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Lewis Carroll
“You’re mad, bonkers, completely off your head. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.”
Lewis Carroll

Barbara Cooney
“I believe that children in this country need a more robust literary diet than they are getting. …It does not hurt them to read about good and evil, love and hate, life and death. Nor do I think they should read only about things that they understand. '…a man’s reach should exceed his grasp.' So should a child’s. For myself, I will never talk down to, or draw down to, children.

(from the author's acceptance speech for the Caldecott award)”
Barbara Cooney, Chanticleer and the Fox

“Always just a brainstorm away from our next disaster...”
Birgit Pratcher, June Bear Adventures: The Missing Pies

R.L. LaFevers
“I blew that clay pigeon to smithereens. I don't know why Mum got so upset. According to Uncle Andrew she's a crack shot herself. But she says I'm too young. What I'd like to know is how old does a person have to be before they get to do all the fun stuff?”
R. L. LaFevers, Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos

Tim Perkins
“This is for everyone who has ever looked at the stars, or gazed from atop a hill, or across the sea and wondered...”
Tim Perkins, Worlds End: The Riders On The Storm

Virginia Wright
“Life is but a flash of time, a momentous flicker-- in the life that we know and space we live in on earth.© VW”
Virginia Wright, Buzzzzzzzz...: What Honeybees Do

Chayada Welljaipet
“Oh no, princess. I would never carry out anything which could harm your being. This was just something I was told to say. I'm not sure what is planned, if, you go against their wishes. But, I'm sure you're smart and won't test them.”
Chayada Welljaipet, The Adventures of Luciana

“The Paperbats book. Successful publication release with 30 books downloaded in first day and a half.
"This delightful childrens' book has just been published on smashwords, where it can be read for free! I invite you to enjoy a lovely story with yany young children.”
Jerry Evans

Sheri   Fink
“Just like the Little Dragon, you can choose to feel your feelings and to make positive changes. Everyone has emotions and we can learn to express them in a healthy way. Sharing things that bring you joy and behaving respectfully toward others can help build friendships. Life is more fun when shared with friends.”
Sheri Fink, The Little Dragon

Shaylene King
“Telling the truth isn't always easy to do but it will always be the right thing to do”
Shaylene King, Liberty Lane and the One-Girl Rebelution

“Sierra was a little girl who loved ponies more than anything in the world. She dreamed that one day she would have a pony of her very own.”
Cherise Arthur, Sierra and Star

Leila Sales
“When something seems like an unbelievable coincidence, then consider that it might not be a coincidence”
Leila Sales, Once Was a Time

F. Jordan Erebia
“Pepito The Squirrel, was crawling towards him,
Determined to catch up, while dragging his hind limb,

The man loved all animals, especially the cute,
But nothing prepared him, it was now on his boot!”
F. Jordan Erebia, The Amazing True Stories of Pepito The Squirrel

Anna Florentina Junker
“That inner space where you keep your wishes and dreams is a special place. Your thoughts, no matter how big or small will always be right where you are.”
Anna Florentina Junker, Shall We Go Adventure?

“Sometimes, looking into the distance, one may fail to notice things under one's feet and stumble.”
Marie D., A Dog Called Buddy: The World through the Eyes of Buddy

Suzy  Davies
“Caring for dogs teaches kids observation skills, empathy and a sense of responsibility. Taking part in sport helps children cultivate physical strength, mental and physical resilience, self-esteem, delayed gratification, patience, courage, independence, leadership skills, good judgement and decision making, collaboration skills and a passion for teamwork. I have long held the belief that sport is worthwhile, and something that is often underestimated in the individual and team values it fosters. Who ever said that sporty types - girls included - do not like a fairy tale? Sport can be the beginning of a journey where children discover that they - and their team - whether dogs or humans, can create and fulfil their passions and their dreams”
Suzy Davies

Pamela Sampson
“Several years ago, I was invited to deliver a lecture on art and literature to the Tinworth Historical Society. While searching in the attic for a treatise of mine written during my student days at the Sorbonne, I came upon a large, dust-and-cobweb-covered trunk bearing the initials W.W. which I had never before noticed. Inside were stacks of paper tied in neat bundles and a large quantity of fascinating memorabilia - faded flowers, old invitations, scraps of satin, velvet and lace, postage stamps, jewelry, postcards from foreign capitals. The variety was endless. As I examined several bundles of paper more carefully, I realized I was holding a collection of drawings by Amelia Woodmouse, a promising young artist and a member of the family who had lived in the house at the turn of the century. From the delightful portraits and paintings depicting the life around her, and the accumulation of personal mementos, it was obvious that the artist had begun her collection in order to compile a family album, which for some reason, sadly, she never completed.”
Pamela Sampson

