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“Oh gravity, thou art a heartless bitch.”
Jim Parsons

Kathy Reichs
“Whitney smacked Coop's snout while simultaneously pressing herself deeper into the couch. Coop fixed her with an unblinking ice-blue stare, gray-brown fur bristling along his spine.
"Tory!" Whitney squealed. "He's going to attack!"
"Maybe." I walked into the kitchen and snagged a Diet Coke from the fridge. "Try to protect your throat.”
Kathy Reichs, Code

David Levithan
“This is the problem with having a barrier between you and everyone else—you see it, but they don’t. They talk to you, but you can’t talk back to them. They care about things like the weather and what you’re shopping for, and you don’t care about a single thing. It is so obvious to you, and it is infuriating that they don’t understand. It just highlights that you’re the one who’s defective, you’re the one who can’t be normal, you’re the one who has to suffer while everyone else gets to live out their delusions. We know. We’ve been there.”
David Levithan, Two Boys Kissing

Barbara T. Cerny
“And the One will take the Sword of the Western Sun and triumph over the enemy with boldness and insight. The arm of the One is steady and heads will roll. Snow Giants will battle”
Barbara T. Cerny, Shield of the Palidine

Barbara T. Cerny
“And the One will win the Armor of the Easter Dawn and defeat the enemy with audacity and wisdom. The body of the One is strong and ready to lead. Lammasu will pounce”
Barbara T. Cerny, Shield of the Palidine

Barbara T. Cerny
“By the second cycle of the solstice of the warm time, the One will face the enemy. And the One will unearth the Shield of the Northern Lights and smote the enemy with daring and intelligence. The heart of the One is pious and evil will cower. Couatl will rise.”
Barbara T. Cerny, Shield of the Palidine

Barbara T. Cerny
“And the One will reveal the Bow of the Southern Star and conquer the enemy with courage and fine judgment. The sight of the One is true and the enemy cannot hide. Griffon will fly”
Barbara T. Cerny, Shield of the Palidine

Bijou Hunter
“Maddy’s going to pop soon,” Cooper said, finishing his beer and getting ready to head out. “Tucker is attached to her. It’s pretty fucking adorable. The guy about wets his pants every time she makes any noise that might be labor pain.”
“You’ll be an uncle soon.”
“I’m already an uncle,” Cooper mumbled, sliding on his jacket. “I just can’t hold the kid yet.”
“You and Farah still planning on trying?”
“No planning. We’re just trying now. She’s off the pill. Whenever it happens, it’ll be cool. Farah worries she’ll suck at being a mom. Can you believe that shit?” Cooper asked as his dark eyes warmed at the thought of his wife. “The way she takes care of Sawyer and me and everyone else and she thinks she’ll be a bad mom. These girls with their shit families get all fucked up in the head and no logic is going to fix it. They just need to face their fears and see how amazing they are when their idiot parents aren’t around to fuck things up.”
“Should I fix things for Lark?”
“I don’t know. If it was me, I’d go smack her stupid brother and father around. I don’t know if that’d be a good idea though. Those fucks aren’t low life drifters like Farah’s parents. That Larry asshole is a respectable member of the community. If you want to smack him around, you’ll need to do it in a more subtle way. Of course, if he ever fucks with you, we can just remind Mister Upstanding how his kind doesn’t run Ellsberg. It’s us dirty biker types who keep his house from burning down or his head from getting cracked open. If it comes down to it, I’ll help you take him down. Pop says behave. I say I’ve got my bud’s back.”
Grinning, I shoved him away from me. “Crap. I’m worried you might hug me next.”
“I was thinking about it,” Cooper said, smiling. “Farah’s turned me all nice and shit. I’m getting manners too. It’s disgusting.”
“Horrifying,” I teased. “Thanks for the offer, but I feel like Lark needs to make a move. If she needs me to, I’ll burn down houses and crack open skulls. Right now, I feel like maybe she needs to find her way back to me. If she does, I’m keeping her and ruining anyone who tries to take her away.”
“Now, there’s the punk ass jerk I became friends with.”
Bijou Hunter, Damaged and the Cobra

