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Michael Thomas Ford
“I think he just loved being with the bears because they didn't make him feel bad. I get it too. When he was with the bears, they didn't care that he was kind of weird, or that he'd gotten into trouble for drinking too much and using drugs(which apparently he did a lot of). They didn't ask him a bunch of stupid questions about how he felt, or why he did what he did. They just let him be who he was.”
Michael Thomas Ford, Suicide Notes

Gilles Deleuze
“يسخر الناس من المدمنين ومدمني الكحول لأنهم لا يكفُّون أبدا عن قول "آه كما تعلم. أنا مُمسِكٌ بزمام الأمور. يمكنني التوقف عن الشراب وقتما شئت." يسخر الناس منهم لأنهم لا يفهمون ما يعنيه معتادو الشراب. لديّ بعض الذكريات البالغة الوضوح عن ذلك. أظن أن كل من كان يشرب يفهم هذا. حين تشرب، فإن ما تودُّ بلوغه هو المشروب الأخير. حرْفيا، يعني الشربُ عملَ كل شيءٍ من أجل الوصول إلى المشروب الختامي. هذا ما يثير الاهتمام.”
Gilles Deleuze, ألف باء دولوز

Grace W. Wroldson
“If I am this capable of loving an alcoholic so much, imagine how awesome I could be at loving myself.”
Grace W. Wroldson, So You Love an... Alcoholic?: Lessons for a Codependent

Julian Barnes
“The cure for sex is marriage;the cure for love is marriage;the cure for infidelity is divorce;the cure for unhappiness is work;the cure for extreme unhappiness is drink;the cure for death is a frail belief in the afterlife.”
Julian Barnes

Ross Macdonald
“I had a counter impulse to walk out of the bar and away from the Hacienda and her. She was trouble looking for somebody to happen to. And succeeding. I raised my drink and said with false cheer: 'Luck to the gold drinkers.' She sipped at hers.'You didn't say what kind of luck, good or bad. Not that it matters, people don't get their wishes. Wishing-wells are to drown in. But I mustn't go on like that. I'm always pitying myself, and that's neurotic.' She made a visible effort, and focused her attention on me: 'Speaking of luck, you don't as if you had too much luck in your life. Some of the kicks you say you go for were kicks in the head, I bet'.”
Ross Macdonald, The Wycherly Woman

Shiv Sangal
“Such is the life of a person who drinks and makes the life of people working in his environment, hell.”
Shiv Sangal, Sarita

Shiv Sangal
“Drunks are subjected to hysterics. Sometimes they are very angry such that they can beat their spouse without any mistake of hers; sometimes they're so happy that they won't even mind if the worst of the enemies insults them.”
Shiv Sangal, Sarita

Amor Towles
“—Bucky dear, his wife warned, you’re slurring your words. —Slurring is the cursive of speech, I observed.”
Amor Towles, Rules of Civility

“We went to my friend’s place to continue hanging out and I fell asleep on her couch. I was dreaming and I felt something poking me, as a writer I need to be specific and use description to take my readers to the place but I don’t want to take you guys there. I continued to feel poked on a part of my body that I saved for seventeen years. The poke later became touching, and I tried to stop it but I couldn’t. I thought it was sleep paralysis but this time the demon was human. I felt so powerless, like I was part of the marvel universe and someone had taken my power. I never told anyone about it, because they would blame it on drinking problems. I admit that I have a drinking problem, but I am pretty sure he has a ‘lack of humanity problem’. At least, alcohol does not change character.”
Lunga Noélia Izata, The story is about me

Gerald Durrell
“The noise of drinking was exhilarating. Champagne corks popped and the pale, chrysanthemum-coloured liquid, whispering gleefully with bubbles, hissed into the glasses; heavy red wine glupped into the goblets, thick and crimson as the blood of some mythical monster, and a swirling wreath of pink bubbles formed on the surface; the frosty white wine tiptoed into the glasses, shrilling, gleaming, now like diamonds, now like topaz; the ouzo lay transparent and innocent as the edge of a mountain pool until the water splashed in and the whole glass curdled like a conjuring trick, coiling and blurring into a summer cloud of moonstone white.”
Gerald Durrell, The Garden of the Gods

J. Budziszewski
“What your body does is unrelated to your heart. Don't believe it. The same survey reports that hooking up commonly takes place when both participants are drinking or drunk, and it's not hard to guess the reason why: After a certain amount of this, you may need to get drunk to go through with it.”
J. Budziszewski, On the Meaning of Sex

