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Michael Ben Zehabe
“Your partner may have injuries that you can't repair. Your partner may be trapped in a dark room without windows. Your life narrative might bring him more relief than an opiate. Some people make better windows than windows. Your kind words and enlightened perspective is a window of wonders to someone living in pain.
pg 43”
Michael Ben Zehabe, Song of Songs The Book for Daughters

Matshona Dhliwayo
“Marriage is a full-time job; wooing is your application, courtship your interview, engagement your job offer, and honeymoon, your orientation.”
Matshona Dhliwayo

Molly Antopol
“... having been with Boaz for so long that she could predict every one of his moves, their sex life was more like a race to see who came first.”
Molly Antopol, The UnAmericans: Stories

“Relationship math suggests that It is rare for two people to enter marriage and one person is to blame for everything that goes wrong”
Johnnie Dent Jr.

“For all the largesse of my mind’s colony where a vividly enflamed man would take off each of the precious stones and melt away the cast, his success ultimately lay in being nice to me, being nice to himself irrespective of the behavior of each; of being proud of me and of himself irrespective of worldly success; holding me in regard with an almost primitive sense of courage, irrespective of the purity of my body or spirit.”
Noorilhuda, The Governess

“I hope you smile, laugh, and maybe even learn something that will help you along the way to happily-ever-after.”
T.N. Carpenter, Along the Way to Happily-Ever-After . . .: A Humorous Guide to Weathering the Newlywed Years and Creating a Happy and Lasting Marriage

Salman Rushdie
“Trouble in a marriage,” he later wrote, “is like monsoon water accumulating on a flat roof. You don’t realize it’s up there, but it gets heavier and heavier, until one day, with a great crash, the whole roof falls in on your head.”
Salman Rushdie, Joseph Anton: A Memoir

Salman Rushdie
“His mother had survived decades of marriage to his angry, disappointed, alcoholic father by developing what she called a “forgettery” instead of a memory. She woke up every day and forgot the day before.”
Salman Rushdie, Joseph Anton: A Memoir

Lauren Oliver
“[S]he'd realized that he had loved her only because she belonged to him.”
Lauren Oliver, Rooms

“Marriage is a great blessing, but it can be a great lesson”
Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

“Love always doesn't come across as bad, but it always has two sides.”
Auliq Ice

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