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“One of the most frustrating words in the human language, as far as I could tell, was love.
So much meaning attached to this one little word. People bandied it about freely, using it to
describe their attachments to possessions, pets, vacation destinations, and favorite foods. In the
same breath they then applied this word to the person they considered most important in their
lives. Wasn’t that insulting? Shouldn’t there be some other term to describe deeper emotion?”
Alexandra Adornetto, Halo

“To make one person the center of your world is bound to end in disaster. There are too many factors outside your control.”
Alexandra Adornetto, Halo

“Find x if (x)=2sin3x,over the domain -2piX=Beth

'Stop goofing around!',I said.
'I'm not! I'm stating the truth.You're my solution to everything',Xavier replied. 'The end result is always you.X always equals Beth.”
Alexandra Adornetto, Halo
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“Some people really need to be taught some manners," he said disdainfully. I stared up at him.

"Would you really have gotten in a fight for me?"

"Of course." He didn't hesitate.

"But there were four of them."

"Beth, I'd take on Megatron's army to protect you."

Alexandra Adornetto, Halo

“The angel came, the angel saw, the angel fell.”
Alexandra Adornetto, Halo

“Its okay, Beth.I don't want my life to go back to the way it was before i met you.I thought i had it all,but really i was missing something. feel like a completely different person now.This might sound corny,but i feel like i've been asleep for a long time and you've just woken me up...”
Alexandra Adornetto, Halo

Eric S. Nylund
“4 of us, and 2000 of them. Piss-poor odds. For them.”
Eric Nylund, The Fall Of Reach

“When angels' tears do flood the earth, the gates of hell shall see rebirth. Wheh the demise of angels doth impend , the human boy shall meet his end' Halo -Alexandra Adornetto”
Alexandra Adornetto

Diane Duane
“But the trouble with sainthood these days is the robe-and-halo imagery that gets stuck onto it." Carl got that brooding look again. "People forget that robes were street clothes once... and still are, in a lot of places. And halos are to that fierce air of innocence what speech balloons in comics are to the sound of the voice itself. Shorthand. But most people just see an old symbol and don't bother looking behind it for the meaning. Sainthood starts to look old-fashioned, unattainable... even repellent. Actually, you can see it all around, once you learn to spot it.”
Diane Duane, A Wizard Alone

Dean Koontz
“I was looking forward to having a halo. It would make such a convenient reading lamp.”
Dean Koontz, Forever Odd

“The water was lapping around my waist by the time Ivy and Gabriel found me. I was shivering, but I hardly noticed. I didn't move or speak, not even when Gabriel lifted me out of the water and carried me back to our house. Ivy helped me into the shower, and came to help me out half an hour later when I'd forgotten where I was and just stood under the pounding water. Gabriel bought me some dinner, but I couldn't eat it. I sat on my bed, staring into space and doing nothing but thinking of Xavier and trying not to think of him at the same time. The separation made me realize just how safe I felt with him. I craved his touch, his smell, even the awareness that he was nearby. But now he felt miles away, and I couldn't reach him, and that knowledge made me feel ready to crumble, to cease to exist.”
Alexandra Adornetto

Jules Renard
“L' amour est comme un sablier, avec le coeur remplir le vide du cerveau”
Jules Renard
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“You know, you can always pick the lit students," he continued, grinning. "Is that so? How?" "They're the ones who walk around wearing berets and that I-know-something-you-don't expression.”
Alexandra Adornetto, Halo

Karen Traviss
“You think she's got a personality disorder?"
"No, she's just a nasty bitch. An unpleasant personality isn't a medical condition. Just a symptom of not being slapped around the head enough.”
Karen Traviss, Halo: The Thursday War

Karen Traviss
“Humans would never tell the simple truth when a lie was available....”
Karen Traviss, Halo: Glasslands

Karen Traviss
“I refuse to believe that gods want to make mortals unhappy and torment them. That's what humans do. And humans are very definitely not divine.”
Karen Traviss, Halo: The Thursday War

“Nothing shines up a halo faster than death Matthew. But funerals are for the living... and revising history... only dilutes the lessons we should learn from it.”
Father Lantom, Daredevil

Dean F. Wilson
“Jacob and Whistler bumped into Taberah as she charged down the corridor, her hair a fiery halo, as if the hordes of Hell were behind her.”
Dean F. Wilson, Lifemaker

“Halo is like life and death. Go for life and win. You go for death you wouldn't bbe reading this.”
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Filipe Russo
“Eu nem pratico monogamia mas você me polarizou, agora os meus olhos só enxergam o teu halo de luz.”
Filipe Russo, Caro Jovem Adulto

Thomm Quackenbush
“Roselyn adored the scent of sex, the wafting aroma of angel fontanels before they earn their halos.”
Thomm Quackenbush, We Shadows
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“Sense of urgency is the impetus to winning while false sense of urgency is the pebble in the shoe.”
Dr V V Rao

Tracey Bond
“My most favorite personality wardrobe item is an authentic, everyday halo. It fits me in a supernatural and ethereal and way, to ensure I'm best-dressed for any occasion...any time of the day.”
Tracey Bond

Karen Traviss
“Bury me the ONI way. Fill me up with explosives and use me as a booby trap.”
Karen Traviss, Halo: Mortal Dictata (Kilo-Five Series

Bodhi Smith
“i look up in
hope, dreaming to be
brightened up, and
begotten out of
this hazy funk, and
suddenly, i
my light glowing
high above me, she
warming certainty
wearing her
angelic halo, as
my spirits rise up to
kiss her, i smile
Bodhi Smith, Bodhi Smith Impressionist Photography

“The nature of war always reveals the true nature of those who fight.”
Cortana Halo Legends

“Die? Didn't you know? Spartans never die.”
Kurt M. Trevelyan
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Soroosh Shahrivar
“Luck is the devil with a halo”
Soroosh Shahrivar, The Rise of Shams

Ljupka Cvetanova
“No Saint has ever thrown away his halo!”
Ljupka Cvetanova, The New Land

Troy Denning
“We can handle it.”
Troy Denning