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Steve Maraboli
“Look around you. Everything changes. Everything on this earth is in a continuous state of evolving, refining, improving, adapting, enhancing…changing. You were not put on this earth to remain stagnant.”
Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

Lilith Saintcrow
“First you find out what you have , Dad would say. Then you figure out how to make it work for what you need, 'cause you don't get what you want. You get just what you have and no more. ”
Lilith Saintcrow, Betrayals

Richelle E. Goodrich
“Why is it we must suffer the loss of something so dear before we realize what a treasure we had?
Why must the sun be darkened before we feel how genuinely impossible it is to live without its warmth?
Why within the misery of absence does love grow by such bounds?
Why must life be this way?
It is a strange existence where such suffering makes us far better people.”
Richelle Goodrich, Eena, The Curse of Wanyaka Cave

Richelle E. Goodrich
“The key to a better life isn't always a change of scenery. Sometimes it simply requires opening your eyes.”
Richelle E. Goodrich, Making Wishes: Quotes, Thoughts, & a Little Poetry for Every Day of the Year

Brian Lies
“practice makes better”
Brian Lies

Abraham H. Maslow
“To be able to listen -- really, wholly passively, self-effacingly listen -- without presupposing, classifying, improving, controverting, evaluating,
approving or disapproving, without dueling with what is being said, without rehearsing the rebuttal in advance, without free-associating to portions of what is being said so that succeeding portions are not heard at all -- such listening is rare.”
Abraham Maslow

Prem Jagyasi
“Finding out what that ideal is and making visible changes in your personality according to that ideal would certainly help in improving the image that person has of you.”
Dr Prem Jagyasi

Denis Johnson
“But I was in a little better physical shape every day, I was getting my looks back, and my spirits were rising, and this was all in all a happy time for me.

All these weirdos, and me getting a little better every day right in the midst of them. I have never known, never even imagined for a heartbeat, that there might be a place for people like us.”
Denis Johnson, Jesus' Son

Richelle E. Goodrich
“I once thought it would take a miracle to improve my circumstances. Now, I believe it will take something far more powerful, if such a thing exists.”
Richelle E. Goodrich, Making Wishes: Quotes, Thoughts, & a Little Poetry for Every Day of the Year

Vikrmn: CA Vikram Verma
“The best thing to gift yourself is to be just YOURSELF, improving above the person that you were yesterday.”
Vikrmn, 10 Golden Steps of Life

Awdhesh Singh
“The work which can be done by your subordinates should be delegated, even if you like doing the work yourself. You must rather focus only on those tasks that can be done by you alone. If you still have some time left, focus on future planning and improving the efficiency of the organisation.”
Awdhesh Singh, 31 Ways to Happiness

“Don't wish that people would change. Accept them for who they are and keep on searching for your higher 'self”
Matthew Donnelly

Craig Groeschel
“His famous, soul-stirring "I have a dream" speech will still give you chills and break your heart today. Decades later, long after his life on earth tragically ended, the legacy of his burden lives on, improving lives for generations to come. All because one man allowed his burden to birth a dream.”
Craig Groeschel, Weird: Because Normal Isn't Working

“Give yourself for the course of living for others, improving their lives, becoming a deliverer to a nation and you will never be at the losing end”
Sunday Adelaja

“Today I Have Discovered a Stronger Force of Attraction Than The One I had Yesterday, THANKS to My Daily Meditation Practice... and now I know that Nothing matters more than improving from who and what I was Yesterday.”
nick catricala

Naguib Mahfouz
“ليس المجتمع الذي نحلم به بخال من الشر، فلا خير في مجتمع يخلو من نقص يحث على الكمال. ولكن المجتمع الذي نحلم به يمحو شرورا نراها في وضعنا الحالي ضربا من القضاء والقدر.”
Naguib Mahfouz, القاهرة الجديدة

“If you’re looking for someone or something to blame, you’ll never run out of options, as there are infinite errors, inefficiencies, biases, and accidents to account for. It comes down to what you choose to do, rather than what you can prove, and if you choose bitterness, you don’t choose to grow, adapt, learn, or improve.”
Evan Thomsen, Don’t Chase The Dream Job, Build It: The unconventional guide to inventing your career and getting any job you want

Saji Ijiyemi
“Having a head is not enough, you must get ahead”
Saji Ijiyemi

Connie Kerbs
“We have indeed, felt the effects of the epic journey that has been our life. We have covered a lot of ground, parenting, marriage, career, family and otherwise, and at times, surely, have felt the worse for the wear, especially when different circumstances have chewed us up and spit us out! When it felt as if the kiln was stoked to maximum heat levels, and that we would shatter into a billion pieces that would never all be found! There are some differences now, having a little more seasoning to us. First of all, now we understand there is no such thing as being finished. There is always more firing, refining and glazing we can experience, and it is only a matter of when and how, not if we will do so. Secondly, we look forward to it, knowing now it would take more heat than possible to break us beyond repair.”
Connie Kerbs

“Exercise is not a chore! Improving your health and well-being should be something you enjoy, in combating stress, so be sure to always have fun whilst doing it.”
Dee Waldeck

Steven Magee
“The majority of prescription medications that the doctors gave me degraded my health instead of improving it.”
Steven Magee

“Success as I see it, isn't about me being busy, it's about living life on a steadily improving way. No matter how slow it may be, I am happy knowing I am improving and that’s what’s most important, because it also means, I become more effective day by day while bringing value to the world.”
nick catricala

Edward Weston
“I feel towards persons as I do towards art, — constructively. Find all the good first. Judge by what has been done, — not by omissions or mistakes. And look well into oneself! A life can well be spent correcting and improving one’s own faults without bothering about others.”
Edward Weston, Daybooks of Edward Weston

Abhishek Ratna
“A key criteria to be successful in any field is the desire to continually strive to be a better version of yourself. This is very different from the skill of accumulating and remembering facts which may helps in studies and in getting qualifications.”
Abhishek Ratna, small wins BIG SUCCESS: A handbook for exemplary success in post Covid19 Outbreak Era

Danny Meyer
“Every business needs a core strategy to be what I call always on the improve, for us it's constant, gentle pressure. 190”
Danny Meyer, Setting the Table: The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business

Isaac Nash
“No matter how much you think you know it is nothing compared to whatever out there. If the world itself does not know when it ends but only God knows, then the perfect source of knowledge is from God.”
Isaac Nash, The Herok

Lailah Gifty Akita
“One thing you are sure of improving is yourself.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

Criss Jami
“By far, the hardest part regarding a work of art, apart from the start, is knowing precisely when to stop...It's growing up, finding that most glowing and top spot, ascending to where its highest peak is reached...before descending for the deepest, darkest drop.”
Criss Jami

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