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Pablo Neruda
“Green was the silence, wet was the light,
the month of June trembled like a butterfly.”
Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets

Sanober  Khan
“tell me
of something fiercer
than the love with which
i gaze upon you

of something softer
than the tenderness
with which i hold you.”
Sanober Khan

Pablo Neruda
“I have hunger for your mouth, for your voice, for your hair”
Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets

John Donne
“I did best when I had least truth for my subjects.”
John Donne, The Complete Poetry and Selected Prose

Juansen Dizon
“Home for me is not where I am. Home for me is a physical structure where the girl whom I love is sheltered and protected from the incoming storms of life. Home for me is not where I am safe, but where she is safe. Home for me is not where she exists, but where she lives. She is my home.”
Juansen Dizon, Confessions of a Wallflower

“Love starts as a feeling,
But to continue is a choice;
And I find myself choosing you
More and more every day.”
Justin Wetch, Bending The Universe

Kamand Kojouri
“I do not write about love
as if I have invented it.
I write about love
because thoughts of you
inspire self-forgetfulness.
And because writing about you
gives birth to a star.
These stars sit inside me
where there was once
Kamand Kojouri

“soles occidere et redire possunt:
nobis cum semel occidit breuis lux,
nox est perpetua una dormienda. ”
Catullus, Carmina

“Without the wetness of your love, the fragrance of your water, or the trickling sounds of your voice ― I shall always feel thirsty.”
Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

“Sometimes it feels like even if
Every inch of my skin was touching yours
I still wouldn’t be close enough to you.”
Justin Wetch, Bending The Universe

W.B. Yeats
The Scholars
"Bald heads forgetful of their sins,
Old, learned, respectable bald heads
Edit and annotate the lines
That young men, tossing on their beds,
Rhymed out in love’s despair
To flatter beauty’s ignorant ear.

They’ll cough in the ink to the world’s end;
Wear out the carpet with their shoes
Earning respect; have no strange friend;
If they have sinned nobody knows.
Lord, what would they say
Should their Catullus walk that way?”
W.B. Yeats, The Wild Swans At Coole

Ali Nuri
“I'm afraid of waking up
to a world where you see
and I am not what you saw”
Ali Nuri, Rain and Embers

Tatjana Ostojic
“I’m wrapped in you.
Melting in your silhouette
and becoming one,
a strange contour of love,
flowing with the wind.”
Tatjana Ostojic

“Like two stars in the depths of the sky
This gravity is just irresistible
We spin around each other, you and I
When I fell for you, I fell into your orbit.”
Justin Wetch, Bending The Universe

Tatjana Ostojic
“You might ask why I loved you.
For the same reason a child loves balloons;
unaware of how hollow they are,
thinking they would last forever.”
Tatjana Ostojic, Cacophony of My Soul: When Love Becomes Poetry

Tatjana Ostojic
“Something in you
cannot bear something in me.
The storm we're in,
so far from stillness.
Maybe, one day, I'll understand you better,
in a tiny space
between two thoughts.”
Tatjana Ostojic, Cacophony of My Soul: When Love Becomes Poetry

John Mark Green
“Such aching mystery hides,
in your stardust-glimmer eyes.”
John Mark Green, Taste the Wild Wonder: Poems

Tatjana Ostojic
“You blossom in me,
I spread my wings through you.
It is your merit to be earned
for whatever I become.”
Tatjana Ostojic, Baghdad Nights

Laura Jaworski
“Darlin', you're nothing but Love in disguise, when you smile you can't hide it, it shines from your eyes.”
Laura Jaworski

Kamand Kojouri
“Why Do I Write?
Isn’t it obvious?
I write because these words
form a bridge
that take me to you.
Go to my desk
and ask my pen.
Swift through the once naked pages
and ask the ink:
Why does she write?
They’ll reaffirm these words:
She is proud of you.
She is proud of knowing you,
of loving you.
Yes, proud. I am proud
to have chosen you to love.
To me, it isn’t even a question—
one must always yield to love.
Yes, love. We must love
if only because we are alive.
But who to love—that is the question.
I write because
you are my answer.”
Kamand Kojouri

Trista Mateer
“I still wake up with things to tell you.”
Trista Mateer, Honeybee

“She is the sensitivity of the dew drops. She is the innocence of the blooming Lily. She is the calm of the sylvan lake. She is the beautiful light of the candle flame. She is the wildness of the Kadupul flower. She is the magic of the full moon night!”
Avijeet Das

Charity Whan
“As a woman,
We tend to love like a wild orchid tamed,
Kept safe and sheltered in our own home,
As the weather changes in the fall from warm to wicked.”
Charity Whan, In Search of The Music Man

John     Casey
“Hoping, dreaming on I stray to her smile, a world away. Love unfulfilled, I rise and a world away, she cries.”
John Casey, Raw Thoughts

John     Casey
“Am I inconsequential to it all, a random, forgettable moment in your delicate, pastel existence?”
John Casey, Raw Thoughts

John     Casey
“Maybe you are amazing and beautiful. I just can't see it anymore.”
John Casey, Raw Thoughts

Kamand Kojouri
“Why Do I Write?⁣⁣
Isn’t it obvious?⁣⁣
I write because these words⁣⁣
form a bridge⁣⁣
that take me to you.⁣⁣
Go to my desk⁣⁣
and ask my pen.⁣⁣
Swift through the once naked pages⁣⁣
and ask the ink:⁣⁣

Kamand Kojouri

Charity Whan
“Staring into his eyes on a sunny day,
It's like swimming in pools of dark honey.
And I can't help but think,
It's so incredibly easy to love him,
I could drown if I'm not careful.”
Charity Whan, In Search of The Music Man

stephanie   roberts
“If I took hold of your lower jaw with my smallest fingers resting near your lobes and my thumbs lightly against the start of your ah would I find where you seem to begin?”
stephanie roberts, rushes from the river disappointment

Yarro Rai
“There must be a connection with these skies
that I can't utter
Oh! dying sky
let my love be this melancholy
and my lover be this aloof!”
Yarro Rai

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