Bijou Hunter
“I don’t even know her.”
“But you want to.”
“She’s beautiful, but that’s the end of it.”
“A lot of girls are beautiful, but Farah is beautiful in a different way,” he said, getting that dreamy look when talking about his girl. “She made me see her and not want to look at any other chick. Farah didn’t have to try either. That’s the thing about you and Lark. You two were breathing in rhythm at the reception dinner and never even said more than hello. Maybe you did at the wedding too, but I was sort of busy staring at my hot wife.”
“Yeah, you were drooling all over the wedding reception. Hell, I saw a few people slip on the fucking dance floor. It was pretty disgusting.”
“Nope. You’re not changing the subject. I’m sick of you hooking up with stupid bitches you don’t want because you’re afraid of getting played like you did by Kristen. Lark isn’t that bitch. She’ll treat you good and you need a chick to swoon over and write poetry for and paint and… Shit, you’re already painting her, aren’t you?”
“Fuck off, Coop.”
“Is she dressed in these paintings?” he asked, wiggling his brows.
“How would I know what she looks like naked?”
“Use your imagination. You know the parts on a chick.”
“You’re an idiot.”
Bijou Hunter, Damaged and the Cobra

Jorge Cooper
“Maldigo a vida
e quem a fez
Tinha a vista curta
quem a fez”
Jorge Cooper, Jorge Cooper - Poesia Completa

Bijou Hunter
“Cooper sat in the back booth, reading a book he clearly hated with a passion. Occasionally, he smacked the book onto the table then glared at it hatefully. Finally, he returned to reading.”
Bijou Hunter, Damaged and the Beast
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Bijou Hunter
“Tucker entered the room and sighed. “Maddy’s a hormonal mess. Can’t wait until she pops the kid out and we’re done with that moody shit.”
“I think chicks are still moody after they pop them out,” Cooper said, studying me. “Judd thinks Tawny can figure out our mole.”
“Is she psychic?”
Glancing at Tucker, I smiled. “You haven’t gotten laid in days. You know you did something wrong, but you don’t know what and Maddy won’t tell you. Instead of just asking, you decided she’s hormonal. Maybe you oughta ask and end the suspense, Tuck?”
Tucker grinned. “Bring her so we can kill the mole and clean this shit up before Pop decides our balls ain’t big enough to take over.”
Cooper sighed. “What about Farah?”
Judd chewed on a piece of bacon and glanced at me. “Tell her Tawny is your assistant. Farah knows her sister can read people. If you don’t find the mole soon, it’s going to affect her too.”
Leaning back against a desk, Cooper crossed his muscular arms and stared at me. “What did you tell her?” he asked Judd, even though his eyes remained on me.
“Fuck,” Cooper muttered. “Fine, but if there’s trouble, we get her out of the way.”
Judd rolled his eyes. “I wasn’t planning on using my woman as a shield, boss. I’d let them shoot you before I let anything happen to her.”
Cooper smirked. “I’m glad I never got all stupid and whipped like you are now.”
Laughing so hard at his brother’s bullshit, Tucker both farted and burped. Soon, everyone was laughing.”
Bijou Hunter, Damaged and the Knight

Emily Bentz
“I guess everyone is living behind their own secret identities.”
Emily Bentz, The Knights in Shining Spandex
tags: cooper

Bijou Hunter
“If you don’t make a move on Lark, I’m going to hook you two up. Don’t make me stoop to that shit, man. Bad enough I’m helping Tucker find a decent fuck for Bailey. I really don’t need to play matchmaker with you too.”
“I’ve got it handled.”
Cooper smirked. “Lark’s coming to your shop to get a tat fixed. You’re welcome for that.”
“What?” I muttered, frowning even if this idea interested me.
“She’s got a lame worm tat and needs it fixed. She works at that Denny’s and can’t afford it, so I said I would pay. I like paying for chicks to get nice tats. Makes me feel charitable.”
“It’s a worm?” I asked, wondering why Lark would have a fucking worm tattoo.
“Looks like one. I think it was supposed to be a butterfly. I can’t remember. Farah got all territorial and I about jizzed my pants.”
“Too much fucking info, man,” I said, emphasizing each word.
“Whatever. Just make sure you look your best when she shows up. I don’t want you scaring her away. She’s cute and available and I don’t want Vaughn messing with Lark. He’s trouble and will eat her alive.”
Even though I said nothing, Cooper started laughing. “You’re jealous.” Exhaling hard, I flipped him off again, but he just kept laughing. “Yeah, well, you better get that girl or I might set her up with someone from the club. Judd still gets weird around Mac. Need to get him a woman so Judd won’t kill him on accident one day,” Cooper said, air quoting “accident.”
Leaning back, I doodled on my napkin until I realized I was drawing Lark again. Cooper didn’t seem to notice. He was too busy frowning at his phone.
“More shit from the Devils. They’re pushing and we’ll need to push back. Might need to call someone in to go to Tucson to handle the problem at the top.”
“Don’t you worry. Business shit.”
“Now, you’re secretive. Where was this when you were talking about jazzing your pants.”
Bijou Hunter, Damaged and the Cobra

