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Sara Zarr
My dad died, I write. almost a year ago. Car accident. My hand is shaking; my eyes sting and fill. I add Not his fault before pushing the notebook and pen back across the table, wiping a hand across my cheeks.
As he reads, my impulse is to reach out, grab the notebook, run outside, dump it in the trash, bury it in the snow, throw it under the wheels of a passing car - something, something, so I can go back fifteen seconds when this part ofme was still shut away and private. Then I look at Ravi's face again, and the normally white white whites of his eyes are pink. This causes major disruption to my ability to control the flow of my own tears. I see myself when I look at him right now: he's reflecting my sadness, my broken heart, back to me.
He takes the pe, writes, and slides it over. You'd think it's something epic from the way it levels my heart. It isn't.
I'm really sorry, Jill.
Four little words.”
Sara Zarr, How to Save a Life

“there's something about trauma to the mind, body and soul. One day your normal and the next your different; you don't know what changed but you know nothing's the same and all of a sudden you are learning to adapt yourself to the same environment with a whole new outlook. I guess you realise your not invisible and every aching bone bleeds it's sorrow through anguish in your movements. One day it'll get easier, because I'm telling myself it will and that's the difference between becoming a pioneer through this disaster when all thought I'd be a slave to pity.”
Nikki Rowe

Jonathan Anthony Burkett
“There's a difference between driving and texting. When your driving your eyes have to be open and on the road watching the cars around you, road signs, and traffic lights. Along with your mind on the road and destination. Which means you are multitasking. When your texting your eyes are on your cell phone screen and key pad. Along with your mind on what your going to say next. So how can you do both? Please stop!”
Jonathan Anthony Burkett, Neglected But Undefeated: The Life Of A Boy Who Never Knew A Mother's Love

Peter A. Levine
“The door suddenly jerks open. A wideeyed
teenager bursts out. She stares at me in dazed horror. In a strange
way, I both know and don’t know what has just happened. As the fragments
begin to converge, they convey a horrible reality: I must have
been hit by this car as I entered the crosswalk. In confused disbelief, I sink
back into a hazy twilight. I find that I am unable to think clearly or to
will myself awake from this nightmare.
A man rushes to my side and drops to his knees. He announces himself
as an off-duty paramedic. When I try to see where the voice is coming
from, he sternly orders, “Don’t move your head.” The contradiction
between his sharp command and what my body naturally wants—to
turn toward his voice—frightens and stuns me into a sort of paralysis.
My awareness strangely splits, and I experience an uncanny “dislocation.”
It’s as if I’m floating above my body, looking down on the unfolding
I am snapped back when he roughly grabs my wrist and takes my
pulse. He then shifts his position, directly above me. Awkwardly, he
grasps my head with both of his hands, trapping it and keeping it from
moving. His abrupt actions and the stinging ring of his command panic
me; they immobilize me further. Dread seeps into my dazed, foggy consciousness:
Maybe I have a broken neck, I think. I have a compelling
impulse to find someone else to focus on. Simply, I need to have someone’s
comforting gaze, a lifeline to hold onto. But I’m too terrified to
move and feel helplessly frozen.”
Peter A. Levine, In an Unspoken Voice: How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness

Peter A. Levine
“As I feel less overwhelmed, my fear softens and begins to subside. I feel a flicker of hope, then a rolling wave of fiery rage. My body continues to shake and tremble. It is alternately icy cold and feverishly hot. A burning red fury erupts from deep within my belly: How could that stupid kid hit me in a crosswalk? Wasn’t she paying attention? Damn her!
A blast of shrill sirens and flashing red lights block out everything.
My belly tightens, and my eyes again reach to find the woman’s kind gaze. We squeeze hands, and the knot in my gut loosens. I hear my shirt ripping. I am startled and again jump to the vantage
of an observer hovering above my sprawling body. I watch uniformed
strangers methodically attach electrodes to my chest. The Good Samaritan
paramedic reports to someone that my pulse was 170. I hear my shirt ripping even more. I see the emergency team slip a collar onto my neck and then cautiously slide me onto a board. While they strap me down, I hear some garbled radio communication. The paramedics are
requesting a full trauma team. Alarm jolts me. I ask to be taken to the
nearest hospital only a mile away, but they tell me that my injuries may
require the major trauma center in La Jolla, some thirty miles farther.
My heart sinks.”
Peter A. Levine, In an Unspoken Voice: How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness

“Wave off your worries of getting in an auto accident at no fault of your own. Call Ron Schreiber at The Schreiber Law Firm for help with your case and let Ron go to bat for you.”
The Schreiber Law Firm