“There was a sound in their voices which suggested rum.”
Robert Louis Sevenson

Lailah Gifty Akita
“Why defile your body with a drink?”
Lailah Gifty Akita

Richard L.  Ratliff
“Alcohol is good at disinfecting things
It can clean a surface or erase memories”
Richard L. Ratliff

Benjamin Errett
“Does drinking make you wittier? One might as well ask if witting makes you drinkier, which it may.”
Benjamin Errett, Elements of Wit: Mastering the Art of Being Interesting

George R.R. Martin
“The hotel bar was quiet and dark, with the kind of mood that promotes good talk and serious drinking.”
George R.R. Martin, Dreamsongs, Volume I

Robert  Black
“When you haven’t had a drink for a week or so, you get the urge, feel the excitement in your gut, and your mind goes a little scrambled, you feel happy when you go to buy the booze, you get home, you lock your door behind you and say, yes, this night is mine, mine alone, my adventure, my escape, my unchartered journey, and no one can take it away from me.”
Robert Black

“When life gives you juniper berries, make gin!”
Laurie Buchanan, PhD

Anne Clendening
“When you're in the clutches of a drinking problem you don't really sit around thinking, I should really knock this shit off and go get my Eastern philosophy on. On your to-do list, pursuing a higher state of consciousness doesn't really rank. It's more like, put on Led Zeppelin 4 and hand me some of that Root Beer Schnapps.”
Anne Clendening, Bent: How Yoga Saved My Ass

Hanns Heinz Ewers
“Drink, drink! Bacchus is the enemy of Venus.

"From The Diary Of An Orange Tree”
Hanns Heinz Ewers, Nachtmahr: Strange Tales

“I had drunk myself to oblivion,
Stepped from the room into a dreamless slumber,
My consciousness had parted ways,
Taking a well-earned vacation.”
Morris R. Gates

“I will be tipping more than most, and drinking harder than the rest”
Kevin Kolenda

James Hauenstein
“Does love make the world go around? Well yes. But whiskey makes it go around twice as fast.”
James Hauenstein

“There was a rough stone age and a smooth stone age and a bronze age, and many years afterward a cut-glass age. In the cut-glass age, when young ladies had persuaded young
men with long, curly mustaches to marry them, they sat down several months afterward and wrote thank-you notes for all sorts of cut-glass presents—punch-bowls, finger-bowls, dinner-glasses, wine-glasses, ice-cream dishes, bonbon dishes, decanters, and vases—for, though cut glass was nothing new in the nineties, it was then especially busy reflecting the dazzling light of fashion from the Back Bay to the fastnesses of the Middle West."
--from "The Glass-Cut Bowl" by F. Scott Fitzgerald”
Diana Secker Tesdell, Shaken and Stirred: Intoxicating Stories

Anthony Burgess
“The human liver, unless it is Graham Greene's, can take so much and no more.”
Anthony Burgess, Little Wilson and Big God

“But the development of events on that Saturday night — that fascinated me; I felt that I had had a glimpse of the shameless, marvellous, shattering absurdity with which the plots of life, though not of fiction, are improvised." ― from “An Ounce of Cure” by Alice Munro”
Diana Secker Tesdell, Shaken and Stirred: Intoxicating Stories

“In crises of this sort the Dyckmanns had usually found it effective to stare into space, encouraging the long pause that might fetch the witty words, 'Well, dear, we must go.' But the Bairds were on an entirely different wavelength, and this was the fault of the Dyckmanns. With the removal of the bottles it had been the mutual impulse of the Bairds to shoot out the door, but their second thought was that they must not... (from "Dinner on the Rocks" (1954) by Dawn Powell)”
Diana Secker Tesdell, Shaken and Stirred: Intoxicating Stories

L.A. Fiore
“It burned all the way down her throat. She was pretty sure it was even now disintegrating her stomach lining and yet it didn’t stop her from ordering another one. After two, she felt a lightness she hadn’t felt in a long time. After three, she was smiling for no particular reason, and after four, she was downright happy.”
L.A. Fiore, Beautifully Forgotten

John le Carré
“There is a kind of stupidity among the drunks, particularly when they are sober...”
John le Carré, The Spy Who Came In from the Cold

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