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Beatrice Sparks
“I can't believe that I changed so little. I expected to look old and hollow and gray, but I guess it's only me on the inside that has shriveled and deteriorated.”
Beatrice Sparks, Go Ask Alice

Meg Rosoff
“Time erodes us all.”
Meg Rosoff, What I Was

Arnold Arre
“Love is pointless. It’s the same sad sad story of with the same inevitable ending of miserable deterioration.”
Arnold Arre, After Eden

“Fornication and adultery unleash destructive consequences into a person's life:
• Poverty;
• Lack of perception;
• Loss of respect and mutual acceptance;
• Children with shattered futures;
• Dullness of the senses and of the intellect;
• Deterioration of health.”
Sunday Adelaja

“If we are with someone out of choice, we should act accordingly, and choose to communicate rather than deteriorate.”
lauren klarfeld

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“The worst of it is that while we continue to sink deeper into the muck and mire that we’ve created, in the very descent itself we ignorantly declare that in reality we are rising. And until desperation has crippled us sufficiently to confess the lie that we are lifting ourselves out of this mess, and until the panic of utter hopelessness has driven us to completely surrender all of the pathetic contrivances that we’ve fashioned that have put us there, we will never realize that God has readied solid ground that stands but a single step away”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

مصطفى أمين
“الذين يرفضون واقعهم لا يتدهورون، فإن من أبرز صفات التدهور أن تستسلم لم أنت فيه، وأن ترضى بكل هوان”
مصطفى أمين, أفكار ممنوعة

Petra Hermans
“Deterioration of energy was not my idea.”
Petra Hermans

Charles Dickens

Oh, a dainty plant is the Ivy green,
That creepeth o’er ruins old!
Of right choice food are his meals, I ween, In his cell so lone and cold.
The wall must be crumbled, the stone decayed,
To pleasure his dainty whim;
And the mouldering dust that years have made,
Is a merry meal for him.
       Creeping where no life is seen,
       A rare old plant is the Ivy green.  

Fast he stealeth on, though he wears no wings,
And a staunch old heart has he.
How closely he twineth, how tight he clings
To his friend the huge Oak Tree!
And slily he traileth along the ground,
And his leaves he gently waves,
As he joyously hugs and crawleth round
The rich mould of dead men’s graves.
      Creeping where grim death has been,
     A rare old plant is the Ivy green.

Whole ages have fled and their works decayed,
And nations have scattered been;
But the stout old Ivy shall never fade,
From its hale and hearty green.
The brave old plant in its lonely days,
Shall fatten upon the past;
For the stateliest building man can raise,
Is the Ivy’s food at last.
Creeping on where time has been,
       A rare old plant is the Ivy green.”
Charles Dickens, The Pickwick Papers