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Samuel Beckett
“You're on Earth. There's no cure for that.”
Samuel Beckett

“Everybody has a little bit of the sun and moon in them. Everybody has a little bit of man, woman, and animal in them. Darks and lights in them. Everyone is part of a connected cosmic system. Part earth and sea, wind and fire, with some salt and dust swimming in them. We have a universe within ourselves that mimics the universe outside. None of us are just black or white, or never wrong and always right. No one. No one exists without polarities. Everybody has good and bad forces working with them, against them, and within them.

PART SUN AND MOON by Suzy Kassem”
Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem



Of life,
Born from
Of light,
The lens
Of time,
And into
A sea
Of stars

Poetry by Suzy Kassem”
Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

Carlos Ruiz Zafón
“He lost himself in the words and images conjured in his mind and for a while forgot ... He found himself flying among stars and planets ...”
Carlos Ruiz Zafón, The Prince of Mist

Carl Sagan
“On Titan the molecules that have been raining down like manna from heaven for the last 4 billion years might still be there largely unaltered deep-frozen awaiting the chemists from Earth”
Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space

Diana Wynne Jones
“Mother Very Easily Made Jam Sandwiches Under No Protest”
Diana Wynne Jones

“The universe contains many planets which make it what it is – a unified system. In addition, our bodies contain many organs, and each part is congruent to a planet in our solar system. The universe we see out our eyes is a mirror of what is within us. This is what God meant by making man in his image. We are all made as a reflection of God and that reflection of him is within us. Furthermore, not only are all religions connected to the same Truth, or Cosmic Heart, but this concept is also mirrored in the pantheons of ancient religions, where each of the many gods simply represented one set of characteristics of the ONE. And in all cases, these many gods symbolized the planets, therefore mimicking the different parts of the universe and the ONE God’s many mirrors (He Who is All). The structure behind all polytheistic religions of the past and present is one and the same. They are all built on the same foundation as Nature.”
Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

Mike Brown
“Pluto is dead.”
Mike Brown, How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming

“Could it be that the planets are castaway heads.”
Visar Zhiti, The Condemned Apple: Selected Poetry

Dejan Stojanovic
“If an ancient man saw planes two thousand years ago
He would've thought they were birds
Or angels from another world
Or messengers from other planets.”
Dejan Stojanovic

Mike Brown
“There is nothing particularly special about that location of the centre of mass. If you were to find yourself at the precise spot that is the centre of mass of the earth-moon system, the only thing unusual that you would notice is that there would be one thousand miles of rock on top of your head.
Pluto is only about twice the size of Charon, so if you put Pluto and Charon on the cosmic seesaw you would find that the balance point is a little bit outside Pluto, rather than inside it. Again, there is nothing particularly special going on there. If you were to find yourself at that precise spot, you would only notice that you were very, very cold and could no longer breathe.”
Mike Brown, How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming

“On the face of Earth
You catch free falling birds

Molecules of a stormy being
Fight the demons you haven't seen

Lost planets and their faded light
Await you on the other side

Broken branches of false hope
Watch your stealth heart implode.

Knitted sweaters of a broken dream
Paint your vivacity in supreme

Try to find the cure for wanderlust
Before your shoulders turn to dust”
Vanshika Dhyani

Mark  Siegel
“Camomille: Fallible men write books. God writes in sunlight and rivers and planets. Isn't the Universe a good book? I trust it above the printed kind.”
Mark Siegel, Sailor Twain: Or: The Mermaid in the Hudson

Catherynne M. Valente
“Welcome to the American sector!
Feast your eyes on glorious Pluto, her wild frontier, her high standard of living, her rugged, hardworking citizens, her purple mountains majesty! Ride the mighty buffalo! Marvel at the bustling industry of the great cities of Jizo and Ascalaphus! Climb the peaks of Mt. Orcus and Mt. Chernobog!”
Catherynne M. Valente, Radiance

Rachel Bach
“The place had clearly been terraformed within an inch of its life; there was just no other way continents ended up perfectly square.”
Rachel Bach, Heaven's Queen

“Sometimes, I imagine that the universe is like an unmoved, round bucket! The water inside is like the space all around; the space is moving as the water in the bucket. The spinning planets are like the dipped and moving mug and the sun is like the accidentally fallen bug in the middle of the bucket!”
Md. Ziaul Haque

Christina Engela
“Imagine, if you will:

