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Kamand Kojouri
“This is an ode to life.
The anthem of the world.
For as there are billions
of different stars that
make up the sky
so, too, are there billions
of different humans that
make up the Earth.
Some shine brighter
but all are made of
the same cosmic dust.
O the joy of being
in life with all these people!
I speak of differences
because they are there.
Like the different organs
that make up our bodies.
Earth, itself, is one large body.
Listen to how it howls
when one human is
in misery.
When one kills another, the
Earth feels the pang in its
chest. When one orgasms,
the Earth craves a cigarette.
Look carefully,
these animals are
beauty spots that make the
Earth’s face lovelier
and more loveable.
These oceans are the Earth’s
limpid eyes. These trees, its hair.
This is an ode to life.
The anthem of the world.
I will no longer speak of
differences, for the similarities
are larger.
Look even closer. There may be
distances between our limbs but
there are no spaces between
our hearts. We long to be one.
We long to be in nature and
to run wild with its wildlife.
Let us celebrate life and living,
for it is sacrilegious
to be ungrateful.
Let us play and be playful,
for it is sacrilegious
to be serious.
Let us celebrate imperfections
and make existence
proud of us, for tomorrow is
death, and this is an ode to life.
The anthem of the world.”
Kamand Kojouri

Nicholson Baker
“There is no good word for stomach; just as there is no good word for girlfriend. Stomach is to girlfriend as belly is to lover, and as abdomen is to consort, and as middle is to petite amie.”
Nicholson Baker, The Mezzanine

“The universe contains many planets which make it what it is – a unified system. In addition, our bodies contain many organs, and each part is congruent to a planet in our solar system. The universe we see out our eyes is a mirror of what is within us. This is what God meant by making man in his image. We are all made as a reflection of God and that reflection of him is within us. Furthermore, not only are all religions connected to the same Truth, or Cosmic Heart, but this concept is also mirrored in the pantheons of ancient religions, where each of the many gods simply represented one set of characteristics of the ONE. And in all cases, these many gods symbolized the planets, therefore mimicking the different parts of the universe and the ONE God’s many mirrors (He Who is All). The structure behind all polytheistic religions of the past and present is one and the same. They are all built on the same foundation as Nature.”
Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

Peter Tieryas
“That a universe exists within every human being. That to the blood cells and organs in your body, you are god. That this universe is only one individual among infinite others.”
Peter Tieryas, United States of Japan

Rupert Thomson
“The fig tree had dropped its fruit all over the ground. Ripe figs lay in the dust, exploded, bloody, as if the sky had rained organs.”
Rupert Thomson, The Five Gates of Hell

“I know that certain minds would regard as audacious the idea of relating the laws which preside over the play of our organs to those laws which govern inanimate bodies; but, although novel, this truth is none the less incontestable. To hold that the phenomena of life are entirely distinct from the general phenomena of nature is to commit a grave error, it is to oppose the continued progress of science.”
Francois Magendie

Jean-Baptiste Lamarck
“It is not the organs—that is, the character and form of the animal's bodily parts—that have given rise to its habits and particular structures. It is the habits and manner of life and the conditions in which its ancestors lived that have in the course of time fashioned its bodily form, its organs and qualities.”
Jean-Baptiste Lamarck

“Nature, ... in order to carry out the marvelous operations [that occur] in animals and plants has been pleased to construct their organized bodies with a very large number of machines, which are of necessity made up of extremely minute parts so shaped and situated as to form a marvelous organ, the structure and composition of which are usually invisible to the naked eye without the aid of a microscope. ... Just as Nature deserves praise and admiration for making machines so small, so too the physician who observes them to the best of his ability is worthy of praise, not blame, for he must also correct and repair these machines as well as he can every time they get out of order.”
Marcello Malpighi

“Or was that fatalism another good move in design space? Did the universe evolve eyes and wings and sense organs and bitter amusement at the prospect of death all the same way?”
James S.A. Corey, Cibola Burn

Enock Maregesi
“Jicho ni kiungo cha ajabu zaidi kuliko viungo vyote katika mwili wa mwanadamu baada ya ubongo. Jicho moja linatengenezwa na viungo vidogovidogo zaidi ya milioni mbili, vinavyofanya kazi kwa pamoja bila kukosea. Macho yana nguvu ya ajabu. Huu ni wito kwa akina mama wanaonyonyesha: Usizungumze maneno mabaya mtoto wako mchanga anapokuangalia machoni wakati ananyonya ziwa lako. Neno lolote utakalomwambia, zuri au baya, pamoja na kwamba amekuwa akisikia sauti yako kwa miezi kadhaa akiwa tumboni, litajirekodi katika akili yake isiyotambua bila wewe au yeye mwenyewe kujua. Neno hilo litakuja kumuathiri baadaye atakapokuwa mkubwa. Atakapopevuka, atakapokuwa na uwezo wa kupambanua mambo, atakuwa anaota na kuwaza kile ambacho ulikuwa ukimwambia alipokuwa tumboni; na alipokuwa akinyonya na kukukodolea macho.”
Enock Maregesi