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Cornelia Funke
“They wouldn't tell Scipio how much of the counterfeit cash was left since, as Riccio put it, 'You're a detective now, after all.”
Cornelia Funke, The Thief Lord

Rebecca McNutt
“Again we have the problem that whether you’re moral or not is a matter of whether it's cost-effective.”
Rebecca McNutt, Bittersweet Symphony

Daisy Goodwin
“... anyone can acquire wealth, the real art is giving it away.”
Daisy Goodwin, The American Heiress

Roman Payne
“Apollinaire said a poet should be 'of his time.' I say objects of the Digital Age belong in newspapers, not literature. When I read a novel, I don’t want credit cards; I want cash in ducats and gold doubloons.”
Roman Payne

Angela Nissel
“(Regarding check-cashing places):

It's hitting me how poor this really is: I'm standing in a long line to pay someone to give me my pay. So, technically, they get paid before I do, and it's my damn check.”
Angela Nissel, The Broke Diaries

“I just cash in on the fact that I’m good looking, and I’ve got a nice figure and girls like me.”
Sid Vicious

Paul Kyriazi
“Your on the planet too. Why should James Bond have all the action, fun, money, and resort hotel living.”
Paul Kyriazi, How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle: The Complete Seminar

Michael Bassey Johnson
“Gone are the days when women were attracted by a man's hansomeness. Today, we are talking about cash, and your compromise to become a tiger in bed.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Rebecca McNutt
“Her latest client is Professor Desmond Curnin, a university professor who teaches library sciences to large groups of students. He’s quick to pay on-time, quick to never fall behind. He’s a brown-haired man with an unkempt beard and thick-framed hipster glasses. He slides a leather briefcase stuffed with dollar bills into the open window of Geraldine’s car. “Your fly’s unzipped,” Geraldine points out, disgusted. “Who gave you a license to sell hot dogs, buddy?”
Rebecca McNutt, Listen is Silent, or The Usurer

Rebecca McNutt
“Money isn't everything. It's the only thing.”
Rebecca McNutt, Listen is Silent, or The Usurer

Katie McGarry
“Do you have any money?” he asked.
He rubbed his fingers together. “Dinero? Cash? Do you have any on you?”
Unsure where this was headed, I shook my head. He reached over the counter and grabbed a knife. He cut the burger in half and slid the plate between us. “Here. Don’t bogart the fries.”
“Are you serious?”

Noah took another bite of his half. “Yeah. Don’t want my tutor to starve to death.”
I smacked my lips like a cartoon character and bit into the succulent burger. When the juicy meat touched my tongue, I closed my eyes and moaned.
“I thought girls only looked like that when they orgasmed.”
The burger caught in my throat and I choked. Noah stifled a laugh while sliding my water toward me. If only drinking it would erase the annoying blush on my cheeks.”
Katie McGarry, Pushing the Limits

Anthony  Ryan
“Your realm is an insane place. In Volaria, no-one goes hungry, slaves are no use when they starve. Those freeborn too lazy or lacking in intelligence to turn sufficient profit to feed themselves are made slaves so they can generate wealth for those deserving of freedom, and be fed in return. Here, your people are chained by their freedom, free to starve and beg from the rich. It's disgusting.”
Anthony Ryan, Tower Lord

Rebecca McNutt
“I’ve got money!” Eve exclaimed in a frantic frenzy of hope, her eyes dancing wildly with the notion that there was some way out of this. “I mean, I don’t know what use money is to the Grim Reaper, but I’ve got a ton of cash! It’s in a hat box under my bed! I’ve got a bright red Lexus in the garage, I’ve got my engagement ring upstairs, it’s real gold… there must be something we can trade off with…”
“You can’t bribe me away, I’m afraid,” said Mr. Azrael. “Money means nothing where I come from.”
Rebecca McNutt, Perfect Little Angel: A Short Story

Miya Yamanouchi
“So many guys try to show off to a girl by boasting of their financial assets and flashing their cash around etc, but a girl who makes her own money and is building her own empire is not impressed by such things. -Show me the integrity not the money.”
Miya Yamanouchi, Embrace Your Sexual Self: A Practical Guide for Women

“Focus on being productive instead of busy.”
Hyacil Han, Investing Made Easy: 50 Extremely Beneficial Business that are Undeniable Cash Cows

“Rich people think long-term. they balance their spending on enjoyment today with investing for freedom tommorow”
Hyacil Han

“It's not just about ideas
it's about making ideas happen
Hyacil Han, Investing Made Easy: 50 Extremely Beneficial Business that are Undeniable Cash Cows

“Opportunities don't just happen. You create them”
Hyacil Han, Investing Made Easy: 50 Extremely Beneficial Business that are Undeniable Cash Cows

“Rich people think long term. they balance their spending on enjoyment today with investing fore freedom tomorrow.”
Hyacil Han, Investing Made Easy: 50 Extremely Beneficial Business that are Undeniable Cash Cows

“Where did Jesus’ ministry resources come from? The Scriptures give eight sources of possible income for the moneybag carried by Judas. The following Scriptures will show that Jesus never asked the synagogue congregants for free-will offerings. Nor do we see the synagogue leaders asking people to make offerings to Jesus. The custom in Jesus’ time involved charity and taking care of the needs of travelers including those who preached?”
Frank Chase Jr, Kleptomaniac: Who's Really Robbing God Anyway?

“You can get over a million dollars worth of life insurance in case you die, but only eight to ten bucks and hour to live”
Stanley Victor Paskavich, Stantasyland: Stantasyland: Quips, Quotes & Quandaries

“I refuse to believe in three things: cash, clock, and calendar. You should never be enslaved by these three.”
Sharad Vivek Sagar

Rasheed Ogunlaru
“To me everything in business boils down to this: do you genuinely care about your customers - or just their cash?”
Rasheed Ogunlaru, Soul Trader: Putting the Heart Back into Your Business

“‪When I was short of cash, I never hated I just Prayed. ‬”
Genereux Philip

S.A. Tawks
“Staying out all night and sleeping most of the day is quite a drain on the wallet.”
S.A. Tawks, Mule

Mandy Ashcraft
“ if his bank account wasn't about to see numbers it would have to take a remedial math course just to identify.”
Mandy Ashcraft, Small Orange Fruit

“It's when my wallet's full of cash, that it is also full of false friendships.”
Anthony T. Hincks

“The ocean beaches in North Korea just got a lot more crowed.”
Anthony T. Hincks

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