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Douglas Adams
“Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy lies a small unregarded yellow sun. Orbiting this at a distance of roughly ninety-two million miles is an utterly insignificant little blue green planet whose ape-descended life forms are so amazingly primitive that they still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea.”
Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Neil Gaiman
“You are an analog girl, living in a digital world.”
Neil Gaiman, American Gods

Douglas Rushkoff
“We are looking at a society increasingly dependent on machines, yet decreasingly capable of making or even using them effectively.”
Douglas Rushkoff, Program or Be Programmed: Ten Commands for a Digital Age

Nick Harkaway
“Privacy is a protection from the unreasonable use of state and corporate power. But that is, in a sense, a secondary thing. In the first instance, privacy is the statement in words of a simple understanding, which belongs to the instinctive world rather than the formal one, that some things are the province of those who experience them and not naturally open to the scrutiny of others: courtship and love, with their emotional nakedness; the simple moments of family life; the appalling rawness of grief. That the state and other systems are precluded from snooping on these things is important - it is a strong barrier between the formal world and the hearth, extended or not - but at root privacy is a simple understanding: not everything belongs to everyone.”
Nick Harkaway, The Blind Giant

Germany Kent
“5 Ways To Build Your Brand on Social Media:

1 Post content that add value
2 Spread positivity
3 Create steady stream of info
4 Make an impact
5 Be yourself”
Germany Kent
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Nick Harkaway
“Piracy is robbery with violence, often segueing into murder, rape and kidnapping. It is one of the most frightening crimes in the world. Using the same term to describe a twelve-year-old swapping music with friends, even thousands of songs, is evidence of a loss of perspective so astounding that it invites and deserves the derision it receives.”
Nick Harkaway, The Blind Giant

“In the pursuit of greater equality in our education system, from K to PhD, technology access, print literacies, and verbal skill all collide as requirements for even basic participation in an information-based, technology-dependent economy and society.”
Adam J. Banks

Ursula K. Le Guin
“Why is it that if you say you don’t enjoy using an e-reader, or that you aren’t going to get one till the technology is mature, you get reported as “loathing” it?

The little Time article itself is fairly accurate about what I’ve said about e-reading, but the title of the series, “Famous Writers Who Loathe E-Books,” reflects or caters to a silly idea: that not being interested in using a particular technology is the same as hating and despising it.”
Ursula K. Le Guin

Germany Kent
“Too often people make their social media image more important than being true to who they really are in real life. Wonder how much different our world would be if we all strived to be the same person offline as we are online.”
Germany Kent

“Ideas are easy, implementation is hard. Startups cope with failure to pave the way of future. We must commend this entrepreneurial courage...”
Stephane Nappo

Dean Cavanagh
“Live fast in the digital! Die young in the analog!”
Dean Cavanagh, The Secret Life Of The Novel

“In a world full of digital memories, people forget to make real ones.
For the digital proof of love, happiness in people’s lives bears poor resemblance to reality.”
Meeta Ahluwalia

Reza Negarestani
“Or think of Goodman's own example: the shift from the analogue to the digital should be regarded as a veritable worldmaking. In this process, continuities are deleted. We are now in the domain of pure mechanizability: discrete inputs, discrete states, and discrete outputs. This shift realized by deletion is a radical one. The very distinction between human and machine collapses. The human world will be revealed as nothing but a special qualitative kind of integration of computational algorithms. As an alternative to this digital world, we can imagine a computational world where continuity, and above all the realtime interaction between the system or the abstract machine and its environment, is restored (supplemented). This is a new computational world in which the system and the environment interact without any pre-given limitations. The interaction is computation itself in a truly concurrent sense, to use the idiom of today's theoretical computer science. The prospects of such a paradigm of computation for remodelling the very notion of spirit or geist as a multi-agent system (interacting computational processes) is beyond our acquired practical reason, if not truly theoretically and practically unbound.”
Reza Negarestani, Intelligence and Spirit

Richie Norton
“Digital entrepreneurs will start making more money with physical products because people want “real.” YouTubers in large will leave because monetizing will become complicated with more adpocalypse.”
Richie Norton

Richie Norton
“Richie Norton
December 31, 2019

20 years ago tonight I was in Brazil waiting to see if the world would end at midnight. #y2k I’m glad the computers figured out how to write the year 2000.

Would’ve been hard to imagine 20 years ago all that has happened in my personal life, family life and the world at large.

1. For example, people could still walk onto airplanes — TSA didn’t even exist, Facebook wasn’t even a thought on Zucky’s mind. No Twitter. No youtube. No ig. No li.

2. 20 years ago was a different time. I predict the next 10 years will bring as much change or more than the last 10 years brought.

