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Ankita Singhal
“Life is like coffee, the darker it gets, the more it energizes.”
Ankita Singhal

Tanya Masse
“I need COFFEE to help me change the things I can... and WINE to help me accept the things I can't!”
Tanya Masse

Charlie Cochet
“If you had to choose between coffee and—”
“You didn’t know what I was going to say,” Sloane laughed.
Dex shook his head. “Doesn’t matter. Coffee.”
“Me or coffee.”
“Wow. Okay, sex or coffee.”
“Your brother or—”
“Coffee. I would totally trade my brother for a good cup of coffee.” He took a sip with a contented sigh. His gaze shifted to Sloane. “Okay, maybe I wouldn’t trade him in for coffee. Although….” He pursed his lips thoughtfully then shook his head. “No, you’re right, that would be wrong.”
Charlie Cochet, Blood & Thunder

Amor Towles
“Either way, he figured a cup of coffee would hit the spot. For what is more versatile? As at home in tin as it is in Limoges, coffee can energize the industrious at dawn, calm the reflective at noon, or raise the spirits of the beleagured in the middle of the night.”
Amor Towles, A Gentleman in Moscow

Holly Black
“Do you know what the Turkish say about coffee? It should be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love.”
Holly Black, Black Heart

Tanya Masse
“COFFEE! Because this body is NOT going to wake itself up!”
Tanya Masse

Tanya Masse
“What doesn’t KILL me makes me stronger… Except for the extinction of COFFEE… that might kill me.”
Tanya Masse

Tanya Masse
“Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, COFFEE and acceptance…The SIX stages of waking up!!”
Tanya Masse

Scott Adams
“If you don’t drink coffee, you should think about two to four cups a day. It can make you more alert, happier, and more productive. It might even make you live longer. Coffee can also make you more likely to exercise, and it contains beneficial antioxidants and other substances associated with decreased risk of stroke (especially in women), Parkinson’s disease, and dementia. Coffee is also associated with decreased risk of abnormal heart rhythms, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers.12, 13 Any one of those benefits of coffee would be persuasive, but cumulatively they’re a no-brainer. An hour ago I considered doing some writing for this book, but I didn’t have the necessary energy or focus to sit down and start working. I did, however, have enough energy to fix myself a cup of coffee. A few sips into it, I was happier to be working than I would have been doing whatever lazy thing was my alternative. Coffee literally makes me enjoy work. No willpower needed. Coffee also allows you to manage your energy levels so you have the most when you need it. My experience is that coffee drinkers have higher highs and lower lows, energywise, than non–coffee drinkers, but that trade-off works. I can guarantee that my best thinking goes into my job, while saving my dull-brain hours for household chores and other simple tasks. The biggest downside of coffee is that once you get addicted to caffeine, you can get a “coffee headache” if you go too long without a cup. Luckily, coffee is one of the most abundant beverages on earth, so you rarely have to worry about being without it. Coffee costs money, takes time, gives you coffee breath, and makes you pee too often. It can also make you jittery and nervous if you have too much. But if success is your dream and operating at peak mental performance is something you want, coffee is a good bet. I highly recommend it. In fact, I recommend it so strongly that I literally feel sorry for anyone who hasn’t developed the habit.”
Scott Adams, How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life

Momo Kapor
“Kafa je najvažnija sporedna stvar našeg života. Čini se, bez svega možemo, sem bez nje! I kada nemamo baš ničega u kući, poslužićemo gosta poslednjim ostacima kafe iz mlina...
Način na koji se spravlja i pije kafa, predstavlja, takođe, i pouzdanu granicu između mentaliteta i civilizacija. Dok Sever i Zapad piju kratke espreso kafe usput i na brzinu, tako reći, s nogu, oslonjeni uglavnom na šankove , Istok najpre mora da sedne, odahne i na miru rezimira dan u toj slatko-gorkoj životnoj pauzi. ☕️☕️”
Momo Kapor, Magija Beograda

D.L. Hess
“The kiss is different than I expected. It’s slow and tender, his lips soft and warm against mine. He tastes sweet, like the powdered sugar I spilt and the coffee with chicory he’s always drinking. It’s a perfect first kiss.”
D.L. Hess, Sir

Clifford D. Simak
“Delectable,” Ulysses said. “Of all the drinks that I have drank on all the planets I have visited, the coffee is the best.”
Clifford D. Simak, Way Station

Tanya Masse
“These days, “getting lucky” means drinking an entire cup of COFFEE while it’s still HOT!”
Tanya Masse

Tanya Masse
“Asking me to do ANYTHING before I’ve had my first cup of coffee should be an episode on 1000 Ways to DIE.”
Tanya Masse

“I'ts not just a cup of coffee !!!

“Coffee is lot like people”

Coffee is a language in itself.

In many ways,

It’s Complex,

Just like Humans.

It’s Dark,

Just like our Soul.

It’s Black,

Just like Grief.

It’s Addictive,

Just like love.

It’s Pure,

Just like our heart.

It’s Sweet,

Just like our Memories.

It’s Strong yet Grind,

Just like our Determination.

It’s Blended,

Just like our Feelings.

It’s Tantalizing,

Just like our Emotions.

It’s Rewarding,

As it is easy to Confess anything over a Cup of Coffee.”
shubham chinchalkar

Mitali Meelan
“When I think of coffee, I think of fresh mornings, companionship, a book while it rains outside, a conversation with a best friend, comfortable silence shared with someone special and warm hugs. Coffee teaches us life lessons, like the importance of taking one sip at a time and pausing every now and then to reflect on life.”
Mitali Meelan, Coffee and Ordinary Life

Kristina Adams
“You’d have coffee on a drip if you could, wouldn’t you?”
Kristina Adams, What Happens in New York

Irène Némirovsky
“Nu le era foame. Desfăcură un borcan cu dulceață, o cutie cu biscuiți, iar Jeanne făcu cu foarte mare grijă o cafea, din care mai rămăseseră vreo cincizeci de grame, o moca pură, rezervată până atunci marilor ocazii.
-Dar ce ocazie mai mare vom găsi? întreabă Maurice.
-Nici una de acest fel, sper, răspunse soția lui. Totuși, trebuie să recunoaștem că nu vom mai găsi curând o cafea ca asta, daca mai durează războiul.
-Aproape că-i dai savoare păcatului, zise Maurice, inhalând aroma pe care o răspândea cafetiera.”
Irène Némirovsky, Suite Française

“My Cup of AL MO MOTTO...oh yeah, I love that taste in my mouth but drinking too much can be too much and a bit of coffee love here and there is better than none.”
Kelvin Mark Coleman

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino
“Percolate Peace”
Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino, Percolate: Let Your Best Self Filter Through