Chiara B. D'Oria
“Non c’era tempo da perdere. Iniziai a correre per il vicolo che portava alla strada del college. Avrei solo controllato il suo stato, una controllata veloce e poi… poi me ne sarei andato. Andato per sempre stavolta. St. Jillian non era più casa mia e mai più lo sarebbe stata. Dovevo solo essere certo che lei fosse viva, solo che lei… lei… Due fari accecanti. Una frenata assordante. Mi girai automaticamente. Le mani contro il parabrezza bloccarono l’avanzata del maggiolone verde. I suoi occhi. I suoi occhi. I suoi occhi.”
Chiara B. D'Oria, Lithium

“Everything started to move in slow motion. A vehicle was coming up the hill in the opposite direction, facing us but in its own lane. With vehicles parked on both sides of the road, this meant that there was just a narrow passage area for both vehicles to pass through. However, he had yet to reduce his speed, and now I knew which car he was going to hit. I was frozen stiff with fear in the front passenger seat, as I helplessly watched him slam into the back of a parked car. I was not wearing a seat belt, so upon impact my head crashed into the windshield. I was then slammed back into my seat, but with such force that everything went black.”
Drexel Deal, The Fight of My Life is Wrapped Up in My Father

“Car Accident Lawyer San Diego Gateway Injury Law

As indicated by California Office of Safety, there were more than 10,000 individuals harmed or executed a car crashes in San Diego County in 2013. In the event that you have been harmed in an auto crash, at that point you may have a claim for individual damage. At the point when a car collision happens, somebody is ordinarily to blame. Regardless of whether the individual to blame slammed into your vehicle, or drove a vehicle in which you were a traveler, you may have the privilege to recoup a considerable whole of cash. You may have the privilege to be remunerated for therapeutic costs as well as for lost wages and any torment or experiencing coming about the mishap with the assistance of a car accident lawyer San Diego gateway injury law.

Another related claim in a pile up case is called loss of consortium. Loss of consortium is a claim that is brought by the life partner of a man who has been harmed in a mischance case. The sort of wounds asserted in lost consortium guarantee are loss of fellowship, loss of help with housework, loss of an accomplice for sexual relations and loss of help with tyke mind. On the off chance that you have been harmed in a vehicle mischance, odds are that you have endured as well as your family has endured too. Counseling a car accident lawyer San Diego gateway injury law will enable you to comprehend your rights and take in your best alternatives.

Normal Causes of Car Accidents

There are numerous methods for confirming that a man is to blame for car crash. For instance, moving to another lane without flagging, neglecting to stop in time, or running a red light are for the most part careless acts that can imply that the driver is to blame in an auto crash. There are a few cases in which the driver who raise finished the auto before them would not be to blame for a mischance. For instance, let us assume that a driver in car one is cruising along at 65 mph on the expressway, and auto two swerves into the path involved via auto one, only 5 feet before auto one, and auto two pummels on its brakes before auto one for no clear reason. For a situation like that the driver in auto two would presumably be to blame, not the driver in auto one.

In any case, in most by far of cases, the driver who raise finished the auto before him is the gathering to blame. The motivation behind why is on the grounds that the California vehicle code forces an obligation on drivers to lessen speed to keep away from a mischance. It is typically truly simple to demonstrate that a driver who raise finished another auto neglected to diminish speed to keep away from a mishap on the grounds that, had the driver backed off, the impact would not have occurred. A car accident attorney san diego gateway injury law may make the contention that a driver who raise finished another auto neglected to diminish speed to stay away from an impact.

A car crash can truly be an extraordinary affair. A few people lose their activity because of an a mischance. For instance, a few people who have a work area work that expects them to sit for drawn out stretches of time can't proceed at their activity after a car crash. Other individuals who have work that expects them to lift substantial items will be not able proceed at their activity after an auto collision. It is constantly prescribed to contact respectable car accident lawyer san diego gateway injury law.”
Douglas Gilliland

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“The mobile phone makes the automobile even more deadly.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“It is usually impossible to know when you have prevented an accident.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

“I considered myself a little too old to have a babysitter but the girl who looked after me was playful as well as beautiful! At what age does a boy start noticing the opposite sex? Well, I didn’t mind Tiffany’s attention and always enjoyed when she looked after me! In turn, I could not keep my eyes off of her. In 1949, she married Raymond, who had been a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy during the Second World War. In time, they had a son whom they named after his father. Young Raymond unfortunately was later killed in an auto accident. The lesson I learned from this was that we are all mortal and that terrible things can happen to good people, or more directly, “Shit happens!”
Captain Hank Bracker, "Seawater One"