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Pooja Agnihotri
“Once their trust grows stronger, reputation is built. And in the digital age, reputation is more expensive than anything.”
Pooja Agnihotri, 17 Reasons Why Businesses Fail :Unscrew Yourself From Business Failure

Germany Kent
“5 Ways To Build Your Brand on Social Media:

1 Post content that add value
2 Spread positivity
3 Create steady stream of info
4 Make an impact
5 Be yourself”
Germany Kent
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Olawale Daniel
“There is great potential for your business to grow exponentially if you take advantage of digital advertising. With an online presence, your products will be visible to a wider audience. You’ll be able to take your product to where your target customers are.”
Olawale Daniel

Motaher  Hossain
“Like the vibrant threads of a Digital Tapestry, Our strategies weave together the essence of Bangladesh's culture and the power of technology, creating a symphony of success in the realm of Digital Marketing.”
Motaher Hossain, Digital Marketing Strategies for Bangladeshi Market: Navigating the Digital Frontier in Bangladesh

Germany Kent
“This digital age requires leaders to adopt a global approach and be at the forefront of changes in the media landscape.”
Germany Kent

Germany Kent
“If you want to be influential, diversify your portfolio by elevating your content across digital platforms building your brand by focusing on innovation, fan engagement and audience development.”
Germany Kent

“As a Marketer (specifically a Digital Marketer) your job is not to prove the operational or fulfillment side of your company wrong by providing so much activity it proves fundamental flaws in the systems, but rather to ensure the activity you are creating is educated, nurtured and that the internal operational systems are in place to support the operational side of your organization so that it can quickly pivot and learn from the data your activity creates.

A marketer has to be able to market externally, but also systematically utilize that data to change strategies when and if needed internally. How and what to do with the activity's data is a responsibility that falls with production\fulfillment AND marketing\sales.

"I brought you 1,000 inbound leads it's not my fault we couldn't fulfill them" is no longer acceptable.”
Leland Dieno, Socialize Your Small Business: Internet Marketing For Small Business

“Let's talk about digital marketing services with Digital Jubilee, a blog that helps you to grow your online presence and live your dream life.”
Digital Jubilee

Germany Kent
“With each new article that you post online, you are creating more credibility and SEO for your brand.”
Germany Kent

Simba Mudonzvo
“For lack of digital marketing knowledge, many good businesses perish!”
Simba Mudonzvo, Simba's Content Matrix

Simba Mudonzvo
“If a company isn't online, it's as though it doesn't exist.”
Simba Mudonzvo, Simba's Content Matrix

Simba Mudonzvo
“When it comes to what digital marketing can do for a company, most marketers choose to remain blissfully ignorant. Like the blue pill in The Matrix, these marketers are content to stay within the confines of their comfort zone and ignore the potential of what they don't know.”
Simba Mudonzvo, Simba's Content Matrix

Simba Mudonzvo
“The choice between the blue pill marketing and the red pill marketing is ultimately a choice between complacency and growth. Staying within your comfort zone may feel safe, but it also means missing out on opportunities for progress and advancement. Embracing change and learning new skills, on the other hand, can be daunting, but it is also essential for success in today’s digital world.”
Simba Mudonzvo, Simba's Content Matrix

Simba Mudonzvo
“The choice between Blue Pill marketing and Red Pill marketing is ultimately a choice between complacency and growth.”
Simba Mudonzvo, Simba's Content Matrix

“Strengthen your business presence with digital marketing to receive optimum brand reach.”
Algo Sea Biz

“Protovo Solutions is simplifying your digital needs with unlimited skills. We deal in technology solutions, web services, mobile apps, business management, sales, digital marketing & virtual resource outsourcing.”

“Consistency is the key to any successful campaign, and Search Engine Optimization is one of them.”
Shiv Gupta, Incrementors.com

Dax Bamania
“Consistency is the key to get success in content marketing.”
Dax Bamania

Pooja Agnihotri
“The actual cost of an ad is more than the money we pay for running that ad. There are a lot of hidden costs involved, and only by being aware of those we can make a better decision.”
Pooja Agnihotri, The Art of Running a Successful Wedding Services Business: The Missing Puzzle Piece You’re Looking For

Pooja Agnihotri
“The cost of an irrelevant ad is not just equal to the money you spent in running that ad. It also includes the damage it has done by making people irritated with the wrong targeting and now how much extra you will be required to spend on your next ad to fix that damage.”
Pooja Agnihotri, The Art of Running a Successful Wedding Services Business: The Missing Puzzle Piece You’re Looking For

