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Nicholas Sparks
“The problem isn't finding out where you are gonna go-its figuring out what you are gonna do once you get there that is! (Jamie Sullivan)”
Nicholas Sparks, A Walk to Remember

E.L. James
“I would have told you earlier, but as it was your birthday . . . What do you give the man who has everything? I thought I’d give you . . . me.”
He puts the keychain down on the bedside table and snuggles in beside me, pulling me into his arms against his chest so that we’re spooning.
“It’s perfect. Like you.”
E.L. James, Fifty Shades Darker

Gena Showalter
“Once I learned, I went online and ordered every romance novel I could find. They're fairy tales for grown-ups.”
Gena Showalter, The Darkest Night

Amit Kalantri
“I think of you only twice a day - when I am alone and when I am with someone else.”
Amit Kalantri, I Love You Too

Ayn Rand
“I often think that he's the only one of us who's achieved immortality. I don't mean in the sense of fame and I don't mean he won't die someday. But he's living it. I think he is what the conception really means. You know how people long to be eternal. But they die with everyday that passes. . . They change, they deny, they contradict- and they call it growth. At the end there is nothing left, nothing unreveresed or unbetrayed; as if there had never been an entity, only a succession of adjectives fading in and out of an unformed mass. How do they expect a permanence which they never held for a single moment? But Howard- one can imagine him living forever.”
Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

Winna Efendi
“Kita tidak akan pernah benar-benar berhenti mencintai seseorang. Kita hanya belajar untuk hidup tanpa mereka.”
Winna Efendi, Unforgettable

Cora Carmack
“we should live like we smoke— inhale the present and exhale the past.”
Cora Carmack, Faking It

Julie Garwood
“I am ever a gentle maiden," she shouted. "Damn if I'm not.”
Julie Garwood, Honor's Splendour

Patton Oswalt
“I had a romance novel inside me, but I paid three sailors to beat it out of me with steel pipes.”
Patton Oswalt

Darynda Jones
“His gaze slid over me like a veil of fire. He could ignite my deepest desires with a single glance. I decided right then and there no more reading romance novels by candelight.”
Darynda Jones, Second Grave on the Left

Colleen Hoover
“I don't want you to change, Bridgette. I'm not in love with who you could be, or who you used to be, or who the world says you should be. I'm in love with you. Right now. Just like this.”
Colleen Hoover, Maybe Not

Nicholas Sparks
“The next time you're mad at me, talk to me,' he said. 'Don't shut me out. I don't like playing games. And by the way, I had a great time, too.”
Nicholas Sparks, The Last Song

Christian Simamora
“Terkadang,yang tak bisa kamu lupakan
adalah seseorang yang tak pernah bisa kamu miliki.”
Christian Simamora, All You Can Eat

Stephenie Meyer
“When I told you I didn't want you it was the blackest kind of blasphemy”
Stephenie Meyer, New Moon

Nely Cab
“Careful," he smiled, "I'm lethal.”
Nely Cab, Creatura

Tessa Dare
“No man deserves a woman like that. He mortgages his very soul to win her and spends his life paying off the debt.”
Tessa Dare, Romancing the Duke

Ayn Rand
“Why have you been staring at me ever since we met? Because I’m not the Gail Wynand you’d heard about. You see, I love you. And love is exception-making. If you were in love you’d want to be broken, trampled, ordered, dominated, because that’s the impossible, in the inconceivable for you in your relations with people. That would be the one gift, the great exception you’d want to offer the man you loved. But it wouldn’t be easy for you.”
Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

Christian Simamora
“Selingkuh: meninggalkan yang tak sempurna
untuk yang lebih tak sempurna.”
Christian Simamora, All You Can Eat

Jill Shalvis
“She was carrying two coffees and a donut bag,
and right then and there, he fell in love."
-Animal Magnetism”
Jill Shalvis

Rachel Hawthorne
“It was scary to think of happily ever after. It was scary to think about trusting someone enough to give him your heart now, hoping he wouldn't break it later.”
Rachel Hawthorne (Snowed In)

Amit Kalantri
“I have a question for you. "If your shadow is the second most beautiful thing in the world, which is the first?".”
Amit Kalantri, I Love You Too

Christian Simamora
“Aku nggak membencimu. Aku hanya benci karena ternyata begitu sulit melupakanmu.”
Christian Simamora, All You Can Eat

Jennifer Crusie
“He looked like every glossy frat boy in every nerd movie ever made, like every popular town boy who’d ever looked right through her in high school, like every rotten rich kid who’d ever belonged where she hadn’t.

My mama warned me about guys like you.

He turned to her as if he’d heard her and took off his sunglasses, and she went down the steps to meet him, wiping her sweaty palms on her dust-smeared khaki shorts. “Hi, I’m Sophie Dempsey,” she said, flashing the Dempsey gotta-love-me grin as she held out her hot, grimy hand, and after a moment he took it.

His hand was clean and cool and dry, and her heart pounded harder as she looked into his remote, gray eyes.

“Hello, Sophie Dempsey,” her worst nightmare said. “Welcome to Temptation.”
Jennifer Crusie, Welcome to Temptation

“This isn't your world. It's your parents. Your world is still out there, waiting to be discovered. Always remember that.”
Carroll Bryant, Last Flight Out

Brigid Kemmerer
“Don't yield to her," I whisper. "Don't even yield to the memory of her."
He draws back a little, just enough so I can meet his eyes.
"Don't yield to me either," I say, and have to swallow past the sudden emotion in my throat. "Yield to yourself. Yield to forgiveness. Yield to happiness. Yield to this moment. It's not hers. It's yours. It's mine. It's ours.”
Brigid Kemmerer, A Vow So Bold and Deadly

Lauren Hammond
“As our kissing progresses, I don’t care that our tryst seems raunchy and wrong. I don’t care that I’m at school, in the boy’s bathroom. I don’t care that to most people this would seem cheap, dirty, and despicable. The only thing I can think about while he kisses me deeper, harder, faster, is that Henry Garner is the plague and the only thing I want him to do is infect me.”
Lauren Hammond, He Loves Me...He Loves You Not...

Lisa Mantchev
“The collar had restrained his winds but not killed them. They uncoiled from behind the shadows, ready to surround her, to lift her up, to carry her away with only Ariel’s silk-clad arms wrapped about her to keep her from falling.

Spirare, they whispered to her like an incantation. Breathe us in.

Bertie didn’t mean to, but she inhaled, and everything inside her was a spring morning, a rose opening its petals to the sun, the light coming through the wavering glass of an old, diamond-paned window.

Tendrils of wind reached for Bertie with a coaxing hand. Release him, and he will love you.
Lisa Mantchev, Eyes Like Stars

Estelle Maskame
“me estoy muriendo por besarte.”
Estelle Maskame, Did I Mention I Need You?

شريف عبدالهادي
“أجمل ما في الحب بداياته التي تسبق الاعتراف به بشكلٍ صريحٍ.. وأسوأ ما فيه أن تكون له نهاية حتَّى وإن كانت سعيدة.. فالسّعادة يضيعها الملل والاعتياد، وإن حافظ عليها المحبون تبقى كسلعةٍ مُجمدةٍ، فقدت حيويتها وفائدتها، فليت كل العشاق يحبون من البداية إلى البداية
شريف عبدالهادي, ملكوت

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