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Nicola Yoon
“My guilt is an ocean for me to drown in.”
Nicola Yoon, Everything, Everything

Scott Speer
“That's the funny thing, she thought. You always want things to get better, but you never know how good you already have it.”
Scott Speer, Immortal City

Scott Speer
“You sleep like an angel" Jacks said. The shock of his words in the dark room sent Maddy's stomach leaping into her throat. She didn't even realize she had screamed until it came out of her mouth.

"Don't be frightened," Jacks said, sounding worried. "It's just me. I'm sorry, I so didn't mean for that to sound creepy. Let me start over.”
Scott Speer, Immortal City

Kresley Cole
“And he'd railed at her, his voice booming so loud the bed had seem to shake. "You canna do this - take my goddamned heart and then leave me! You think I will no' follow?"
She knew he was constantly there, was aware of his movement and comprehended his words, but she couldn't seem to open her heavy eyelids or speak.

At night, he would wrap his body around hers, keeping her warm, whispering against her hair, "You enjoy being contrary. Then prove them all wrong and get better." He'd clutched her hip, then balled his fist there.”
Kresley Cole, If You Deceive

Rusty Fischer
“Stamp: "Fine Maddy, Whatever. Take your little punk loser to the dance. I don't need you, Maddy. I can ask two dozen, three dozen chicks right now to go with me." Maddy: "Well then," I guess you better start stocking up on corsages.”
Rusty Fischer, Zombies Don't Cry

Annie Brewer
“I wanna know Maddy Walker. The real one. The one who stole my heart.”
Annie Brewer, Entangled

Mari Mancusi
“I don’t know," she said. "I’m not sure you would like me in real life. I’m a lot different there, you know. I don’t even look the same."
" I don’t care if you look like a troll with warts," Sir Leo declared, taking her hand in his. "I love you.”
Mari Mancusi, Gamer Girl

Mari Mancusi
“But you have to take control of your destiny. And sometimes that's not easy.”
Mari Mancusi, Gamer Girl

Bijou Hunter
“How will I choose?” she finally muttered.
“Pick something that doesn’t make you look like a slut. That’ll narrow it down,” Bailey said, now frowning at a headless mannequin wearing a tiny wedding dress with a long train. “Oh, and stay away from too much lace. Don’t want to look like someone’s grandma.”
A wide-eyed Farah looked at me as I took her hand. “This is fun. We’re going to look at them all and pick our favorites. Then, you’ll try them on and narrow them down. With so many to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect dress.”
“I just don’t want to look like I’m trying too hard.”
“You’re an idiot,” Bailey snorted. “Trying too hard to what?”
“Look fancy.”
“You’re wearing a fucking wedding dress. You’re supposed to look fancy. It’s not like you’re ever getting married again. If things don’t work out with Coop, he’ll never let you go. Nope, you’ll be heading for a shallow grave.” While Farah rolled her eyes, I stared at Bailey who shrugged. “Too honest?
“Is that a real question?”
Bailey grinned. “What I meant to say was Farah and Cooper are so fucking perfect for each other that they’ll never get divorced, so she should wear the fanciest damn dress she can find. It’s what I would do if I was once dirt poor and now had money.”
“Great effort, but you lost a little bit of your fake niceness at the end.”
Bailey grinned. “Great effort is still something.”
“Yes, it is,” I said, taking Farah’s hand. “Let’s start narrowing things down. I’ll show you a dress and you decide if it’s too poofy or not poofy enough. We’ll eventually hit the right level of poofy.”
Farah laughed. “I want a good amount of poofy. It’s rare that a girl can be poofy without looking stupid.”
“Maddy will be poofy no matter what she wears,” Bailey said as Maddy entered with Jodi and Sawyer. “I don’t even know how she can get a bridesmaid dress if she’s going to swell up more before the wedding.” Everyone frowned at Bailey who glanced at me then back at Maddy and added, “You’re swelling with the gift of life.”
Maddy laughed. “Was that you being nice?”
“That was me trying, yes.”
Bijou Hunter, Damaged and the Knight

