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“The secret of being a bore is to tell everything.”

Sherman Alexie
“What kind of life can you have in a house without books?”
Sherman Alexie, Flight

P.G. Wodehouse
“It was one of the dullest speeches I ever heard. The Agee woman told us for three quarters of an hour how she came to write her beastly book, when a simple apology was all that was required.”
P.G. Wodehouse, The Girl in Blue

“What makes people tick? Life can be a trap of ennui, but imagery may be a redemptive escape from dullness. The iconic power and exuberance of images generate an inexorable addiction that needs to be gratified without respite. Here and now! ("Give me more images")”
Erik Pevernagie

Amit Ray
“When life is foggy, path is unclear and mind is dull, remember your breath. It has the power to give you the peace. It has the power to resolve the unsolved equations of life.”
Amit Ray, Beautify your Breath - Beautify your Life

Henry Rollins
“For some there is no music
No lights
No fire
No untamed madness that breathes life
There is work
A dullness that rings like wooden thunder”
Henry Rollins

Charles Bukowski
“I like to prowl ordinary places.
I feel sorry for us all or glad for us
caught alive together
and awkward in that way.

there's nothing better than the joke
of us
the seriousness of us
the dullness of us”
Charles Bukowski, Play the Piano Drunk Like a Percussion Instrument Until the Fingers Begin to Bleed a Bit

Gabrielle Dubois
“Love from novels isn't true love: it ends where it should begin. True love, deep love, grows up with time, throughout days of dullness and days of storms. It leaves in one's heart a rainbow of tenderness and forgiveness which illuminates forever the beloved one.”
Gabrielle Dubois

Thomas Carlyle
“Every poet... finds himself born in the midst of prose. He has to struggle from the littleness and obstruction of an actual world into the freedom and infinitude of an ideal.”
Thomas Carlyle

Yukio Mishima
“Better to be caught in sudden, complete catastrophe than to be gnawed by the cancer of imagination.”
Yukio Mishima, The Temple of Dawn

William Makepeace Thackeray
“Always to be right, always to trample forward, and never to doubt, are not these the great qualities with which dullness takes the lead in the world?”
William Makepeace Thackeray

Eman Herzallah
“الضجر والنفور كأسلوب حياة يليق بهيبة متخفية لشجرة”
Eman Herzallah

Sinclair Lewis
“- What do you expect? Think we were sent into the world to have a soft time and what is it? Float on flowery beds of ease? Think Man was just made to be happy?

- Why not? Though I've never discovered anybody that knew what the deuce Man really was made for!

- Well, we know not just in the Bible alone, but it stands to reason a man who doesn't buckle down and do his duty, even if it does bore him sometimes, is nothing but a... well, he's simply a weakling. Mollycoddle, in fact! And what do you advocate? Come down to cases! If a man is bored by his wife, do you seriously mean he has a right to chuck her and take a sneak, or even kill himself?

- Good Lord, I don't know what 'rights' a man has! And I don't know the solution of boredom. If I did, I'd be the one philosopher that had the cure for living. But I do know that about ten times as many people find their lives dull, and unnecessarily dull, as ever admit it; and I do believe that if we busted out and admitted it sometimes, instead of being nice and patient and loyal for sixty years, and then nice and patient and dead for the rest of eternity, why, maybe, possibly, we might make life more fun.”
Sinclair Lewis, Babbitt

“Fornication and adultery unleash destructive consequences into a person's life:
• Poverty;
• Lack of perception;
• Loss of respect and mutual acceptance;
• Children with shattered futures;
• Dullness of the senses and of the intellect;
• Deterioration of health.”
Sunday Adelaja

Herman Koch
“You sometimes hear about people who have lost their sense of smell and taste: for those people, a plate of the most delicious food means nothing at all. That was how I looked at life sometimes, as a warm meal that was growing cold. I knew I had to eat, otherwise I would die, but I had lost my appetite.”
Herman Koch, The Dinner

Ken Kesey
“One of the dumbest things you were ever taught was to write what you know. Because what you know is usually dull. Remember when you first wanted to be a writer? Eight or ten years old, reading about thin-lipped heroes flying over mysterious viny jungles toward untold wonders? That's what you wanted to write about, about what you didn't know. So. What mysterious time and place don't we know?"

[Remember This: Write What You Don't Know (New York Times Book Review, December 31, 1989)]”
Ken Kesey

Criss Jami
“Pure wisdom is the 'fruit of life'; banal platitudes are the 'bane of existence'.”
Criss Jami, Healology

Markus Werner
“الحقيقة هي أن الأوغاد وحدهم يشعرون بأنهم في وطنهم على هذه الأرض”
Markus Werner, On the Edge

Mary Roberts Rinehart
“[I]t is really the ponderous books which I envy. How easy merely to put down everything you think or imagine. No holding back, no telling oneself that this does not belong, or that. No hewing to the line. No cutting. No fear of letting the interest die. No wastebasket. How wonderful. And how dull!”
Mary Roberts Rinehart, Writing Is Work

Mehmet Murat ildan
“One has to be dull to feel happy amongst the dull!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

“Disappointment, fear, grief, unlove, dullness and guilt are the worst feelings. Learn from them so that you move on. Then replace them with more satisfying and promising joy, love gratitude, pride, confidence, direction.”
Diana Jaber

Francine Pascal
“Imagine a world full of Elizabeth Wakefields,' Lila said. 'Could you imagine a duller, more predictable place? I think I’d go crazy.”
Francine Pascal, The New Elizabeth

Srividya Srinivasan
“You talk of beauty, love, laughter and life like a precious memory. As if the sunshine of love and laughter shall never flow into your life again. You make it sound like your present and future shall promise you nothing but safety and comfort in a sort of dead, dull way. What killed the spirit of madness, the spark of adventure and the sense of delicious fun ? Your aliveness ? Is this what it is to get old ?”
Srividya Srinivasan

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