Pooja Agnihotri
“When you deal with robots, you can act robotic. But until you are dealing with humans, try to be a human. Not to mention, this is also one of the ranking factors in the Google algorithm.”
Pooja Agnihotri, The Art of Running a Successful Wedding Services Business: The Missing Puzzle Piece You’re Looking For

Abhijeet Sarkar, story of every jobless people

“You are only as powerful and influential as the quality of the relevant content you create consistently at scale.”
Gabriel Ladokun

“EKSKLUSIF!! 0821-3570-6755, Konsultan Digital Marketing Kediri, Maulina Golden Hand

EKSKLUSIF!! 0821-3570-6755, Konsultan Digital Marketing Kediri, Maulina Golden Hand.”
Golden Hand

“To succeed with omnichannel, companies needs to focus on creating cohesive experiences… that means breaking down functional silos and certainly data silos!”
Sally El-Akkad

“Be fair; No cultural/ technological transformation happens overnight, it should be accepted that a company digital future can crawl at first, then walk a little bit until it builds its marathon competence to run & with some luck disrupt!”
Sally El-Akkad

“I love numbers. I love ideas. But most importantly, I love connecting ideas with numbers.”
Navnish Bhardwaj, The Organic Growth Blueprint: A Comprehensive Guide to Building a Sustainable Online Brand Without Spending a Fortune

“How long does it take to Learn Freelancing?

How long it takes to learn freelancing depends on what you're learning, how you start freelancing, and how hard you try to learn it.

Learning something requires more willpower and concentration than any effort.

The sooner you continue to learn to work with focus, the sooner you will succeed. And the slower you go, the longer it will take you to learn the task.

So if you want to build a career online as a professional freelancer then you must spend extra time on it.

Freelancing for Beginners:
If you are new to the freelancing sector, there are a few things you need to know. For example: What is data entry? What is outsourcing? Web design key etc.

Having a basic understanding of these things will make it much easier for you to learn freelancing. Although freelancing has complex tasks as well as some simple ones. But it is very few and low incomes.

There are many new freelancers who want to earn freelancing with mobile. Their statement is, "I don't need so much money, only 4-5 thousand taka will do".

In their case, I would say that you learn data entry work. You can earn that amount of money in this work.

But if you choose freelancing just to do this job then I would say you are doing it wrong. Because this data entry work is very long, you need to work for 7-8 hours.

And if you dream of only 4-5 thousand rupees by working 7-8 hours, then my suggestion for you is that you should not do this work but get tutoring.

At least it will be best for you. Freelancing requires you to have big dreams and the passion to make them come true.

Misconceptions about Freelancing:
There is no substitute for a good quality computer or a good quality laptop to learn and master freelancing professionally. This way you can practice and learn very quickly without any hassle. Many people think that by looking at the monitor and pressing the keyboard, they become freelancing and can earn lakhs of rupees a month.

In fact, those who think so cannot be entirely blamed. Many of us get lured by such mouthwatering advertisements as "opportunity to earn lakhs per month with just one month course" and waste both our precious time and money by joining bad unprofessional coaching centers. Why is it not possible to learn freelancing in just one month even in one year?

It is clear proof that glittering does not make gold. There are thousands of jobs in freelancing, each job is different, and each job takes a different amount of time to learn. So it is very difficult to comment on how long it takes to learn freelancing.

Be aware in choosing the right Freelancing Training Center:
But whatever you do, don't go for an online course of Rs 400-600-1200. Because it will also lose the willpower you have to learn to freelance.

If you have to do this type of bad course today, then do a government freelancing course or you can take practical training from an organization called "Bhairab ​​IT Zone" for a nominal fee.

Here hands-on training is provided by professional freelancers using tools in free, premium, and upgraded versions.

Although there are many ways or mediums to learn freelancing or outsourcing. E.g. Outsourcing Learning Books, Youtube Video Tutorials, Seminars etc.

Either way, some learn to swim in a day and some in a week. To become a good swimmer one must continue swimming for a long time.

Not everyone has the same brain capacity or stamina. Humans are naturally different from one another. The same goes for freelancing. You might learn the ins and outs of freelancing within 6-7 months, it might take another 1-2 years. No matter how long it takes to learn, you need to work twice as long to become proficient at it. But with hard work, willpower, and determination you can make any impossible possible.

Please visit Our Blogging Website to Read More Articles related to Freelancing and Outsourcing.”
Bhairab IT Zone

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