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Glen Cook
“Rich men have dreams. Poor men die to make them come true.”
Glen Cook, Water Sleeps

Louis-Ferdinand Céline
“Poor people never, or hardly ever, ask for an explanation of all they have to put up with. They hate one another, and content themselves with that.”
Louis-Ferdinand Celine, Journey to the End of the Night

Betty  Smith
“The difference between rich and poor", said Francie, "is that the poor do everything with thier own hands and the rich hire hands to do things.”
Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Fyodor Dostoevsky
“What is honour, my dear, when you have nothing to eat?”
Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Elaine Dundy
“[W]hat is always overlooked is that although the poor want to be rich, it does not follow that they either like the rich or that they in any way want to emulate their characters which, in fact, they despise. Both the poor and the rich have always found precisely the same grounds on which to complain about each other. Each feels the other has no manners, is disloyal, corrupt, insensitive - and has never put in an honest day's work in its life.”
Elaine Dundy, Elvis and Gladys

“Remembrance of things past is just for the rich. For the poor it only marks the faint traces on the path to death.”
Albert Camus, The First Man

Viet Thanh Nguyen
“no one asks poor people if they want war.”
Viet Thanh Nguyen, The Sympathizer

Angela Nissel
“(Regarding check-cashing places):

It's hitting me how poor this really is: I'm standing in a long line to pay someone to give me my pay. So, technically, they get paid before I do, and it's my damn check.”
Angela Nissel, The Broke Diaries: The Completely True and Hilarious Misadventures of a Good Girl Gone Broke

Fyodor Dostoevsky
“Kushdo qofte, edhe njeriu i vogel, nga ata qe nuk e turbullojne ujin, qe askujt s'i bien me qafe, qe rrojne me friken e perendise, por edhe me friken per veten, shkojne me mendjen te mos ngacmojne njeri se keshtu as ate vete nuk do ta ngacmojne, do ta lene te qete ne hallet e tij, nuk deshiron qe te tjeret te futin hundet ne jeten e perditshme qe ben, nuk ia ka enda te flasin ne e ka te ri apo te vjeter jelekun, ne i ka te reja apo me mballoma çizmet, nuk ia ka enda te marrin vesh te tjeret ç'eshte duke ngrene, çfare po shkruan?... E ç'te keqe paska, moj zemer, qe une, kur shoh xhadene te prishur, eci ne maje te gishtave, shkel me kujdes per te ruajtur çizmet? Pse duhet shkruar per tjetrin qe ndonjehere nuk ka para as per te pire nje gote çaj? Sikur qenka e thene dhe e vulosur qe njerezit, te gjithe sa jane, patjeter duhet te pine çaj. Po pse e udhes qenka te shohesh ne gojen e tjetrit per te ditur ç'cope eshte duke pertypur? A fyhet njeriu keshtu? Jo, shpirti im! Perse u dashka fyer tjetri kur ai s'te ngacmon?”
Fyodor Dostoevsky

John Steinbeck
“First the strangers came with argument and authority and gunpowder to back up both. And in the four hundred years Kino's people had learned only one defense - a slight slitting of the eyes and a slight tightening of the lips and a retirement. Nothing could break down this wall, and they could remain whole within the wall.”
John Steinbeck, The Pearl

Ruta Sepetys
“Jo, they have a baby grand piano, but no one in the family plays. They have shelves of books they've never read, and the tension between the couples was so thick it nearly choked us."
"Let me tell you something 'bout those rich Uptown folk," said Cokie. "They got everything that money can buy, their bank accounts are fat, but they ain't happy. They ain't ever gone be happy. You know why? They soul broke. And money can't fix that, no sir. My friend Bix was poor. Lord, he had to blow that trumpet ten hours a day just to put a little taste in the pot. Died poor, too. You saw him, Jo, with that plate on his chest. But that man wasn't soul broke.”
Ruta Sepetys, Out of the Easy

“نحن نخوض حرباً على العقول أشد فتكا من الحروب التي تشنها الدول من أجل النفط والبترول”
Mahmoud zakaria

