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Anna Kendrick
“I thrive in structure. I drown in chaos.”
Anna Kendrick, Scrappy Little Nobody

Vera Nazarian
“The cactus thrives in the desert while the fern thrives in the wetland.

The fool will try to plant them in the same flowerbox.

The florist will sigh and add a wall divider and proper soil to both sides.

The grandparent will move the flowerbox halfway out of the sun.

The child will turn it around properly so that the fern is in the shade, and not the cactus.

The moral of the story?

Kids are smart.”
Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

“Advice to my younger self:

1 Start where you are with what you have
2 Try not to hurt other people
3 Take more chances
4 If you fail, keep trying”
Germany Kent
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Kemi Sogunle
“The tests we face in life's journey are not to reveal our weaknesses but to help us discover our inner strengths. We can only know how strong we are when we strive and thrive beyond the challenges we face.”
Kemi Sogunle

Rasheed Ogunlaru
“Any fool can break something, criticise someone and tear things apart. It takes a far more skilled, wise and kind soul to build something, nurture someone, fix things and help others thrive over time.”
Rasheed Ogunlaru

Alaric Hutchinson
“There is no excuse good enough to ever be out of alignment with love. You’re going to get hurt, and you will feel pain. Yet your purpose is to keep loving, anyway. Keep moving forward with an open heart. Love is a Divine gift given to humanity. Wasting it is no longer an option. Love is what brings light to a dark place. Love is what transforms a dying world into a thriving planet.”
Alaric Hutchinson, Living Peace: Essential Teachings for Enriching Life

“There is a tremendous difference between existing and thriving. Regardless of our age, we need the life force of joy—joie de vivre.”
Laurie Buchanan, PhD

Susan C. Young
“Re is a prefix, which when used in front of a word, changes its meaning to convey a fresh beginning, a do-over, a repeat, a shift in perspective, or an opportunity to create something new. When you add the prefix Re, you are activating the power of the word to head in a new direction to build momentum for positive change and transformation.”
Susan C Young

Kristi Bowman
“For some reason such grand concepts as love and kindness often get relegated to the realm of the spiritual, as if they have no place in all other aspects of life. Quite simply, this is about humanity. Not only is love very much a part of what makes us human, it is the strongest force for being able to work together collaboratively in community so that we may thrive.”
Kristi Bowman, A Butterfly Life: 4 Keys to More Happiness, Better Health & Letting Your True Self Shine

“You want roses? Live unrestricted and love like crazy - that is how the wildflowers bloom all around us, even in the darkest winter.”
debbie lynn - 360 degrees full circle

“We aren’t teaching our children to thrive. We teach them to survive. It’s not the same thing. Resilience increases thriving without taking anything away from others.”
Jeanine Joy, Ph.D.

Jeanette LeBlanc
“If you feel like this time you won’t survive the pain, remember that you will. You may not like it. There may be times when you don’t even want to, but survive you will. And thrive. And love again. This I know to be true.”
Jeanette LeBlanc

Steven J. Bowen
“Leaders need to embrace and master the art of transformation for their organizations to thrive.”
Steven J. Bowen, Total Value Optimization: Transforming Your Global Supply Chain Into a Competitive Weapon

“She taught me that the nighttime,
Is when the stars tend to thrive.”
Kyra Jackson

“If you want to thrive, you need to sow the seeds of self-development.”
Brian Buffini

Ana Claudia Antunes
“Although life urges to endorse,
And yet you still have to strive,
There lies within you great force
That makes you get up and thrive.”
Ana Claudia Antunes, The Tao of Physical and Spiritual

Adam Kirk Smith
“People who succeed in business aren't afraid to hear feedback from their customers -- they actually thrive from it.”
Adam Smith

Reba McEntire
“To thrive in life you need three bones. A wishbone. A backbone. And a funny bone.”
Reba McEntire

Lisa Cypers Kamen
“Authentic happiness is not selfish, egotistical or narcissistic, in fact, it is essential in order for humankind to thrive”
Lisa Cypers Kamen, Are We Happy Yet?: Eight Keys to Unlocking a Joyful Life

“Did the flames thrive and my eyes speak truth? Was my fire not enough for you?”
Dominic Riccitello

Ken Poirot
“We all need love to live, grow, and thrive.”
Ken Poirot

Kemi Sogunle
“The plants endure the hardship of winter yet, still thrive in the Spring. The rose plant finds its ways to bloom despite having to deal with the thorns. You and I are simply reminded, we can overcome any storm we face in life's journey. All we need do is hold on to our faith and trust God through the process.”
Kemi Sogunle, Beyond the Pain by Kemi Sogunle

Kristi Bowman
“Love is directly linked to our life energy, and an environment of love allows one to thrive.”
Kristi Bowman, A Butterfly Life: 4 Keys to More Happiness, Better Health & Letting Your True Self Shine

“Only the people who are rooted in the house of God will thrive, prosper, become rich and still have joy in every situation”
Sunday Adelaja

Pam Malow-Isham
“We need to be engaged with our community to thrive.”
Pam Malow-Isham, Brilliant Words to Grow By: A Devotional Celebrating the Duality of Life

E.A. Bucchianeri
“Aren't artists supposed to thrive on the creative struggle, battling the world and expressing it through their masterpieces?”
E.A. Bucchianeri, Vocation of a Gadfly

Tracey Bond
“A tip for the new you: Growth has its own evolutionary timeline, whether #personal or professional. Rethink "Throwback-Thursday" today and consider what's old that has yet to be thrown out...and what should be renewed within, around and all about you. Communicate it with your energy, and your thrive vibe for life. No matter what your personal/professional purpose...that right there will make you interesting, engagement worthy and always attractive!”
Tracey Bond

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