2018 Reading Challenge
Participants 4,232,916
Books Pledged 259,715,333
Books Finished 56,100,729
Avg. Books Pledged 61
Challenges Completed 696,860
Time Left 0 days, 0 hours
SuperWendy has read 95 of 100 books in 2018.
  • The Gunslinger's Vow by Amy Sandas
  • Far From Home by Lorelie Brown
  • An Extraordinary Union by Alyssa Cole
  • Delicious Temptation by Sabrina Sol
  • Wish Upon a Snowflake by Christine Merrill
  • Sleigh Ride with the Single Dad by Alison Roberts
  • One Frosty Night by Janice Kay Johnson
  • Come Hell or Highball by Maia Chance
  • Death of a Neighborhood Scrooge by Laura Levine
  • Best Man for the Wedding Planner by Donna Alward
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message 1: by Dreamer (new)

Dreamer Happy reading!

message 2: by Nikki (new)

Nikki Wendy! You are 4 books ahead of me!

message 3: by SuperWendy (new)

SuperWendy Nikki: Well...I will count DNFs if I get through several chapters - but yes, I REALLY want to hit 100 this year.

message 4: by Kristiej (new)

Kristiej ooooh - so close! Can you care up another 6 you might have forgot?

message 5: by SuperWendy (new)

SuperWendy Kristie: Unfortunately no. Yes, I'm SO close, but even though I won't meet my goal I'm counting this as a big victory. I think I only read around 70 books in 2017.

message 6: by Kristiej (new)

Kristiej “I remember that so this year is a win for you. Though, I win,” she gleefully chuckled as she ran away while glancing behind.

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