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Elisabeth Dale
“First rule of cleavage: it's not how low you go, but where and when you show.”
Elisabeth Dale

Tiffany Reisz
“Watch out. Bras are often booby-trapped.”
Tiffany Reisz, The Siren

Maureen Johnson
“One of them hung a pink bra from our lighting fixture. I left it there. It was a nice bra”
Maureen Johnson, The Name of the Star

Ernest Hemingway
“In America, they make such things of wire and of sponge-rubber, such as you use in the sets of tanks. You never know there, whether there is any truth in the matter, unless you are a bad boy as I am.”
Ernest Hemingway, Across the River and into the Trees
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“For every woman who burned a bra, there's a man burning to wear one.”
Miss Vera

“Almost doesn't count.”
R. Felini

Lani Lynn Vale
“Nothing compares to taking your bra off after a long day. -Things men will never know or understand”
Lani Lynn Vale, For the Love of Beard

“In 1991, the average bra size in the U.S wad 34B. Today (2007) it's 36C.”
Dan Taylor, Shoebox: Some of the Best

Kate Lebo
“Bad bananas are like push-up bras--a promise of tenderness can deliver tasteless mush, and we're not supposed to complain.”
Kate Lebo, A Commonplace Book of Pie