Doug   Cooper
“What you see is what you get. The island is imaginative enough. Creativity don’t need to be wasted on naming things.”
Doug Cooper

Bijou Hunter
“In a booth, Bailey sat next to Vaughn while frowning at her drink. “I need a man!” she declared when she saw me.
Vaughn glanced at her and sighed. “I’ll do you, but no names.”
Bailey didn’t get it, but I laughed while Cooper acted irritated.
Aaron kissed the top of my head then walked over to get us drinks.
“Why can’t I trap a man into a relationship like you bitches?” she asked with complete seriousness.
“Your subtly turns men off,” Vaughn answered when I just smiled. “Bailey, maybe you could try being more obvious in your need to trap a man. Like wear a shirt with lots of exclamation marks.”
“Shut up, fuckhead. You don’t have anyone either.”
“I have plenty of anyones.”
“Whores aren’t attractive.”
Vaughn grinned. “You make it too easy sometimes, B.”
Cooper frowned. “Don’t even think of saying what you’re thinking.”
“What we’re all thinking.”
Bailey frowned at me. “What the fuck are they talking about?”
“It’s one of those things that only makes sense when you have ball toxins.”
Bailey smiled and nodded. “That happens a lot around me. Want to dance?”
“Not really.”
“Because you might puke?”
“Why would she puke?” Vaughn asked, shoving a pretzel in Bailey’s mouth.
Cooper rolled his eyes. “Aaron can’t use a condom properly.”
Returning just in time for his friend’s comment, Aaron sighed dramatically. “I just have powerful sperm.”
“I was on the pill too,” I said, sticking my tongue at Cooper who grinned. “His mighty sperm didn’t care though.”
“You idiots don’t get how the pill works,” Vaughn said before realizing he sounded like a chick about to discuss her period. “Well, congrats, Aaron. You are now officially whipped like a bitch. How does it feel?”
Aaron answered by kissing me like we might fuck right there.”
Bijou Hunter, Damaged and the Cobra

Bijou Hunter
“What?” Judd growled and I had to admit Tawny was right about him sounding like a dog when he did that.
Turning around, I noticed two of Cooper’s club guys standing behind us.
“What’s your deal, O’Keefe?” one guy asked while the other avoided Judd’s hateful gaze.
When no one responded, the big bald guy looked me up and down. “She’s tiny. How does fucking even work?”
Aaron shifted next to me, now looking as hostile as Judd. “Back off, Mac.”
“Just curious. I’ve never fucked a tiny chick.”
“You shouldn’t talk about a man’s girl that way especially when she’s carrying his kid,” Cooper warned, clearly wanting to jump in, but holding back so not to emasculate Aaron.
Farah said guys in the club were testing Cooper lately because they sensed weakness in his leadership. I couldn’t imagine anyone looking at Cooper without fearing his wrath. Even if they didn’t fear Cooper, they ought to fear his enforcers. After all, Judd was glaring at Mac like waiting for any reason to attack.
Sensing a back story to this pissing match, I knew Mac was about to say something nasty even before he opened his mouth.
“I hear chicks get big tits when they’re knocked up. Certainly can’t hurt with this one.”
Why Mac was starting shit didn’t matter. Aaron threw the punch and the bar immediately exploded into violence. Judd was waiting for a reason to attack while Cooper and Vaughn were always up for a fight.
Aaron hit Mac again as the bigger guy stumbled back. I thought of grabbing a chair and helping my man, but Tawny pulled me away.
Soon, we were hiding under a table where Farah crouched with wide eyes. “Aaron needs to stake his claim and protect his woman,” Tawny said, cuddled next to Farah. “If you help him, it’s like you’re cutting off his balls and tossing them in your purse. Immature or not, these guys need to be men or they get insecure. Can’t have that.”
Bijou Hunter, Damaged and the Cobra

