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C. JoyBell C.
“I am not a little bit of many things; but I am the sufficient representation of many things. I am not an incompletion of all these races; but I am a masterpiece of the prolific. I am an entirety, I am not a lack of anything; rather I am a whole of many things. God did not see it needful to make me generic. He thinks I am better than that.”
C. JoyBell C.

Mahogany SilverRain
“Drink from the fountain of love where every drop is eternal passion.”
Mahogany SilverRain, Ebony Encounters: A Trilogy of Erotic Tales

Sarah Grimm
“I don’t know you, not because I didn’t ask the right questions, but because you never trusted me enough to let me in. You’re right about me, I want more. I want all of you.”
Sarah Grimm, After Midnight

Kazuo Ishiguro
“Perhaps one day, all these conflicts will end, and it won't be because of great statesmen or churches or organisations like this one. It'll be because people have changed. They'll be like you, Puffin. More a mixture. So why not become a mongrel? It's healthy.”
Kazuo Ishiguro, When We Were Orphans

Kyoko M.
“So,” Lauren said. “You help ghosts with unfulfilled wishes cross over to the astral plane for judgment.”
“And you hunt demons.”
“And you’re married to an angel.”
She paused. “…so basically, you’re Dean Winchester.”
I made an exasperated sound. “I am NOT.”
She smirked. “Yeah, sure.”
Kyoko M., The Holy Dark

Sienna Mynx
“He was such a great lover. He was so male, so thoroughly a man that she felt all the rewards of being his woman." (showing 0-0 of 0) (0.04 seconds)”
Sienna Mynx, Mi Carina - Diego's Wrath

“Through love, tribes have been intermixing colors to reveal a new rainbow world. And as more time passes, this racial and cultural blending will make it harder for humans to side with one race, nation or religion over another.”
Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

M.B. Dallocchio
“If anyone thinks interracial "anything" is a big deal, they're probably inbred.”
M.B. Wilmot

“Sometimes I'm a black. Not everyone realizes blackness has to be conferred upon you again and again. It's like getting your nails done. Or being pantsed. People assume I'm cool.”
Laura Yes Yes, How to Seduce a White Boy in Ten Easy Steps

L'Poni Baldwin
“I saw the last piece of innocence unfurl inside of her.

-Nick Plato (from the story Platonick)”
Nipaporn Baldwin, Dragons and Cicadas: The Society On Da Run

“Black is bountiful. White is witful. Together they are beautiful.”
Indeewara Jayawardane

Joe R. Lansdale
“Hap, even tough I'm a racist castrating bitch that wants you to be better than you are, wants you to do something with your life besides be a knockabout, do you think you could find it in your heart, in your itty-bitty white man's dick, to get a hard-on for me? In other words, want to fuck?”
Joe R. Lansdale, Mucho Mojo

Eshelle Butler
“I have just published a revised version of my book for Kindle and it will be available soon. When it is, I will make a formal announcement. The story is the same but without the noticeable errors. The revised paperback is already available, Thank you for your patience and thanks to all who are reading "A Woman Of Courage.”
Eshelle Butler, A Woman Of Courage

Scarlett Avery
“I love how Scarlett Avery has a way of making the stories come to life. —P brad”
Scarlett Avery, Devilish Temptation

Scarlett Avery
“I have read numerous books by Scarlett Avery and I have not been disappointed. —kristina pelka”
Scarlett Avery, Devilish Temptation

Susan Fanetti
“It’s different when people who’ve been living under somebody’s boot hate the foot the boot’s on. An oppressed people can’t be racist. They can be bigots, but not racist. You have to have power to be a racist...”
Susan Fanetti, Stand

Michele Cameron
“Live life;
love reading!”
MS Michele Denise Cameron, Eyes That Lie

“Black is bountiful. White is witful. Both are beautiful.”
Indeewara Jayawardane

Ta-Nehisi Coates
“North Lawndale's Jewish People's Institute actively encouraged blacks to move into the neighborhood, seeking to make it a 'pilot community for interracial living.”
Ta-Nehisi Coates

Toni Mariani
“From my new release, Cry for Me.
This is Bryen talking.
"Stop it, T! I knew; my God I predicted you would do this! Start blaming yourself for the sins of my sick brother. He's left a stench of rottenness from here to Illinois!”
Toni Mariani

Scarlett Avery
“I couldn't put it down. —Boots”
Scarlett Avery, Delightful Temptation

Scarlett Avery
“Holy DAMN was that HOT! —Kimberly Treamer”
Scarlett Avery, Devilish Temptation

Scarlett Avery
“Xander and Ethan are sex gods ALL THE WAY. —Nonna8359”
Scarlett Avery, Devilish Temptation

Trevion Burns
“She tugged the sleeves down over her hands, stretching the fabric until the seams reached her fingernails. Then she locked her fingers around them to ensure they stayed down.
Veda fought the urge to rip those sleeves from Coco’s grip and force her to wear them appropriately, or at the very least roll them up so she wouldn’t be tempted to yank at them. She could remember a time when she’d had the same habit, back in middle school. As if hiding her hands behind a thin piece of fabric would protect her from the world.”
Trevion Burns, Quiver

“A little later, Sherri went to get the laundry. She had to go down to the wash house and sought it. She needed to get clean bed clothes for the beds. When she came ‘round the corner, she ran into Master Lee.
“Master Lee, I thought you was gone.”
“I’m back Sherri.”
He looked down at her. Still holding her arms. Sensing not exactly her discomfort, but an uncomfortable nature, he let her go, carefully.”
Cindy Burrows

S.S. Barry
“That was how he managed to convince them to allow his wife to be a part of the ritual and to allow him to watch while his wife got fucked by a “bull with a large black cock,” which was how he described it while seated in Cynthia’s living room.”
S.S. Barry, The African Mating Ritual

S.S. Barry
“She is both ecstatic and flabbergasted by how much of a needy, wanton slut her African lover has turned her into, who even after two shuddering orgasms, wants to experience a lot more.”
S.S. Barry, The African Mating Ritual

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“Thanks to racism, some of the people who often kiss animals are disgusted by even the mere thought of them touching some people.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Jason Lenov
“He didn't wait for her to answer. He gripped her by the hips and thrust himself against her, driving his massive black piston deep into her.

I'll never forget the look on her face when he did that. Astonishment, wonder, shock and desire all seemed to rise from deep within her as he filled her with his manhood.

I watched her face, stared into her eyes as Alistair plowed his way into parts of her that were, until that day, untouched.

"Does it feel good?" I whispered, breaking her trance. "Oh Ken," she sighed, her expression turning to what might be regret. "It feels so amazing. I've never felt so full.”
Jason Lenov, Foreign Affairs: A Hotwife Fantasy

Steven Seril
“We’re all Malkuthians. And you know what? We’re all Theropods too.”

“Wh-wh-what’s that?”

“You know… Theropods. We’ve all got sharp teeth, we all walk on two legs, we all have arms shorter than our legs. For the most part, we’ve got two eyes, two hands, and a tail. I mean, some of us have more fingers and some of us have a horn or two, but how different does that really make us? We’re all just people, that’s what I’m saying. There shouldn’t be all this division and categorization. It just leads to more hate. It leads to more dysfunction. People look at me and think I’m privileged. People look at you and think you’re untouchable. They look at the two of us together and they think it’s fire and ice. It’s not right.”
Steven Seril, The Destroyer of Worlds: An Answer to Every Question