3. I mean - TikTok taking over the world...a straight up Chinese company dominating American socials? Amazing. We will see more of this. It will happen in pockets where kids want to buck the boomers, the x men and the millennials. Then it will spread.

4. Universities will try to become relevant again by not focusing on the diploma as much because companies don’t require them anymore (unless doctor or lawyer type). You’ll see people focusing back on skills, results and a mega double down on personal brand.

5. Digital entrepreneurs will start making more money with physical products because people want “real.” YouTubers in large will leave because monetizing will become complicated with more adpocalypse.

6. Basics will come into play with direct selling, conglomerates will break themselves down intentionally into micro-enterprises to stay nimble.

7. Managers will be forced to become entrepreneurs and directly responsible for above the line branding and below the line profits... or they will be fired.

8. Solopreneurs will rise because freelancers will become commodities to utilize.

9. AI will take over every job that could be done by a robot. Making work more human.

10. Humans will stop acting like robots (cashiers) vs self-checkout and work will be strategic and anything arhat doesn’t require repetition. Ironically, humans will become less robotic (industrial revolution turned us into robots) and we will become more artful, thoughtful and creative...because we have to...bots will do all else.

11. To stay ahead, you must constantly learn and apply. It’s the dream. My new community and podcast will help you thrive! Comment if you would like access. Love you!

Happy new year!”
Richie Norton

“Ein Kunde ist jemand, der wiederkommt und dich aktiv empfiehlt. Alles andere ist nur Glückssache.”
Roger Basler de Roca

“Algorithmen sind nicht einfach etwas, das man programmiert. Einen Algorithmus muss man konzipieren, erschaffen, testen.”
Roger Basler de Roca

“Digital und Social Media ist kostenlos, aber es darf nie umsonst sein.”
Roger Basler de Roca

“You are sensible as long as you are silent,
Where you put your perspective, you are extremely bad !!!”
Gajendra Jain

“The status-quo habits for 'grandfathered' vulnerabilities do not legitimize them.”
Stephane Nappo

“Even the bravest cyber defense will experience defeat when weaknesses are neglected.”
Stephane Nappo

“Who's caged? Me or the Bird?
It's us in Digital Age,
Mark my Word!”
Somya Kedia

“The digital realm has the capacity to enable new forms of expression that were previously non-existent and, as we use these forms to evolve our culture, the capacity to thrive.”
Omar Kholeif, Goodbye, World! Looking at Art in the Digital Age

“How we see ourselves and how we see others is now mediated by social media platforms and a desire to push beyond antecedent cultures,”
Omar Kholeif, Omar Kholeif: Goodbye, World! Looking at Art in the Digital Age

Byron Rizzo
“Fue tal la chispa que inició el incendio creativo: El ver que lejos de ser una excepción , la relación conflictiva con los videojuegos era mucho más normal de lo que suponemos.”
Byron Rizzo, Videojuego y Adicción: Game Over

Gilles Deleuze
“Como si [...] algo nos invitara a no concebir más la diferencia analógico/digital como una oposición. De cierta manera, es posible y deseable injertar código sobre lo analógico para aumentar su potencia.”

Byron Rizzo
“Como las hojas de los árboles caducifolios en Otoño se precipitan al suelo, así caen los billetes, físicos o digitales, para cambiar la crepuscular vida útil de las nuevas tecnologías.”
Byron Rizzo, The Ephemeral Age: Keys to understand fast times and scheduled obsolescence

“Es braucht ein bisschen mehr als Smartphones, um die fundamentale Art und Weise zu ändern, wie Menschen verbunden sind und bleiben.”
Tristan Horx, Unsere Fucking Zukunft

Akiko Busch
“When identity is derived from projecting an image in the public realm, something is lost, some core of identity diluted, some sense of authority or interiority sacrificed. It is time to question the false equivalency between not being seen and hiding. And time to reevaluate the merits of the inconspicuous life, to search out some antidote to continuous exposure, and to reconsider the value of going unseen, undetected, or overlooked in this new world. Might invisibility be regarded not simply as refuge, but as a condition with its own meaning and power? Going unseen may be becoming a sign of decency and self-assurance. The impulse to escape notice is not about complacent isolation or senseless conformity, but about maintaining identity, propriety, autonomy, and voice. It is not about retreating from the digital world but about finding some genuine alternative to a life of perpetual display. It is not about mindless effacement but mindful awareness. Neither disgraceful nor discrediting, such obscurity can be vital to our very sense of being, a way of fitting in with the immediate social, cultural, or environmental landscape. Human endeavor can be something interior, private, and self-contained. We can gain, rather than suffer, from deep reserve.”
Akiko Busch, How to Disappear: Notes on Invisibility in a Time of Transparency

“We dream digital nation,
but we ban other countries digital platforms.”

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