Gwenda Bond
“Please, I'm your friend -- inside that tough-girl shell is a really tough girl. But you're motivated by how much you care. Being part of Team Lois, it's an honor. There's nothing you wouldn't do for any of us.”
Gwenda Bond, Triple Threat

Bijou Hunter
“Bailey sat on the edge of the couch and fed Maddy grapes. The very swollen mommy-to-be initially complained about being fed like a pet. Eventually, she gave in and enjoyed the attention. Not to be outdone, Sawyer turned a fan towards Maddy and was painting her nails. I watched them baby her and wondered about when I would be that big and uncomfortable.
“I’m in no hurry to have a baby,” Tawny said, maybe for the tenth time since arriving. “Not in any hurry at all.”
Farah grinned from where she was cutting carrots into little perfect sticks for dipping. “Coop is obsessed with getting me pregnant. First, his little brother is about to have a baby then his best friend. I swear whenever we’re alone, he’s inside me,” she said then her smile grew. “It’s awesome.”
“Huh,” Tawny muttered. “Judd is in me all the time too and not because he’s trying to plant his flag or lay his seed or whatever.”
“Jealous?” Farah asked and Tawny fake glared at her.
“Sometimes, my sister irritates me too,” I said and they both laughed.
“I’m going to brush the baby’s hair,” Bailey announced to no one in particular. “When she’s old enough, I’m going to put those little barrettes in her hair and make her wear headbands and turn her into a doll. Then when she cries, I’m giving her back to Maddy.”
“Yeah for me,” Maddy whispered with her eyes closed.
“Are you suffering?” Bailey asked. “Like should I do more for you to ease away the horror of how huge you’ve become?”
Opening her eyes a crack, Maddy muttered, “Stop charming me.”
Bailey grinned. “Seriously, you look pretty miserable today.”
“I’ve been having those Braxton Hicks contractions since yesterday.”
“Is that bad?” Sawyer asked, looking up from her meticulous work on Maddy’s toes. “Is it like hemorrhoids?”
When we laughed, Sawyer beamed, even though she likely had no idea what was funny.
“They’re like practice contractions,” Maddy explained. “They don’t hurt much, but they’re uncomfortable.”
Bailey frowned. “How do you know all this stuff?”
“I read a book.”
“Yeah, I did that once. Not a fan.”
“You guys don’t have to hang out here,” Maddy said. “The guys are out having fun and you’re pampering me. You could go to the movies if you want.”
“No,” Bailey said quickly. “I need to be super nice because I had a dream that being nice will lead to a handsome awesome guy who is the fucker. I want that guy. He belongs to me and I’m sick of waiting, so shut up and let me be nice to you.”
“Sure,” Maddy said, sighing. “This is nice, but I’m going to have to pee soon.”
“Do you need me to carry you?” Bailey asked.
“Maybe. Ask me in a few minutes.”
Bijou Hunter, Damaged and the Cobra

Mari Mancusi
“...I think I might die if I don't kiss you right now. A real-life kiss.”
Mari Mancusi, Gamer Girl

Julie Ann Walker
“But, honey, the worst mistake beats the hell out of never tryin”
Julie Ann Walker, Devil and the Deep
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Julie Ann Walker
“You can live a hundred years and never really live one minute if for of what could happen, what might happen prevents you from goin' after what you want”
Julie Ann Walker, Devil and the Deep
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Julie Ann Walker
“You know, in the end it's the love we withhold that we regret the most.”
Julie Ann Walker, Devil and the Deep

Bijou Hunter
“I’m planning to go redneck chic with the wedding,” Maddy announced, looking through the racks of dresses.
“What the hell is that?”
“Redneck chic is a nice way of saying I have bad taste, but I’m embracing it.”
Sizing up Maddy’s blonde girl next door beauty, I found her dressed normal. “Bad taste how? Is this about Tucker because, yeah, I see it?”
Maddy rolled her blue eyes then walked to the next rack. “Tucker is gorgeous. He’s the classiest part of my life.”
Nearby, Raven burst into laughter to the point of nearly pissing herself. I didn’t blame her since we’d all seen Tucker fall off chairs and struggle with push/ pull doors. Classy, he was not.
Bijou Hunter, Damaged and the Dragon