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L'Poni Baldwin
“I saw the last piece of innocence unfurl inside of her.

-Nick Plato (from the story Platonick)”
L'Poni Baldwin, Dragons and Cicadas: The Society On Da Run

“Prostitution was illegal in Kenya and was culturally a taboo. But what was a young orphaned girl with little education to do when she had to fend for three of her younger siblings? As she watched the waves hit the shores, she noticed a young handsome man staring at her from a distance.”
Nya Wampaze, Put A Ring On It

“Her father was an intimidating man who held fast to his belief in his African heritage; that black should not marry white to avoid racial confusion. She was in love with a white man whose mother wished to keep her family's heritage intact by not crossbreeding with another race.”
Katherine Vogel, In The Midst of Secrets

Asha King
“I am blushing. I read enough erotica that my mother would probably die of embarrassment, and yet now I'm blushing in front of "Delilah Daniels". Please let the earth open up and swallow me whole.”
Asha King, The Book of Love

“Swap out one of these men with the mute, and I’ll be right as rain,” Randy said from his spot near the kitchen entrance.
“Thought we were besties,” Bride mumbled into the shot of rum she’d pilfered from Randy’s cabinet.”
Shay Rucker, On the Edge of Love

“Body language translation: hell yes, dipshit”
Shay Rucker, On the Edge of Love

“Fun and killing ain’t synonyms to regular folks, Zeus.”

Shay Rucker, On the Edge of Love

“Well,” Lynx said once the man was dead. “That was…uneventful.”
“You’re as fickle as an old woman,” Zeus told Lynx. “One minute too much carnage, the next not enough.”
Shay Rucker, On the Edge of Love

“Look here, cousin,” Big Country’s drawled in the background. “This here’s a car. We just got off a plane, and no matter how fast you push this bitch, she ain’t gon’ fly, so believe me when I say, I refuse to die over some foolishness you call love, not today.”
Shay Rucker, On the Edge of Love

Rosetta Bloom
“Mike,” she said in her most seductive voice. “You know and I know that I want to get laid tonight. It’s been too long since I’ve been with a man. I’m interested in one room in this apartment and one room only.”
Rosetta Bloom, Romance: Trysts No. 2 Nikki & Mike

Lenise Lee
“If you have no idea what I’m about to do, just watch and wait..then you’ll see time spin to a stop right before your eyes..and you’ll forget that world you once knew”
Lenise Lee, RISE

Ally Fleming
“There was nothing like working for clients who didn’t micromanage and left you alone to do what they’d paid you to do for them.”
Ally Fleming, Intoxicated

Ally Fleming
“He didn’t know if he was amused or unsettled by her ability to unbalance him the way she had. Correction. He didn’t know if he was amused, unsettled or pleased by her ability.”
Ally Fleming, Conquered

Ally Fleming
“That was six years ago. We can’t keep turning our backs on chances to live least stop denying ourselves pleasure.”
Ally Fleming, Conquered

Trevion Burns
“She tugged the sleeves down over her hands, stretching the fabric until the seams reached her fingernails. Then she locked her fingers around them to ensure they stayed down.
Veda fought the urge to rip those sleeves from Coco’s grip and force her to wear them appropriately, or at the very least roll them up so she wouldn’t be tempted to yank at them. She could remember a time when she’d had the same habit, back in middle school. As if hiding her hands behind a thin piece of fabric would protect her from the world.”
Trevion Burns, Quiver