C.S. Lewis
“Una storia per bambini che piace solo ai bambini non è un granché.”
C.S. Lewis, Of Other Worlds: Essays and Stories

Kairi Look
“Oli nii külm, et isegi lumekakud läksid puuõõnde sooja. Maja taga lõdises kuuskümmend lumememme ja ootas sula, et ujuda lõunasse. Õue minnes jäätusid silmamunad. Jääkarud saatsid kaastundeavalduse ja konserve.”
Kairi Look, Piia Präänik ja bandiidid

“Crouching sadly beneath the bush, all of Forethought’s excitement began to drain away. He was in the act of turning around when he heard a little buzzing voice say, 'Don’t stop now! Just keep going. You’re almost their rabbit!”
Bobby B-Bobby, Just Keep Going Rabbit

“Why are you so sad Fluffytail?” asked Mr. Alligator.
Fluffytail was very surprised since no one else had ever asked him this question. “I’m new in town and searching for friends, but no one wants to be my friend. This makes me afraid to start a new school,” Fluffytail said. “I think it’s my fluffy tail.”
“Don’t worry little one. I am also different from all the other alligators in this pond. I was born with only half of a tail and I have many good friends.”
Marvin Bowen, Adventures of the Fluffytail Mouse

Ian Slatter
“He looked like he probably disliked garlic and sunlight a lot, and his idea of a tasty snack was something he sucked out of someone’s neck in the middle of the night.”
Ian Slatter, Eco Worrier

Channing Tatum
“When I’m nervous about how things will be …
I close my eyes and put my hand on my heart …
And I know that everything I could need is already there inside of me.” - The One and Only Sparkella”
Channing Tatum, The One and Only Sparkella

Lucy M. Boston
“He ran out into the garden, now brilliant with sudden sun, and for just a few minutes before the drops vanished they hung like diamonds on every twig. Then, as the sun drew up the moisture, the air was scented, so that Tolly could hardly bear to let his breath out. It seemed a waste. He was looking for scented flowers, but the strongest and most exciting smell of all was the earth itself. Really, what a thing to live on!”
Lucy M. Boston, The Chimneys of Green Knowe

“Quality Mom Time, Grandmas Recipe, and a Memory to Last is the title of the first book from the curiously curated creations childrens book series.”
Kristina Lucia

Elisa Pierandrei
“Ancora oggi il colore della pelle è un fattore di discriminazione per molti cittadini nel mondo. Le categorie etniche stabilite sulla base della melanina ci intrappolano in mondi che non riflettono la complessità della realtà in cui viviamo. Nel tentativo di decostruire questa narrazione, la pluripremiata fotografa Angélica Dass (n. 1979) ha realizzato Humanae, un progetto fotografico che è una collezione di ritratti in cui classifica i diversi colori della pelle umana. Mette in discussione il concetto di razza e le categorie limitate che usiamo per descriverci, raccontando così la società contemporanea e le nuove generazioni.”
Elisa Pierandrei

“Let us agree, we will be friends for all eternity.”
Jacqueline Mea

Suzy  Davies
“What is oinkiness?" asked #Cardinal Bird
Oh, don't you know? You haven't heard?
said The Owl who was kind and wise,
When you meet The Moon Pig
you'll be surprised ...
Luna has oinkiness
and has it lots!
You've either got it
or you have not!”
Suzy Davies

Suzy  Davies
“What is oinkiness?" asked Cardinal Bird
Oh, don't you know? You haven't heard?
said The Owl who was kind and wise,
When you meet The Moon Pig
you'll be surprised ...
Luna has oinkiness
and has it lots!
You've either got it
or you have not!”
Suzy Davies

Suzy  Davies
“Luna said with a little squeak,
It is the BEST day of the week.
There's plenty of OINKINESS,
said Tawny, today.
And they SQUEAKED and they HOOTED
and went out to play!”
Suzy Davies

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