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Henry Miller
“I wanted a metamorphosis, a change to fish, to leviathan, to destroyer. I wanted the earth to open up, to swallow everything in one engulfing yawn. I wanted to see the city buried fathoms deep in the bosom of the sea. I wanted to sit in a cave and read by candlelight. I wanted that eye extinguished so that I might have a chance to know my own body, my own desires. I wanted to be alone for a thousand years in order to reflect on what I had seen and heard - and in order to forget.”
Henry Miller, Tropic of Capricorn

Veronica Rossi
“Can you believe I have a favorite cave?”
Veronica Rossi, Under the Never Sky

Rachel Hawkins
“Nothing in this place is sexy," I told him, and he[Dex] laughed.
"Oh, come on, Izzy. Even you, Miss Anti-Romance, can admit there's something just a little bit appealing about making out in a candlelit cave."
"Bats live in caves," I reminded him. "And where there are bats, There's bat poop. Lot's of it. Did you know there's a cave in Mexico where they have a whole mountain made out guano?”
Rachel Hawkins, School Spirits

“You see, unlike most writers today, I do not use a computer. I write the old-fashioned way: on the walls of caves.”
Cuthbert Soup, Another Whole Nother Story

Tom Robbins
“After the monkeys came down from the trees and learned to hurl sharp objects, they had had to move into caves for protection--not only from the big predatory cats but, as they began to lose their monkey fur, from the elements. Eventually, they started transposing their hunting fantasies onto cave walls in the form of pictures, first as an attempt at practical magic and later for the strange, unexpected pleasure they discovered in artistic creation.
Time passed. Art came off the walls and turned into ritual. Ritual became religion. Religion spawned science. Science led to big business. And big business, if it continues on its present mindless, voracious trajectory, could land those of us lucky enough to survive its ultimate legacy back into caves again.”
Tom Robbins, Villa Incognito

Suzy  Davies
“Libraries are like caves. They are places of transformation. There are secrets hidden within those walls.”
Suzy Davies

Robert Mykle
“Writers Are Insane. For months we are lone wolves locked in our caves. Then overnight we become publicity hounds. It's a schizophrenic business.”
Robert Mykle

Tove Jansson
“There weren't so very many good boxes on this beach," said Sniff. "But I've made a great discovery."
"What was that?" asked Moomintroll, for a discovery (next to Mysterious Paths, Bathing, and Secrets) was what he liked most of all. Sniff paused and then said dramatically:
"A cave!"
"A real cave," asked Moomintroll, "with a hole to creep in through, and rocky walls, and a sandy floor?"
"Everything!" answered Sniff proudly. "A real cave that I found myself."
"That's splendid!" said Moomintroll. "Wonderful news. A cave is much better than a box.”
Tove Jansson, Comet in Moominland

Laura Kreitzer
“There’s nothing to be scared of, right Akhol?”
He said nothing as he stepped toward the rushing water that rolled around a big rock and was swallowed whole by impenetrable darkness.
“Right?” Andrew repeated, his voice swallowed by the sound of rushing water.
Akhol didn’t respond again. He tapped a foot above the water before he stepped in and disappeared beneath the surface in one fluid motion.”
Laura Kreitzer, Abyss

Kerry Greenwood
“Oh wondrous,' murmured Lin Chung. 'Oh, water, mistress of earth, valley spirit, eternal feminine!'
'Taoism again?' Phryne leaned close to hear what he was whispering.
'From the "Tao Te Ching." The old Master should have seen this. All made by water, the female, cold, moon principle.'
'Yin,' said Phryne. 'This is the womb of the earth.'
'Indeed.' He took her hand. 'Completely foreign to all male, hot, sun creatures.'
'Like you?'
'Like me. Yang can only admire and tremble.'
'Come along.' She led him into the centre of the huge space. 'We don't want to get lost in the earthmother's insides.”
Kerry Greenwood, Urn Burial

Sarah Blakley-Cartwright
“Take it easy, friend," siad Peter, regaining his balance, quickly understanding the condition Henry was in.
"Friend? You left us. In the caves." Henry's muscles tensed.
Peter stepped back cautiously. Henry didn't look like himself.
"Seems someone can't hold his drink," Peter said. He didn't go further, sensing then that Valerie might be thinking of her father.
"And now," Henry continued on his own track, stepping closer to meet him, the smell of alcohol on his breath, "my father, too is dead."
Valerie moved to Henry. "Please, don't do this," she said, stepping in. "It's not worth it."
Henry pushed past her, not realizing his own weight. The force knocked her back. Peter grabbed Henry's arm and twisted it. Overreacting, Henry reared back his fist and landed a punch in the hollow of Peter's eye. The crowd laughed as Peter fell hard to the ground.
Henry scrambled on top him, held him by the collar, forced Peter to face him as he'd never done. He looked into the eyes of the man he wanted to blame for his parents' deaths, because it was a shelter from the terrible thought that everything could be lost to a simple slip of fate. "You filth," he spat out.
This really got the villagers going. But Peter didn't laugh. He pulled a knife from his boot and leapt up, thrusting it viciously in Henry's face.
"Keep your hands off her or I'll cut them off!”
Sarah Blakley-Cartwright, Red Riding Hood

