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Charles Dickens
“A day wasted on others is not wasted on one's self.”
Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

“A bridge of silver wings stretches from the dead ashes of an unforgiving nightmare
to the jeweled vision of a life started anew.”
Aberjhani, Journey through the Power of the Rainbow: Quotations from a Life Made Out of Poetry

Stephen King
“Quiet people have the loudest minds.”
Stephen King

Jared Leto
“Try and fail, but never fail to try!”
Jared Leto

“Everything is within your power,
and your power is within you.”
Janice Trachtman, Catching What Life Throws at You: Inspiring True Stories of Healing

Roman Payne
“I ran across an excerpt today (in English translation) of some dialogue/narration from the modern popular writer, Paulo Coelho in his book: Aleph.(Note: bracketed text is mine.)... 'I spoke to three scholars,' [the character says 'at last.'] ...two of them said that, after death, the [sic (misprint, fault of the publisher)] just go to Paradise. The third one, though, told me to consult some verses from the Koran. [end quote]' ...I can see that he's excited. [narrator]' ...Now I have many positive things to say about Coelho: He is respectable, inspiring as a man, a truth-seeker, and an appealing writer; but one should hesitate to call him a 'literary' writer based on this quote. A 'literary' author knows that a character's excitement should be 'shown' in his or her dialogue and not in the narrator's commentary on it. Advice for Coelho: Remove the 'I can see that he's excited' sentence and show his excitement in the phrasing of his quote.(Now, in defense of Coelho, I am firmly of the opinion, having myself written plenty of prose that is flawed, that a novelist should be forgiven for slipping here and there.)Lastly, it appears that a belief in reincarnation is of great interest to Mr. Coelho ... Just think! He is a man who has achieved, (as Leonard Cohen would call it), 'a remote human possibility.' He has won lots of fame and tons of money. And yet, how his preoccupation with reincarnation—none other than an interest in being born again as somebody else—suggests that he is not happy!”
Roman Payne

Lailah Gifty Akita
“Know what you want and reach out eagerly for it.”
Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

“Stop walking with a ‘calendar’. It’s capable of ruining your fate,
by showing you the date & limiting your courage, by reminding you of your age.”
Sujit Lalwani, Life Simplified!

Laurie  Anderson
“And there was a beautiful view,
But nobody could see.
'Cause everyone in the Island was saiyng,
Look at me! Look at me!”
Laurie Anderson

“These are the divine days of divine miracles.”
G. Beck

Lailah Gifty Akita
“Life is the only thing which can never be replaced when lost.”
Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

Marcel Proust
“All these things and, still more than these, the treasures which had come to the church from personages who to me were almost legendary figures (such as the golden cross wrought, it was said, by Saint Eloi and presented by Dagobert, and the tomb of the sons of Louis the Germanic in porphyry and enamelled copper), because of which I used to go forward into the church when we were making our way to our chairs as into a fairy-haunted valley, where the rustic sees with amazement on a rock, a tree, a marsh, the tangible proofs of the little people’s supernatural passage — all these things made of the church for me something entirely different from the rest of the town; a building which occupied, so to speak, four dimensions of space — the name of the fourth being Time — which had sailed the centuries with that old nave, where bay after bay, chapel after chapel, seemed to stretch across and hold down and conquer not merely a few yards of soil, but each successive epoch from which the whole building had emerged triumphant, hiding the rugged barbarities of the eleventh century in the thickness of its walls, through which nothing could be seen of the heavy arches, long stopped and blinded with coarse blocks of ashlar, except where, near the porch, a deep groove was furrowed into one wall by the tower-stair; and even there the barbarity was veiled by the graceful gothic arcade which pressed coquettishly upon it, like a row of grown-up sisters who, to hide him from the eyes of strangers, arrange themselves smilingly in front of a countrified, unmannerly and ill-dressed younger brother; rearing into the sky above the Square a tower which had looked down upon Saint Louis, and seemed to behold him still; and thrusting down with its crypt into the blackness of a Merovingian night, through which, guiding us with groping finger-tips beneath the shadowy vault, ribbed strongly as an immense bat’s wing of stone, Théodore or his sister would light up for us with a candle the tomb of Sigebert’s little daughter, in which a deep hole, like the bed of a fossil, had been bored, or so it was said, “by a crystal lamp which, on the night when the Frankish princess was murdered, had left, of its own accord, the golden chains by which it was suspended where the apse is to-day and with neither the crystal broken nor the light extinguished had buried itself in the stone, through which it had gently forced its way.”
Marcel Proust, In Search of Lost Time

“Life like a lion for just one day is better then sleeping all your life without doing something”
Dr Syed Muhammad Zeeshan Hussain Almashhadi

Stephanie Lahart
“No longer will I doubt my abilities… I will give myself a chance. I commit to believing in myself, encouraging myself, and loving myself. I will see the best in myself and NOT be afraid to move forward in my purpose. I will replace the word can’t with can. I won’t be easily influenced, distracted, or discouraged by other people’s opinions. I will NOT give up! I will be brave in my journey, have confidence in who I am, and keep a positive attitude. I am success!”
Stephanie Lahart

“Deep down buried in the cerebrum is you who is far greater than just the odd electric impulses that defines you. Recoup your-"self".”
Vishwanath S J

“Faith does not operate on ultimatums of providing pre-markers to convince you to be courageous on pursuing something; all you have are choices, and its up to you to choose where to invest your faith.”
Wayne Chirisa

Rasheed Ogunlaru
“Destinations are end points. Journeys are learnings, paths of possibilities, blossoming... fresh beginnings.”
Rasheed Ogunlaru

Angela Duckworth
“The focus on talent distracts us from something that is at least as important, and that is effort. As much as talent counts, effort counts twice.”
Angela Duckworth, Grit

Brenda Sutton Rose
“There are times when a day from my childhood comes to me, swirls around me, teases me as I try to catch the memory in my hands, as I try to catch the scents, the sounds, the warmth of the sun on my young face. In bare feet, I reach for it, the memory that is. I reach for summer nights, playing chase, reach across a thousand miles to the comfort of my father’s voice, to the rush of heat when my mother opens the oven to check on the baking, reach toward the rush of laughter, toward home, toward the glory days of my youth. The only way to catch an elusive memory is to open my heart and swallow it whole. When I die, I’ll be stuffed full of memories, too many to fit into a casket.”
Brenda Sutton Rose

“This world is full of people who don't have a loving heart. People who are self centered and can't even bring a smile to another person's face. These people have to change themselves before they become cynics. The world needs love and kindness. The indifference that a majority of people have will not make them heroes of the future!”
Avijeet Das

Julieanne O'Connor
“Those who notice the moment, stay in the moment. Those who stay in the moment notice the moment.”
Julieanne O'Connor

Rick Riordan
“I'm not choosing one of your paths, I'm making my own.”
Rick Riordan, The House of Hades

Jennifer Niven
“I learned that there is good in this world, if you look hard enough for it. I learned that not everyone is disappointing, including me, and that a 1,257 foot bump in the ground can feel higher than a bell tower if you're standing next to the right person.”
Jennifer Niven, All the Bright Places

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