gone. I'd never been glad at Peter's absence before, and something inside me seemed to shift. My legs hurt like fire for a minute, and then it was over, and I distinctly felt that I was taller than I've been a moment before.”
Christina Henry, Lost Boy: The True Story of Captain Hook

Judith James
“I love you, Catherine. You claimed my heart soon after we met, a beautiful Highland selkie who kept me safe within her cave. No one ever came to my rescue before. I laughed and I teased you, but I'd never been so deeply moved. While I was waiting at The Hague, I promised myself I'd tell you as soon as I saw you again." He wet a taut nipple with his tongue and blew on it gently. "It made me very happy to admit it. You're the only one I've ever truly loved." He turned his attention to the other tip, one hand plumping her as the other tickled its peak. She whimpered and he soothed her with a wet kiss. She moaned, gripping his shoulders as her heels dug in the ground. He lifted his
head and looked straight into her eyes. "I feared I'd lost you when I saw you in that river. You're the only thing that gives my life meaning, Catherine. I love you." His lips brushed the corner of her mouth. "I love you," he breathed against her lips. "I love you!" He enfolded her in his arms and
thrust his tongue deep in her mouth, claiming her in a voluptuous kiss.”
Judith James, Highland Rebel

Catherine Gayle
“Nobody’s perfect. But that doesn’t mean you’re not perfect for me. And maybe I can be perfect for you, too.”
Catherine Gayle, Dropping Gloves

Catherine Gayle
“I want to be by your side through everything that's coming, to hold your hand when you're scared and to pick you up when you're weak... I want you to run to me… Because I love you. And because you love me. And because I can’t go one more day without being able to tell you that as often as it comes to mind.”
Catherine Gayle, Dropping Gloves

Laura Nowlin
“I love him the most when we fight and I am scared that he will leave me.”
Laura Nowlin, If He Had Been with Me

Judith James
“You're not paying attention to me, are you?"
"Eh? What's that? Sorry, love, I didn't hear you. Wasn't paying attention. I had my eyes on your perfectly formed arse."
Catherine fixed him with a glare worthy of a Scottish schoolmaster. "This is serious business Jamie. If you've to pass for a Highlander, you've got to get the kilt just so,"
"Bah! You're a hoydenish vixen. You just want to ogle my knees."
"Nonsense. I'm sure you'll find the ah... freedom and... utility very appealing once you try it on."
"You mean you think I'll like the feel of the family jewels waving free?" Blushing, she spread both great kilts on the ground. "One lays down on it like so. Oh stop grinning, Jamie, and do try."
She was so earnest and eager in her lesson that he hadn't the heart to tell her he'd worn a kilt a time or two before.”
Judith James, Highland Rebel

Kandi Steiner
“I was spinning, tipsy, teetering on the edge of being wasted on Whiskey. I’d dreamed of kissing Jamie so many times, but nothing could compare to how it really felt — his hands on me, so strong, his mouth skilled and passionate.”
Kandi Steiner, A Love Letter to Whiskey
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Diana Gabaldon
“Ayer rece durante todo el camino colina arriba, no para que te quedaras, no me parecía correcto. Rezaba para tener la fortaleza necesaria para dejar que te fueras. Dije <>, ha sido el momento mas difícil, sassenach.”
Diana Gabaldon, Outlander

Diana Gabaldon
“Well, the Church does teach that self-abuse is a sin, but my father said he thought that if it came to a choice between abusin' yourself or some poor woman, a decent man might choose to make the sacrifice.”
Diana Gabaldon

Diana Gabaldon
“Then ye live with it, laddie," he said softly. "That's all.”
Diana Gabaldon, Voyager
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Jamie McGuire
“Estoy rodeado por chicas, y te diré… a veces, te disparan para ver si saldrás corriendo.”
Jamie McGuire, Something Beautiful

Peter Clines
“Mike glanced at the two computer towers lying half-autopsied on her kitchen table. One had a bag of chips in it, the top held shut with a binder clip. A stack of motherboards rested on the chair in Mylar bags.

“Maid’s been on vacation, I see,” said Mike.

“Yeah. She ran off with the guy who writes your jokes.”


“There’s a postcard from them here somewhere. Want me to look for that instead?”

“No, no. Just the logs will be fine.”
Peter Clines, The Fold

Briar Prescott
“Go on a date with me"
[...]He sees something he wants and goes for it, which makes him so much braver than I’ve ever been.
“I dare you.”

Do not even think about it, Connor. You need two letters. N and o. Now get them out of your mouth.

“You’re on.”

Wrong order, you fucking idiot.”
Briar Prescott, The Dating Experiment

“labels are for gifts under the tree, not for those who are sexually free”
Rocky Flinstone

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