“If there really are such creatures in here, it would be the discovery of a lifetime.’
'If there really are such creatures in here,’ Sally countered, 'your lifetime might be very short.”
Christopher Pike, The Haunted Cave

Mehmet Murat ildan
“A cave has two great things to teach you: Light is sacred; silence is to integrate with eternity!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

Steven Magee
“Modern architecture predominately specializes in designing what are essentially dimly lit caves.”
Steven Magee

“There were rumours of underwater cities, subterranean caves dripping with the blood of human sacrifice and even the odd story about natives interbreeding with some of the more attractive fish.”
David Grimstone, Shoal: A Thanet Writers Anthology

Stefanie Payne
“Carlsbad Caverns National Park is best described as living artwork.”
Stefanie Payne, A Year in the National Parks: The Greatest American Road Trip

J. Lepika
“Before destroying your hidden enemies, destroy his hidden caves”
J. Lepika

J.R.R. Tolkien
“No dwarf could be unmoved by such loveliness. None of Durin’s race would mine those caves for stones or ore, not if diamonds and gold could be got there. Do you cut down groves of blossoming trees in the springtime for firewood? We could tend these glades of flowering tones, not quarry them. With cautious skill, tap by tap – a small chip of rock and no more, perhaps, in a whole anxious day – so we could work, and as the years went by, we should open up new ways, and display for chambers that are still dark, glimpsed only as a void beyond fissures in the
J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

Brian S. Woods
“The sacredness of the world is that it pursued the light; the sanctity of the cave is that it never left the darkness”
Brian S. Woods

Will Hunt
“My thoughts earthwormed down inside my body, chewing through my inner architecture. It was the feeling of being peeled open, turned inside out. I felt the rhythmic clenching of my heart, my lungs ballooning inside my ribs, my epiglottis flapping open and shut. In the absence of sight, my other senses bloomed. The sound of the stream, which I’d barely noticed when I entered the cave, now filled the whole chamber, unfurling in effusive patterns. Smells—mud, damp limestone—thickened to the point of feeling material. I could taste the cave.”
Will Hunt, Underground: A Human History of the Worlds Beneath Our Feet
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“Caves are cool in warm weather. Beware of bats, however. Bat urine will give you, as well as animals such as dogs, the rabies. Photograph supposedly shows an early man drawing on the walls of a cave. Such cave drawings are nearly all faked but are great tourist attractions. Cave drawings are invariably "discovered" in remote parts of a cave. If they were allegedly found in readily accessible areas of caves, they would be quickly declared to be fakes.”
George Leonard Herter, How to Get out of the Rat Race and Live on $10 a Month

Jeff Long
“Once again he could hear the planet’s joints and lifeblood. Stirrings in the stone. Ancient events. Here, time was like water. The tiniest creatures were his fathers and mothers. The fossils were his children. It made him into remembrance itself. He let his bare palms ricochet upon the walls, drawing in the heat and the cold, the sharp and the smooth. Plunging, galloping, he pawed at the flesh of God. This magnificent rock. This fortress of their being. This was the Word. Earth. Moment by moment, step by step, he felt himself becoming prehistoric. It was a blessed release from human habits. In this vast, capillaried monastery, through these openings and fretted spillways and yawning chthonic fistulae, drinking from pools of water older than mammal life altogether, memory was simply memory. It was not something to be marked on calendars or stored in books or labeled in graphs or drawn on maps. You did not memorize memory any more than you memorized existence. He remembered his way deeper by the taste of the soil and by the drag of air currents that had no cardinal direction. He left behind the cartography of the Holy Land and its entry caves through Jebel el Lawz in the elusive Midian. He forgot the name of the Indian Ocean as he passed beneath it. He felt gold, soft and serpentine, standing from the walls, but no longer recognized it as gold. Time passed, but he gave up counting it. Days? Weeks? He lost his memory even as he gained it.”
Jeff Long, The Descent