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Rick Riordan
“Blackjack," Percy said, "this is Piper and Jason. They're friends."
The horse nickered.
"Uh, maybe later," Percy answered.
Piper had heard that Percy could speak to horses, being the son of the horse lord Poseidon, but she'd never seen it in action.
"What does Blackjack want?" she asked.
"Donuts," Percy said. "Always donuts.”
Rick Riordan, The Mark of Athena

John Green
“Adult librarians are like lazy bakers: their patrons want a jelly doughnut, so they give them a jelly doughnut. Children’s librarians are ambitious bakers: 'You like the jelly doughnut? I’ll get you a jelly doughnut. But you should try my cruller, too. My cruller is gonna blow your mind, kid.”
John Green

Lauren Oliver
“God bless Dunkin' Donuts.”
Lauren Oliver, Before I Fall

Crystal Woods
“I'll share my life with you. But, not my doughnuts.”
Crystal Woods, Write like no one is reading 2

Peter Clines
“We're looking for quantum donuts," said Mike.”
Peter Clines, The Fold

Lisa Graff
“Some people aren't good at anything. Some people just really like donuts.”
Lisa Graff, Absolutely Almost

Travis McElroy
“Have you guys ever thought about the fact that socks are like the donut holes of underpants?”
Travis McElroy

Larry Kramer
“When in doubt, eat donuts.”
Larry Kramer, Faggots
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Shannon Wiersbitzky
“Fresh popcorn is near impossible to resist, second only to fresh doughnuts.”
Shannon Wiersbitzky, What Flowers Remember

“Donuts are a very important meal to me because,
they give me all the nutrition I need for life, like,
if I keep eating all of these, I’m gonna be so hype about life that I’ll jut be... Happy. Healthy happy.
That’s the best kind of healthy there is.
Chachi Gonzales
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Stacey Ballis
“I want coffee to taste of coffee. Maybe a little cream and sugar. I do not want coffee that tastes of potpourri or fruit or nuts or like licking the bottom of my spice drawer. And while I should not be eating donuts to begin with, I REALLY don't want to waste precious donut-related calories on Dunkin'. I'll head to the Doughnut Vault for a pistachio or coconut old fashioned, or maybe grab a Chocolate Bacon from Fritz Bakery for a real treat.”
Stacey Ballis, Out to Lunch

A.M. Homes
“Anhil's coffee was hot, dark, full-flavored, perfect chasing the equally well-turned donut: golden brown, dense without being leaden, not too sweet.”
A.M. Homes, This Book Will Save Your Life

“Donuts make me want to become a police officer first, and a baker second.”
Anthony T.Hincks

Scott Wannberg
“I don't understand the holes in donuts anymore. They serve no useful purpose when you're late for the bus.”
Scott Wannberg

“Not all donuts have a hole and not all holes have donuts around them, so every mistake is relative and every perfection is subjective.”
Corina Abdulahm Negura

“Not all donuts have a hole and not all holes have donuts around them, so every mistake is relative and every perfection is subjective.”
Corina Abdulahm-Negura