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Carly Kade
“Any real, beautiful thing in this world shouldn't be tamed or claimed or broken. It should be allowed to be, worked with, not against, appreciated. Don't be afraid of the wild she has left. It makes her special.”
Carly Kade, In The Reins

Billy Wood-Smith
“What do you even want from me,” she grumbled, a tortured tone creeping into her voice. “You should go home to Liz, get married and take care of the baby…”
Joe drew in a deep breath and exhaled audibly. ”Wow, Danny! What great advice! If you were trying to pack the three scariest words into one sentence, you really nailed it!” Leaning in a bit, he squinted at her. “Or are you serious???”
Her eyes darting back at him, D let out a bitter laugh. “Personally, I’ve always found the constellation of just you and her freaky enough - even without the marriage-part and the baby-part. But that’s just me, you know…”
“Okay, I guess you were being serious then,” Joe concluded flatly.”
Billy Wood-Smith, An Interrupted Love Story

Nancy Glynn
“You’re such a good person, Slade.
No, I’m not. If I were, I never would have developed feelings for my brother’s woman. Most brothers can bring their girlfriends home without their siblings falling in love with them. If I were religious, that’d be a cardinal rule or something—not coveting thy brother’s wife. Yeah, well—I broke that one.”
Nancy Glynn, And Never Let Her Go

Carly Kade
“She'll never be all the way tame, just the way she's made ... sorta like you, I imagine." - Cowboy McKennon Kelly ponders Cowgirl in Training Devon Brooke”
Carly Kade, In The Reins

Siobhan Davis
“I want you to need me but not half as much as I want you to want me.”
Siobhan Davis, Losing Kyler

Codi Gary
“The ride’s not over yet, princess.”
Codi Gary, Return of the Bad Girl

Stephanie Witter
“Mark my words, Lila. You'll be mine in all ways you can imagine.”
Stephanie Witter, Be A Doll

Nancy Glynn
“You’re such a good person, Slade."
"No, I’m not. If I were, I never would have developed feelings for my brother’s woman. Most brothers can bring their girlfriends home without their siblings falling in love with them. If I were religious, that’d be a cardinal rule or something—not coveting thy brother’s wife. Yeah, well—I broke that one.”
Nancy Glynn, And Never Let Her Go

Tracy March
“When they reached the peak, he faced her, gathered her to him, and gazed into her amazing blue eyes. "You look beautiful," he said huskily, surprising himself with his tone. He swept his fingers along the top of her shoulder and cupped his hand on her neck, caressing her velvety earlobe with the pad of his thumb. "You put this awesome sunset to shame.”
Tracy March, The Marriage Match

Rebecca Brooks
“If Blake thought she was going to be some meek, mealy-mouthed
pushover grateful for his dick and his non-apologies, he obviously didn’t know what it took to make a room full of tenth graders pay attention.”
Rebecca Brooks, How to Fall

Zeenat Mahal
“Good humour was miles behind a second cup of morning tea. It was too early for nonsense.”
Zeenat Mahal, The Contract

Tracy March
“Poor guy. Must be tough finding the right woman when you're a smoking-hot, super rich resort tycoon.”
Tracy March, The Marriage Match

Sharon Ricklin
“He licked his lips, still looking earnest. “Sara. We had such a special connection. It was real and it was fantastic. Maybe that’s why I’ve spent so many years yearning for it too. We both knew what it was like, and we lost it. Even though you may not remember yet, it’s somewhere in here.” He reached over and touched my head. “And in there.” He pointed a finger toward my heart.
I was speechless. I stared at Jack, knowing in my heart that he was being honest and truthful. And I was overwhelmed that he understood me so well.
Turning to face me, his eyes burned with intensity. He took my hands in his and said, “I love you Sara Jordan Hamilton, and I’m willing to give you all the desires of your heart, if only you’ll let me. Nothing can take away my love for you. Not time, not distance, not even another husband.”
Sharon Ricklin, Song of Memory

Tracy March
“That a huge rush," Cyn said to him as she climbed out of the lagoon and wrung the water from her hair.
"Not nearly as much as the one I'm getting looking at you in that bikini.”
Tracy March, The Marriage Match

Tracy March
“The Queen said, "I want you to be in charge of all the details - greeting our guests, introducing them to Trent, planning dates and travel when it comes time for that. You'll need to get with Trent to make sure he has a say in how things go." ...
"With all due respect, that seems way beyond the boundaries of my job description."...
"Here's my proposal," the Queen said, looking pleased with her play on words. "I'll give you a twenty-five-thousand dollar bonus if Trent gets engaged before summer.”
Tracy March, The Marriage Match

Tracy March
“All the Queen had to do was show up. Cyn and the rest of the staff at Hawthorne Manor had to worry about the rest.
No pressure there, considering how exacting the Queen was about every detail down to the volume of the bumblebees' buzzing.”
Tracy March, The Marriage Match

Danielle Jamie
“Sorry darlin’, but you’re the only girl who can out shine every star in the Texas sky. You’re so fuckin’ beautiful, without even tryin’; it’s just another reason why I love you.”
Danielle Jamie, Infinite Desire

Tracy March
“Have I ever been in love? “Not like I’m going to be. I mean, I’m really open to it. Really hoping…”

A spring breeze stirred the leaves in the wax myrtle hedge behind him, cooling the flush that had broken out on his skin.

