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Mandy Hale
“Consider the fact that maybe…just maybe…beauty and worth aren’t found in a makeup bottle, or a salon-fresh hairstyle, or a fabulous outfit. Maybe our sparkle comes from somewhere deeper inside, somewhere so pure and authentic and REAL, it doesn’t need gloss or polish or glitter to shine.”
Mandy Hale, The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass

Erik Pevernagie
“When we are fairly observant and overly patient, a vibration of happiness might crop up unwittingly, as we capture the “timelessness” of a lucky moment and a sparkle of a stray instant, unexpectedly, enraptures our life in a blaze of color and splendor. ( "Happy days are back again" )”
Erik Pevernagie

Shahla Khan
“Every woman in this world wears a little sparkle, some in their dress, and some in their eyes.”
Shahla Khan, I Want Back My SPARKLE!: Breaking the global chains of gender slavery.

“Just one caress became a symphony of passion, insatiable longing, an unquenchable desire to possess.... Gasps... The sparkling touch, embrace make hard to breathe... A mere short burst of brilliance, explosive need...forbidden sweet... Beneath the warmth of a dancing rainbow summer sunset, slowly tuning into the magic night with the stars flooding the sapphire skies...the sacred emerald island wildlife listens to our song, played with loving fingertips, reflected in diving deep into each other's ocean eyes...”
Oksana Rus

Margaret Mitchell
“Crackers are short on sparkle.”
Margaret Mitchell, Gone with the Wind

Munia Khan
“Rejoice with glitters of ashes tonight
Sparkling for moon's spiced silver bite
Upon skin of darkness, loving night more
Storm begins unlocking cold wind's door”
Munia Khan

Rachel Hollis
“If I had a power color, it would definitely be SPARKLE" ~Landon Brinkley”
Rachel Hollis, Party Girl

Libba Bray
“And sometimes I just don't want to sparkle.”
Libba Bray, Beauty Queens

Nikki Rowe
“Im happy to sit and be an ear to listen when the world gets wild but Id much prefer to watch the ways your eyes in sparkle in the midst of convincing me why you love the things you do. It gives me hope that someone else out there feels everything with this much depth and has the willingness to create a beautiful life from it.”
Nikki Rowe

Michael Bassey Johnson
“POLISH your MIND to reflect the shimmering BEAUTY of your WORDS and ACTIONS.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

A sprinkle of sparkle,
A dazzle of sweet,
A flutter of cute,
From your head to your feet.”
Hallmark Cards, Celebrations: The Complete Book of American Holidays

“Don't let anyone or anything to dull your sparkle.”
Pradeepa Pandiyan

Janice Hadlow
“And anyway, in our house, no-one is obliged to sparkle. Which, I find, makes it far more likely that they might.”
Janice Hadlow, The Other Bennet Sister

Libba Bray
“Don't tell anybody, but sometimes, I just don't want to sparkle.”
Libba Bray, Beauty Queens

Anthony Liccione
“She's my pride, my winning prize, always a surprise, to look into her eyes, see her free soul, as soap that slips from the grip of control; a stroll through the park on a dark night with stars to spark the sky, heaven with no price tag I realize, love is the same: endless, priceless, full bliss; to have this princess I pinch myself thinking this is a dream, but to my reprise, I can only say I am now, at last, alive.”
Anthony Liccione

“I encourage you to remember that you are, indeed, as the stars. You glow with the same intensity. The answers that you seek outside of yourself may very well be found within the cosmic intelligence inside you. Go ahead; show the world what you are made of! Sparkle, shine, light the way, and brightly blaze as you are meant to do.”
Mishi McCoy

Nancy Moser
“Words well to the surface and I let them out, even as I know I should not. "Perhaps I do not wish to sparkle, Aunt. Sparkle falsely. I say what comes to mind. I will not waste energy creating idle chatter meant only to impress." Casandra comes to my defense. "Your characters sparkle, Jane." I grab on to the diversion. "Which is even more reason why I personally cannot. For I only have so much sparkle within me, and I chuse [sic] to save it for them.”
Nancy Moser

Suman Pokhrel
“It incinerates unceasingly, trying
smiling in illusion of being alive;
it keeps broiling continuously
and restlessly sparkles around
like a blaze of lighting flame,
life is melting down
like a candle that is flickering around.”
Suman Pokhrel, मलाई जिन्दगी नै दुख्दछ

“Nana always said the rain was Nature's way of adding sparkle to the outdoors.”
Evangeline Duran Fuentes, Cry on Hallow's Eve

Sofi Benitez
“Sparkle away.”
Sofi Benitez, Honey Moon Dog Daze

Hermann Hesse
“I had often observed the sparkle in the eye of those who told me of it and I had always treated it with a half-superior, half-envious smile.”
Hermann Hesse, Steppenwolf

Sheri   Fink
“Just like the Little Unicorn, you can create magic when you believe in yourself and cherish your friends. Your sparkle is always within you and shines brightest when you spread love, joy, and kindness. Never let anything dim your sparkle.”
Sheri Fink, The Little Unicorn

Patrick Rothfuss
“Verstehst du, Frauen sind wie Feuer, wie Flammen. Manche Frauen sind wie Kerzen, hell und freundlich. Andere sind wie einzelne Funken oder wie ein Glühwürmchen, dem man an einem Sommerabend nachjagt. Manche sind wie ein Lagerfeuer - Licht und Wärme für eine Nacht, und es stört sie nicht, wenn man sie am nächsten Tag zurücklässt. Manche Frauen gleichen auch einem Herdfeuer - sie sehen nach nichts aus, brennen aber tagaus tagein. Dianne aber ... Dianne ist wie ein Funkenregen, der sich von einer scharfen Eisenkante ergießt, die Gott an einen Schleifstein hält. Ein faszinierender Anblick. Vielleicht berührt man die Funken sogar eine Sekunde lang. Aber man kann sie nicht festhalten. - Sie wird dir das Herz brechen ...”
Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

Halina Poświatowska
“when you come and make my mouth all smiles I am a mirror
in which your eyes sparkle when you come to view yourself in me”
Halina Poświatowska

Colleen Gleason
“The vampire burned up?” Dylan asked, his eyes lit with humor. “You mean, he doesn’t sparkle in the sunlight?”
Colleen Gleason, The Spiritglass Charade

Gift Gugu Mona
“A dynamic woman is like a diamond. She sparkles and adds value.”
Gift Gugu Mona, Woman of Virtue: Power-Filled Quotes for a Powerful Woman

“You will sparkle like a diamond if you shine in total dark.”
Rajesh Walecha

Jennifer Lynch
“Jade realised that being everyone’s best friend took time and effort, so she had learned to be a great listener. Her friends thought she was fun to be around, but she was unhappy with her weight. Jade had never met a man who respected her and had convinced herself that her body was the issue.”
Jennifer Lynch, Salsa

“A fireball coruscates with artistry when keen observations copulate with deep insights.

©Spriha Kant”
Spriha Kant

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