A bright yellow star lit the darkness somewhere in deep space, accompanied by its rather dysfunctional family of nine deceptively ordinary-looking planets. During its enormously long lifetime many beings had named it from the far ends of distant telescopes, including it into numerous star clusters and constellations as they were perceived from their vantage points. Once, or maybe twice, creatures simply looked up into their own skies to name it from their own now long dead and deserted worlds. In more recent times, beings from a world that orbited a different sun far away gave it a name too – creatures that called themselves Human, who travelled here and settled on one of its inner planets. The planet they chose to make a new home on? They called that Deanna. They called the star Ramalama.”
Christina Engela, Dead Man's Hammer

F.K. Preston
“The belief in their actions can mend constellations. The ambition in their thirst for knowledge can both create and destroy.”
F.K. Preston

Gérard de Nerval
“Everything is alive, everything is in motion, everything corresponds; the magnetic rays that emanate from me or from others flow directly through the infinite chain of creation whose transparent network is in continuous communication with the planets and the stars. A captive here on earth for the moment, I commune with the chorus of stars and they join in my sorrows and joys.”
Gérard de Nerval, Selected Writings

Tarun Betala
“We, of all the beings that we know of, can think. We can eat, write, build, save. We can predict, estimate, and count. We can preserve food for lifetimes, and in times of crisis, we can find ways to ensure our survival. With each passing generation, our sphere of control of our existence is larger. What if the earth is hit by an asteroid or there is no way to stop global warming? We look to colonize other planets. The fate of our species, in a few years, will not be tied to the fate of the earth. Our home planet must be cared for ... but as we go interplanetary and then interstellar, our control on our lives and the evolution of our species grows. As far as we know, we are the only species that has a say in the development of its future.”
Tarun Betala, The Things We Don't Know

Siera Maley
“I wanted to fix things, obviously. You know it’s like… the planets are out of alignment when we’re fighting.”
Siera Maley, Dating Sarah Cooper

Robin Sacredfire
“One of the most interesting laws of planet earth is called the law of mirroring. I'm one of the 144 thousand chosen ones to ascend to paradise and I keep meeting people that are not but arrogantly believe they are. Now, how can I know which one is the reflection and which one is the illusion? They need religion to feel safe while I was born with the knowledge of a thousand galactic civilizations inside of me. They think I accept their religion, whatever it is, not realizing that it's their religion that matches me. I have already surpassed planet Earth. I came here to give these humans a second chance. And yet, the ones closer to get it, think they're the ones offering me a second chance. Isn't this interesting? I think this is fascinating. This planet is truly fascinating. I could say utterly stupid, but I don't want to depress myself about it. I rather call it fascinating. I just wonder if their dogs often think they own humans too, while humans believe they own dogs, as the law of mirroring is present in everything seen down here.”
Robin Sacredfire

Brian Cox
“There are three known planets in the PSR B1257 system, which have been named Draugr, Poltergeist and Phobetor. Poltergeist was the first to be discovered. I know, I was curious about their names as well. Poletrgeist means "pounding ghost". The draugr are the unded in Norse legends who live in their graves. And Phobetor is the personification of nightmares, and the son of Nyx, Greek goddess of the night.
Astronomers are goths.”
Brian Cox, Forces of Nature

Neil deGrasse Tyson
“I don't know about you, but the planet Saturn pops into my mind with every bite of a hamburger I take.”
Neil deGrasse Tyson, Astrophysics for People in a Hurry

Mandy Ashcraft
“It was beginning to look as if he hadn't just found a sign of water on a destitute planet, he'd found a sign that the same planet had penguins. Those would be two fundamentally different breakthroughs.”
Mandy Ashcraft, Small Orange Fruit

Mandy Ashcraft
“These were not the aliens out beaming anyone up. If anything, they'd be the ones providing apologetic form letters to the inconveniently beamed-up.”
Mandy Ashcraft, Small Orange Fruit

Mandy Ashcraft
“There was an off-planet directory next to an old rotary phone that looked lost, as if it had wandered in the room and was actually looking for a more modern facility.”
Mandy Ashcraft, Small Orange Fruit

Mandy Ashcraft
“His brain didn't want her to go, and he was afraid his subconscious would badger it's only witness into believing she didn't have to.”
Mandy Ashcraft, Small Orange Fruit

Mandy Ashcraft
“What we wanted was to see planets taste life in a way they never had.”
Mandy Ashcraft, Small Orange Fruit

Mandy Ashcraft
“Standard procedure; the usual high volume of paperwork required to even sneeze on another planet.”
Mandy Ashcraft, Small Orange Fruit

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