“Hoping for what, exactly?” Jamie asked.

Trent raced to gather his thoughts during a long silence.

“For someone who captivates me with every little thing about her. Someone who makes me want to be better than I am— perfect for her. For a love that will spark hot and keep burning, the embers always ready to flare.”
Tracy March, The Marriage Match

Tracy March
“The soles of Cynthia Sawyer's shoes squeaked on the damp flagstone walkway that meandered through Hawthorne Manor's formal gardens. Hazy rays of sun kissed the sprint morning dew, glistening on the early-blooming flowers and foliage soon to blossom into a Southern Living-worthy wonderland. Perfect for tiny Maple Creek, Maryland's annual garden party - the most exciting event of the season, especially for the quirky retirees. Last year, crazy old Mrs. Osworth got lost in the winding boxwood maze and called 911 to get "one of those strong young firemen" to come rescue her. She'd said she felt faint, and claimed she'd need mouth-to-mouth resuscitation the moment they showed up.”
Tracy March, The Marriage Match

A.S. Green
“Kissing Bennet is like stepping into the lake. At first shocking, then slowly I acclimate until I’m sinking into the luxury of it. His hand wraps around my ribs, right below the swell of my breast, and I’m in way over my head, drowning in the sensations that overrun my body. No one has ever kissed me like this. Not even Andrew in all my wildest fantasies. Andrew. Andrew! Oh my gosh, what am I doing?”
A.S. Green, Summer Girl

Tracy March
“A surprise isn't a surprise if you blow it ahead of time."
She shook her head. "That sounds a lot like 'a wish won't come true unless you say it out loud.'" The words were out of her mouth before she could bit them back. The last thing she needed was for either of them to be thinking about their real-life kiss in this land of make-believe.
With a hint of a grin, Trent lifted her chin with his fingers and smoothed the pad of his thumb across her lips. "And look how well that worked out for me."
Cyn's heart surged, her pulse rushing like the water over the falls. Was he going to kiss her again?
Trent pulled her close, anchoring her against him on the slippery rocks. He threaded his fingers through her hair, cupped the back of her neck, and kissed her lightly, tentatively. Cyn tensed a moment, then relaxed as she gave in and pressed her palms to his pecs, grasping handfuls of firm muscle.
The camera was rolling, after all, but it wouldn't capture the sparks firing through her. She'd replayed the wish-upon-a-star kiss in her mind so many times, thinking how incredible it was with Trent - that elusive chemistry she hadn't found with anyone else. But as the weeks had passed, she'd wondered if she imagined it. This kiss made her believe that she hadn't. The softness of his lips. The sensual sweep of his tongue. The pressure of his hand at the small of her back. His skin was warm and wet against hers. She was nearly dizzy with sensation as he trailed light kisses along her jawline and whispered in her ear. "Even better than last time.”
Tracy March, The Marriage Match

Roberta  Wilson
“If you want to be a writer-- stop talking about it! Sit down and write. -Jackie Collins”
Roberta Wilson

Tracy March
“You better not bother the Chickcharnies while you're out here. Best to stay on their good side." The moonlight cast shadows on his face, but it was easy to see his teasing grin.
She raised her eyebrows. "The Chickcharnies?"
He pointed up into the palms and distant pines. "They're kind of like birds. They live up in the treetops --only on Andros Island and nowhere else in the world."
Cyn scanned the darkness among the high branches. "What do you mean 'kind of like birds'?"
He shrugged one shoulder. "Like owls. But they have three fingers, three toes, and they hang from the trees by their tails. You can spot their red eyes when they catch the light."
Cyn clenched her teeth and squinted up into the trees, scanning for a pair of red eyes aimed her way. "They sound a little creepy."
"If you see one, and you show it respect," Trent said, "you'll have good luck for the rest of your life."
Cyn could use some good luck, for sure. She concentrated harder on finding those red eyes. None in sight, she furrowed her brow and set her gaze on Trent. "What do they do if you bother them?"
His grin widened into that stop-your-heart smile that Cyn was finding harder to resist. "They turn your head around backward."
"It's probably really painful," Trent said.
Cyn swatted his arm, coming up against tight muscle. "You made that up."
"Not really. It's island lore. People think the Chickcharnies descended from a big flightless owl they've found in fossils."
"Have you ever seen one?" she asked skeptically.
"Not yet. But you never know if one's around. I'd like to keep my head on straight, so I don't tease about them."....
Suddenly a huge screeching bird swooped down out of the trees, flew several feet over their heads, and veered up into a nearby copse of palms.
Cyn yelped and ducked low. Trent pulled her close, tucking her against his chest. "Holy crap!" she said, "That was one pissed-off Chickcharnie. Hold on to your head.”
Tracy March, The Marriage Match