Bijou Hunter
“Cooper nodded. “I’d so do this shit, if Farah let me.”
Vaughn made the sound of a snapping whip and the whipped guys frowned at him. He just smiled. “Ah, having control over my balls is so wonderful. You boys should beg your women to let you have them back for the night. Maybe if you promise to do the dishes or wash the floor or some other shit job, they’ll agree.”
“Vaughn,” Cooper said, giving his enforcer a dark glare, “when you meet a girl and lose your mind over her, we’re going to enjoy mocking you. I mean, it’ll be a fucking sport and we’ll trip over each other to be the next one to screw with you.”
“Hell, if I ever lose my mind over a girl, I’ll be too fucking stupid to care what you assholes say. Likely, I’ll have suffered a brain injury or some shit. In that case, you’ll be mocking a disabled man and that’s not cool.”
“He has a point,” Tucker said like he was sensitive now.
“You’re all idiots,” I muttered. “It’s rather frightening how any of you will carry on your defective genetic material into the future generation.”
“Said the guy who got his girlfriend pregnant on accident,” Vaughn said and high fived Tucker.”
Bijou Hunter, Damaged and the Cobra

Bijou Hunter
“Want me hold the bag?” Cooper said from behind me.
Never slowing my punches, I muttered, “Not really.”
Cooper took the bag like I knew he would and held it still. “We should talk.”
“Then talk.”
“You’re into my sister,” he said then continued after I remained quiet, “You were into my girl. You seem to have a thing for my stuff.”
“I’m telling Bailey you said she’s your stuff,” I grunted, punching harder. “I suspect she’ll kick you in the balls.”
“She thinks she’s your second choice.”
“I know, but she’s wrong.”
“You wanted Farah.”
“I liked Farah. She was my second choice. I wanted Bailey.”
Cooper said nothing while I pounded on the bag. Finally, he shoved it back at me. “Why did you fuck with me that day if you didn’t want Farah?”
“Because you’re an asshole and I don’t back down to assholes,” I said, taking a break. I grabbed my bottle of water and downed half of it.
When I looked back at Cooper, he was frowning in a weird way.
“Wait, did you not know you were an asshole? I just assumed someone must have mentioned it before.”
Cooper rolled his dark eyes. “You’re an idiot. I could have killed you that day.”
“So you would have died for a chick you didn’t want.”
“No, I would have died standing up to an asshole.”
“I saw you always looking at Farah.”
“She seemed overwhelmed by college. I was looking out for her. She’s hot, but she’s not Bailey.”
Cooper clearly wasn’t convinced. “If you wanted Bailey, why wait so long? I think you’re full of shit.”
“Because you’re an asshole. Guys like you have shit handed to them. Guys like me have to work for what we want.”
“And you want Bailey.”
“She’s mine. I just haven’t sealed the deal yet. If you want to fight for her, fine. I should warn you that I’m stronger than I was last year. It’ll take more to beat me.”
Cooper grinned. “You hurt my sister and I won’t kick your ass, Nick. I’ll feed you to my fucking dogs.”
“Fair enough. Did you want something else?”
Bijou Hunter, Damaged and the Dragon

Bijou Hunter
“Hey, Dylan,” I said, holding my orange ball. “You got rid of the Mohawk.”
Lark and Raven’s stepbrother ran his hand over his bald head and sighed. “Yeah, I’d been thinking about going the business man route for a while. Kept going back and forth about cutting it. A few weeks ago, I got drunk at Lark’s place. The sisters were nice enough to shave my head while I was passed out.”
Nearby, Raven laughed so hard she had trouble distracting Vaughn who was still trying to win the game. Dylan glared at her then shrugged. “Gonna let it grow out and play the average Joe shit.”
“Good luck with that,” I said, glancing at the bathroom and hoping Bailey would appear. When she didn’t, I walked to an open lane and rolled the ball. It took out a single pin which was one more than I expected.
A lane away Raven struggled to win against Vaughn. She bent over one direction. When her ass didn’t do it, she bent forward and adjusted her tits. A distracted Vaughn missed his strike with a single pin remaining. Before I could hear him complain and her celebrate, Cooper and Tucker appeared next to me.
“I liked the way you handled that fucker,” Tucker said, arms crossed tightly. “You always know how to deal with these losers while looking like a Boy Scout. A good skill to have.”
Ignoring them, I rolled the second ball and managed to take out three pins. A new record for me.
“What’s with the silent shit?” Tucker asked.
Sighing, I looked at them and frowned. “I want to be with Bailey. We just started dating, but here I am jumping through hoops for you two. You do this shit with every guy?”
“Most are losers,” Cooper said. “Most never do the second date thing. They bang then hang. If they’re lucky, she never mentions it to us and we don’t kick anyone’s ass. You’re the first boyfriend type she’s had.”
“Our family needs good people,” added Tucker.
Cooper shifted his stance and shook his head at his brother. “He doesn’t want that life. Nick wants to be a teacher.”
“Who cares?” Cooper said. “It’s what he wants. Sounds like a nice safe life for our little sister, don’t you think?”
Tucker’s expression froze and his dopey brain took awhile to put things together. By the time he figured it out, I’d rolled a gutter ball, Bailey returned, and Vaughn declared his wife a cheater.
“It’s only fair!” Raven cried as Vaughn threw her over his shoulder and spun her around. “You’re a better bowler and I want to win. Cheating was the only card I could play.”
“Making me think some fucker was looking at your ass was low, Raven.”
“So is naming our first born son Maverick. You’re just looking for trouble with a name like that.”
Vaughn lowered her to her feet then grinned. “My boys will be nothing but trouble. They’ll own this town and chase pretty girls like Scarlet and Lily.”
“Hey, keep your pervy kid away from my daughter!” Tucker hollered, looking pissed.
Cooper grabbed his brother and they wrestled onto the ground. By the end of pounding each other, they were both laughing.”
Bijou Hunter, Damaged and the Dragon

