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Erik Pevernagie
“Foulmouthed individuals seem to have their neuron systems replaced by colon structures, given that their terminology profusely consists of "sh*t and f*ck". ("Tolerance zero")”
Erik Pevernagie

Victoria Addino
“Always think extra hard before crossing over to a bad side, if you were weak enough to cross over, you may not be strong enough to cross back!”
Victoria Addino

Erik Pevernagie
“When the underlying structure of our freedom is in jeopardy, we do well to be concerned about our whistle-blowers, since blinking beacons are essential to secure a living together in a dependable social framework. (" High noon.")”
Erik Pevernagie

Victoria Addino
“Never believe for a second that your weak, within all of us we have a reserve of inner hidden strength,”
Victoria Addino

Anna Kendrick
“I thrive in structure. I drown in chaos.”
Anna Kendrick, Scrappy Little Nobody

Mark Haddon
“... why I like timetables, because they make sure I don't get lost in time.”
Mark Haddon, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Anthony Liccione
“Everyone needs a house to live in, but a supportive family is what builds a home.”
Anthony Liccione

Marisha Pessl
“No wonder so many adults long to return to university, to all those deadlines--ahhh, that structure! Scaffolding to which we may cling! Even if it is arbitrary, without it, we're lost, wholly incapable of separating the Romantic from the Victorian in our sad, bewildering lives...”
Marisha Pessl, Special Topics in Calamity Physics

John D. MacDonald
“I am wary of the whole dreary deadening structured mess that we have built into such a glittering top-heavy structure that there is nothing left to see but the glitter, and the brute routines of maintaining it.”
John D. MacDonald, The Deep Blue Good-By

Scarlett Thomas
“In real life nothing means anything. Stuff happens and there just is no structure.”
Scarlett Thomas, Going Out

“The palace started as a single vaulted room and grew in proportion to my despair. It began as an exercise to keep my mind from its melancholy, then it became a dream and a necessity. . . . I built a temple in my head. . . . Its hallways were as lofty as a cathedral, and the arch of each window as supple as a bow. Its corridors were the passages of my own brain.”
Lisa St. Aubin de Teran, The Palace the Palace

W.H. Auden
“Drama is based on the Mistake. I think someone is my friend when he really is my enemy, that I am free to marry a woman when in fact she is my mother, that this person is a chambermaid when it is a young nobleman in disguise, that this well-dressed young man is rich when he is really a penniless adventurer, or that if I do this such and such a result will follow when in fact it results in something very different. All good drama has two movements, first the making of the mistake, then the discovery that it was a mistake.”
W.H. Auden

Rosalind Franklin
“We wish to discuss a structure for the salt of deoxyribose nucleic acid. (D.N.A.). This structure has novel features which are of considerable biologic interest.”
Rosalind Franklin

“The universe contains many planets which make it what it is – a unified system. In addition, our bodies contain many organs, and each part is congruent to a planet in our solar system. The universe we see out our eyes is a mirror of what is within us. This is what God meant by making man in his image. We are all made as a reflection of God and that reflection of him is within us. Furthermore, not only are all religions connected to the same Truth, or Cosmic Heart, but this concept is also mirrored in the pantheons of ancient religions, where each of the many gods simply represented one set of characteristics of the ONE. And in all cases, these many gods symbolized the planets, therefore mimicking the different parts of the universe and the ONE God’s many mirrors (He Who is All). The structure behind all polytheistic religions of the past and present is one and the same. They are all built on the same foundation as Nature.”
Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

Abbe Diaz
“It never ceases to amaze me how prosaic, pedestrian, unimaginative people can persistently pontificate about classical grammatical structure as though it's fucking rocket science. These must be the same people who hate Picasso, because he couldn't keep the paint inside the lines and the colors never matched the numbers.”
Abbe Diaz

“All tales, then, are at some level a journey into the woods to find the missing part of us, to retrieve it and make ourselves whole. Storytelling is as simple - and complex - as that. That's the pattern. That's how we tell stories.”
John Yorke, Into the Woods: A Five Act Journey Into Story

“Independence is a myth
rooted in--and perpetuated by--privilege.

There is no independence,
only interdependence.”
Shellen Lubin

“How much of our independence is and has always been
the exploitation of others,
the abuse of others?

Today I'm in awe of
how women of color are leading the way
to not accepting it anymore”
Shellen Lubin

“A woman can take care of the family. It takes a man to provide structure, to provide stability. Not that I'm saying a woman can't provide stability, I'm not saying that...It does take a father though.”
Tom Delay

Jasna Horvat
“To bi željela geometrizirati – sustavnu i promišljenu strukturu teksta.”
Jasna Horvat, Auron

Laurie Colwin
“These days any planned thing looked good to me. What heaven to have your work cut out for you, to be part of the Big Picture -- a picture you did not have to paint yourself.”
Laurie Colwin, Goodbye Without Leaving

“If a majestic tree has to fall, may it be so a family or two has a place to eat.

Resources are precious.”

Guru Z.S. Gill
“Reliable structure needs a strong foundation and strong foundation requires investment”
Guru Z.S. Gill

“If a majestic tree has to fall, may it be so a family or two has a place to eat.

Precious are resources.”

Kellie Gerardi
“The key to a team capable of doing more with less lies in a flat organizational structure where everyone feels equal ownership of outcomes and an equal responsibility to invest in each other to reach them.”
Kellie Gerardi, Not Necessarily Rocket Science: A Beginner's Guide to Life in the Space Age

“Die Sprache ist eben ihrer Struktur nach eine vorwissentschaftliche Wissenschaft.”
Harald Weinrich, La lingua bugiarda. Possono le parole nascondere i pensieri?

Umberto Eco
“The task of general semiotics is that of tracing a single formal structure which underlies all these phenomena, this structure being that of the inference which generates interpretation.
The task of specific semiotics, on the other hand, will be that of establishing—according to the sign system in question—the rules of greater or lesser semiotic necessity for inferences (institutionalization rules).”
Umberto Eco, Semiotics and the Philosophy of Language

Guru Z.S. Gill
“Any structure needs a strong foundation and strong foundation requires investment”
Guru Z.S. Gill

“Don't prioritize your schedule, schedule your priorities.”
Ryan Serhant

Frank Herbert
“Humans have such a powerful need that their own belief structure be the TRUE belief. If it gives you pleasure, or a sense of security, and it is incorporated into your belief structure, what a powerful dependency that creates.”
Frank Herbert, Heretics of Dune

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