“How to Become Rich?
Work For The Rich, They Will Keep You Poor;
Work For The Poor, They Will Make You Rich.”
P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar

Viet Thanh Nguyen
“...I could not help but feel moved by the plight of these poor people. Perhaps it was not correct, politically speaking, for me to feel sympathy for them, but my mother would have been one of them if she were alive. She was a poor person, I was her poor child, and no one asks poor people if they want war.”
Viet Thanh Nguyen, The Sympathizer

Viet Thanh Nguyen
“Even poor people in America had refrigerators, not to mention running water, flush toilets, and twenty-four-hour electricity, amenities that even some of the middle class did not have back home. Why, then, did I feel poor?”
Viet Thanh Nguyen, The Sympathizer

Richard Layard
“The rich are so near the top that their reference group is likely to include people who are poorer that the are, while the poor are so near the bottom that their reference group is likely to include people who are richer than they are. That helps to explain why the rich are on average happier than the poor.”
Richard Layard, Happiness: Lessons from a New Science

Mallory O'Meara
“Alcohol has always been a class divider. These new social pressures certainly tamped down on women's drinking culture, but mostly for poor women. The biggest thing that prevented women from drinking was poverty. . . . although poor women could afford to drink less often, they were more likely to be arrested when they did and overindulged. Poor women paid a far greater price for both drinking and making alcohol.”
Mallory O'Meara, Girly Drinks: A World History of Women and Alcohol

Mike Hawthorne
“I don't want to romanticize poverty. I just mean that there was, for me, a kind of grace and joy in it that I can't quite describe. I'd have loved to give us all enough to live better, but... this was pretty good regardless.”
Mike Hawthorne, Happiness Will Follow

B.S. Murthy
“There is more money in more hands these days, and today’s poor have more to spare than the middleclass of yore.”
B.S. Murthy, Glaring Shadow - A Stream of Consciousness Novel

“A poor honest man is better than a liar.”
Henry Johnson Jr.

Sonia Choquette
“Soul worker: [...] To find peace: it meant she had to stop scorning the souls around her hooked on drugs, reproducing countless babies, living on welfare. Instead she had to minister to their souls, give them dignity by showing basic love and kindness. Her mission was not to save them, help them, change them - just simply to salute the good within them. That is the job of a soul worker. And when people do their job and fulfill their spiritual goals, they become peaceful and secure. Joy wells up from within.”
Sonia Choquette, The Psychic Pathway: A Workbook for Reawakening the Voice of Your Soul

Brad Kong
“If you work day and night, but still be short of money,
something must be wrong from the basis.”
Brad Kong, Introduction to UnBrokable*: Two out of 80 Reasons Why Being Broke Despite Working Hard

“Poor to be content, rich to be grateful. Both must serve God.”
Mac Canoza

“Adaletsizliğin acımasız sonucu, temelde iklim değişikliğine neden olacak hiçbir şey yapmayan yoksulların, bundan en çok acı çekecek kesim olmaları.”
Bill Gates, How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, The New Climate War, The Rare Metals War 3 Books Collection Set

Michael Bassey Johnson
“The poor cannot fast, because he cannot abstain from the food he cannot afford.”
Michael Bassey Johnson, Night of a Thousand Thoughts

Michael Bassey Johnson
“The rich hear about starvation.
The poor can write a novel about it.”
Michael Bassey Johnson, Night of a Thousand Thoughts

“I don't believe the poor are lazy, it's just that sometimes people are tied down by fate and the unawareness to utilize the power of prayer.”
Ojingiri Hannah

Soroosh Shahrivar
“They spoke through no words. They felt the man's pain. It was an ethereal dialogue taking place between two proletariats.”
Soroosh Shahrivar, Tajrish

John Joclebs Bassey
“Money is not the root of all evil. Poverty of the mind is.”
John Joclebs Bassey, Night of a Thousand Thoughts

Mitta Xinindlu
“A home without fruits is a poor home.”
Mitta Xinindlu

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