Bijou Hunter
“Dylan lifted my chin so my lips could meet his. I kissed him hard, suddenly overwhelmed with emotion I’d held tight inside me.
“Good things happen,” I said, crying now. “Sometimes I forget that even when I have a blessing right in front of me.”
Dylan wrapped me tighter in his arms and smiled against my lips. “Me too, but I never lost faith in little Lark. If anyone could kick death in the ass, it would be her.”
I laughed at the thought of Lark versus the Grim Reaper. When my laughter drew the attention of the others, they laughed too, even without knowing why. All the tension faded as our fears turned to celebration.
“Shit, I’m gonna get teary-eyed,” Vaughn announced, looking at his phone.
We all received the same message from Raven with pictures of the babies.
“Which one’s the girl?” Judd asked, squinting at Tawny’s phone.
“The one with the pink hat,” his wife said.
Everyone laughed again.
“You can’t see if they have curly hair,” Cooper muttered. “Man, I hope at least one of them does. I’m never letting Aaron live that shit down.”
More laughter as everyone enjoyed the additional photos Raven sent.”
Bijou Hunter, Damaged and the Bulldog

Bijou Hunter
“I remained with Lark in the hospital room until Aaron arrived out of breath from running.
“My muse,” he said, taking her hand.
Leaving them alone to prepare for the surgery, I walked into the waiting room. Cooper patted the chair next to him and I joined him.
“She’ll be okay,” he said, sounding convincing.
I didn’t feel like talking, so I texted Dylan, Harlow, Mom, and Dad to let them know what was happening. Cooper spoke quietly on the phone with Farah who was on her way with Tawny.
First, Dick and Maryann arrived then Raven not long afterwards with Bailey.
“We were shopping when you called,” Bailey announced as Raven hurried to Lark’s room.
Joining her brother, Bailey tapped her foot and stared at the door. “How long will it take?”
“Patience,” Cooper muttered then returned to talking with Farah.
Bailey changed seats, so she was next to me. “Don’t be scared. Pixies are powerful creatures.”
Smiling softly, I took Bailey’s hand and waited.”
Bijou Hunter, Damaged and the Bulldog

Bijou Hunter
“Tucker finally parked next to me. We joined Cooper who stared at a hawk flying over the woods.
“I’ve had my eye on you since the Devils came to town,” Cooper said, glancing at me. “Ignore the romantic vibe to that statement.”
Tucker snorted in amusement, but Cooper ignored him and continued, “The rest of the guys at the worksite hid when the Devils showed up. You decided to take on armed bikers with a fucking hammer. How you didn’t end up in the ground I’ll never know, but it made me think you have the kind of balls a man needs to run with guys like these two.”
Cooper opened the door where Vaughn and Judd stood in a one room cabin.”
Bijou Hunter, Damaged and the Bulldog

Brandy Nacole
“Herbs, vials, and crap," I grumble. "Where are the massive weapons and spirit fighting spears?"
"So impatient," Cooper says, mocking, and goes to pick up a tube filled with powder. "You know, these herbs and vials and crap are important."
"Yes, because crap always sounds necessary.”
Brandy Nacole, Deep in the Hollow

Brandy Nacole
“Safe? What can be classified as safe? Everything we do in life has a risk. Just getting out of bed each morning can be dangerous. It's not a matter of what is safe, Cooper, it's a matter of what are you going to allow to hold you back." I look down at him over my shoulder and smile. "You going to let some squeaking metal hold you back?”
Brandy Nacole, Deep in the Hollow