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Colleen Hoover
“I was difficult. An emotionally challenging puzzle he wasn’t up for solving.

Which was fine. I wasn’t in the mood to be solved”
Colleen Hoover, Verity

Kelley Armstrong
“Torn clothing littered the ground, more hung from bushes. Nick held up half a pair of white panties and grinned at me.

"Wild dogs? Or just Clayton?"

"Oh God," I muttered under my breath.

I walked over to snatch the underwear from him, but he held it over his head, grinning like a schoolboy.

"I see Paris, I see France, I see Elena's underpants," he chanted.

"Everyone's already seen much more than that," Jeremy said. "I think we can safely resume the search."

Peter plucked Clay's shirt from a low-hanging branch and held it up, peering through a hole in the middle. "You guys can really do some damage. Where's the hidden video when you need it?"

"So this--uh--wasn't done by wild dogs?" one of the searchers said.

Peter grinned and tossed the shirt to the ground. "Nope. Just wild hormones.”
Kelley Armstrong, Bitten

Kelley Armstrong
“His cheek twitched. With Jeremy, this was the equivalent of an emotional outburst.”
Kelley Armstrong, Bitten

Kelley Armstrong
“Go out and ask her into the alley.”
Clay looked at Jeremy as if he’d just been told to dance the rumba on a public thoroughfare.
I bit back a laugh. “Just walk over to her and point at the alley. Maybe say…I don’t know…something like ‘fifty bucks.’ ” I looked at Jeremy. “Does that sound right? Fifty?”
His brows shot up. “Why are you asking me?”
“I wasn’t—I just meant, as a general…” I threw up my hands. “How am I supposed to know how much a hooker costs?”
Kelley Armstrong, Broken

Kelley Armstrong
“The stairs aren't challenging enough anymore?" he asked.

Antonio laughed. "Challenge has nothing to do with it, Jer. I'd say it's the big bad wolf huffing and puffing at her door up there.”
Kelley Armstrong, Bitten

Maggie Stiefvater
“Luck,” Jeremy scoffed softly. “There’s no luck.”
“Then what?”
“Your feet take you where you need to be.”
I thought about this. “My feet have taken me to some pretty rough places.”
“That was your dick, dragging your feet along with.”
Maggie Stiefvater, Sinner

Kelley Armstrong
“Jeremy had a plan for getting Clay back and I wasn't allowed to know anything about it or allowed to help him carry it out. As one might expect, I accepted this news with grace and understanding.
"That is the stupidest idea I've ever heard!" I snarled for the dozenth time that hour.
"I won't just sit here and do nothing.”
Kelley Armstrong, Bitten

Kelley Armstrong
“Headache, hmm?" His expression went serious. "Do you know what's the best cure for that?"



He said it so matter-of-factly I had to sputter a laugh.

"Multiple, if possible," he continued. "It's a proven medical fact that one physiologic event, like orgasm, can cancel out the effects of another physiological process, such as a headache."

His expression was perfectly serious, but I said, "You're full of shit."

"Perhaps. If so, you should call my bluff. Just open the door and we'll test it out.”
Kelley Armstrong, No Humans Involved

Elle Cosimano
“Are you going to give me a reason to stay?”
Elle Cosimano, Nearly Gone

Lisa Jackson
“No doubt he'd been with Heidi until all hours of the morning. He knew where she stood about sex, condoms, his future, Heidi's ... bringing it up now would only exacerbate an already prickly situation.

"Nothing good happens after midnight," she reminded him.

"You're wrong, Mom, and you know it.”
Lisa Jackson, Ready to Die

Kelley Armstrong
“Good night, Jeremy," I said, and closed the door.

I stepped away, reached back and started unzipping my dress.

He pressed his hands to the glass. I could read his lips. "That's not fair."

I smiled and finished unzipping. The dress slid off my shoulders, but stayed there. I looked at him, his gaze fixed on me, eyes dark with lust.

"You wouldn't dare," he mouthed.

I turned, then let it fall off the rest of the way. And, once off, there was nothing else to remove.


I heard him though the glass, heard him say my name in a deep growl that made me shiver, but I didn't turn around, just lifted my fingers to wave over my shoulder, then strolled into the bathroom for a very long, very cold shower.”
Kelley Armstrong, No Humans Involved

Ellen Sussman
“Why does naming a thing give it so much power?”
Ellen Sussman, French Lessons

“true love last for ever
cheating your loveone is an epic failure”
Angel of Death
tags: jeremy

“Failure is not an option but its a way of being successful”
Angel Of Death
tags: jeremy

“you say no one else wants to love you
will you look up and question that to him”
Angel of Death
tags: jeremy

Marie Sexton
“Zach, it doesn't matter which talking heads the Republicrats put up as their candidates. Either way you're voting to maintain the status quo. Is that what you want?"
"Are you pro-choice?"
"Sure, I guess." Abortion's not something a gay man has to think about often.
"And you must be in favour of allowing gays to marry?"
"Of course." But I'd have to be dating someone first, right?
"And you believe in the decriminalization of marijuana?"
"I suppose." There was no way i was going to to argue with a man who sold bongs for a living on that one.
"Don't you think you should be able to vote against our out-of-control welfare state without having to vote against those basic rights? Basic rights which should be protected by our constitution?"
"Have you even read the constitution, Zach?"
"I don't think so," I admitted in surprise.
He shook his head at me. "Neither has the president, Zach. Think about that."
He left a stack of pamphlets on the counter and headed for Ruby's. It was going to be a long campaign season.”
Marie Sexton, A to Z

“Saying No is not being a coward
its a word of being wise”
Angel Of Death
tags: jeremy

“tears for today
smiles for tomorrow”
Angel of Death
tags: jeremy

“positive thinking is the way to erase all your depressions”
Angel of Death
tags: jeremy

Ruth Cardello
“Never' is an unquantifiable and unrealistic amount of time.”
Ruth Cardello, Rise of the Billionaire

Elle Cosimano
“Vince and TJ have been best friends as long as we have. It's not like they're going to let one stupid kiss come between them. Maybe it didn't mean anything. Maybe it was just a one-time thing. A mistake.”
Elle Cosimano, Nearly Gone

Lee    Thompson
“I guess you could say I'm allergic to sunlight. If I'm exposed to it, it could kill me.”
Lee Thompson, Jeremy's Kiss

Amy Lane
“If you Ever say Anything about fairies knitting for two gay men again, I will fire you, Then I will knit you a noose, do you hear me?"

Craw outburst at Jeremy's comment.”
Amy Lane, Blackbird Knitting in a Bunny's Lair

Robin Stevenson
“Mom hadn't met Ramon; her advocacy was more arm's length - petitions, the website, letter writing, meetings with politicians. Her friend Hanna had formed a close friendship with Ramon though, visiting him as often as she could. Hanna told me that Ramon's greatest regret was that he wouldn't get to see his daughter grow up.

And Jeremy's dad, who had that opportunity, was just throwing it away.

It made me furious, and I couldn't let it go.”
Robin Stevenson, The World Without Us

Colleen Hoover
“I was difficult. An emotionally challenging puzzle he wasn't up for solving.

Which was fine. I wasn't in the mood to be solved.”
Colleen Hoover, Verity

C.G. Drews
“Jeremy sounds reflective. 'Ah, How could I forget? All our friends thought we'd died'
Jack looks like murder. 'I hate you Moxie.'
She batters her eyelashes. 'Love you too, sweetcakes.”
C.G. Drews