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Robert E.  Davis
“To competently perform rectifying security service, two critical incident response elements are necessary: information and organization.”
Robert E. Davis

Donald Gorman
“Where's the fun in playing with knives if you can't draw a little blood?”
Donald Gorman, Paradox

Toba Beta
“Being able to be repeated controllably
is one key element in risk management.”
Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity

Pearl Zhu
“Sense and deal with problems in their smallest state, before they grow bigger and become fatal.”
Pearl Zhu, Digitizing Boardroom: The Multifaceted Aspects of Digital Ready Boards

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and few minutes of cyber-incident to ruin it.”
Stephane Nappo

“Technology trust is a good thing, but control is a better one.”
Stephane Nappo

Daniel  Wagner
“Some risks that are thought to be unknown, are not unknown. With some foresight and critical thought, some risks that at first glance may seem unforeseen, can in fact be foreseen. Armed with the right set of tools, procedures, knowledge and insight, light can be shed on variables that lead to risk, allowing us to manage them.”
Daniel Wagner

“One of the main cyber-risks is to think they don’t exist. The other is to try to treat all potential risks.

Fix the basics, protect first what matters for your business and be ready to react properly to pertinent threats. Think data, but also business services integrity, awareness, customer experience, compliance, and reputation.”
Stephane Nappo

“You don't have to believe in coincidences because they happen every day. The trick is to be able to discern when something is more than coincidence.”
Glenn Jones, Introduction to Intelligence Analysis - work in progress

“If you think you know-it-all about cybersecurity, this discipline was probably ill-explained to you.”
Stephane Nappo

Tom DeMarco
“If you've been in the software business for any time at all, you
know that there are certain common problems that plague one
project after another. Missed schedules and creeping requirements
are not things that just happen to you once and then go
away, never to appear again. Rather, they are part of the territory.
We all know that. What's odd is that we don't plan our projects
as if we knew it. Instead, we plan as if our past problems are
locked in the past and will never rear their ugly heads again. Of
course, you know that isn't a reasonable expectation.”
Tom DeMarco, Waltzing with Bears: Managing Risk on Software Projects

Tom DeMarco
“Проговорите слова «провал», «неприятие» и «прекращение» (если вы пытаетесь проговорить их, а они у вас невыходят, вы уже заражены и нуждаетесь в профессиональной помощи).”
Tom DeMarco, Waltzing with Bears: Managing Risk on Software Projects

Pearl Zhu
“The risk management needs to lift up from risk control to risk intelligence which can identify the potential business growth opportunities.”
Pearl Zhu, Digital Boardroom: 100 Q&as

Robert E.  Davis
“After years of serving as an IT auditor and consultant, I have extrapolated that many of the largest organizational formations needed effective leadership in generating consumer confidence regarding information systems management.”
Robert E. Davis

Godspower Oparaugo
“Every moment in life is a blessing, even if it bring tears or laughter. As a child of God, you should always keep Ecclesiastes 3:1 to mind.”
Godspower Oparaugo, Wake Up

H.J. Chammas
“be smart, but don't outsmart the process and look for shortcuts”
H. J. Chammas

“Risk comes with the territory when you are breaking new ground. Learn how to evaluate and mitigate these risks rather than take away people’s power and autonomy.”
Leena Patel, Raise Your Innovation IQ: 21 Ways to Think Differently During Times of Change

“At a boardroom or at a 'nuke proof' datacenter, a Chief Information Security Officer 2.0 participates in creating and protecting the digital value. The role of a CISO evolves from a ´policeman of computers´ to a ´dietician of risk appetite´. For success in digital transformation, turn the comprehensive risk management and cybersecurity into key business differentiators.”
Stephane Nappo

Anas Hamshari
“Opportunities pass by frequently, but people don’t always see them. Taking risks grants you an invisible set of glasses that reveal the many opportunities which surround you.”
Anas Hamshari, Businessman With An Affliction

“The status-quo habits for 'grandfathered' vulnerabilities do not legitimize them.”
Stephane Nappo

“Rather than fearing or ignoring cyber attacks, do ensure your cyber resilience to them.”
Stephane Nappo

John King
“Risk management? With pleasure!”
John Alejandro King a.k.a. The Covert Comic

“Guts is about how long you can delay the cash out.”
Vineet Raj Kapoor

Anath Lee Wales
“every entrepreneur must master the art of risk management, the truth of why a few are successful stands here”
Anath Lee Wales, your life can be changed.: the true guide to become a change maker!

“it is not a calculated risk if you haven’t calculated it.”
Naved Abdali

“An investment made with prudence and caution and keeping all of the rules of self-discipline and risk management is a better investment. It’s better, even if it has ended with a loss.”
Naved Abdali

“The success of an investment is all about its execution and is not about its outcome.”
Naved Abdali

“An investment business has certain risks, and your job as an investor is not to eliminate all risks but to manage and minimize them.”
Naved Abdali

“Don’t be fearful of risks. Understand them, and manage and minimize them to an acceptable level.”
Naved Abdali

“To be a successful investor, you don't need to take excessive risks and be involved in all sorts of financial instruments. You need to understand your risk appetite and understand a few asset classes well. Stay within your boundaries, and your wealth will grow at a decent pace.”
Naved Abdali

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