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Stephen King
“Sometimes dead is better”
Stephen King, Pet Sematary

Cassandra Clare
“What's that you're holding?" he asked, noticing the pamphlet, still rolled up in her left hand.

"Oh, this?" She held it up. "How to Come Out to Your Parents."

He widened his eyes. "Something you want to tell me?"

"It's not for me. It's for you." She handed it to him.

"I don't have to come out to my mother," said Simon. "She already thinks I'm gay because I'm not interested in sports and I haven't had a serious girlfriend yet. Not that she knows of, anyway."

"But you have to come out as a vampire," Clary pointed out. "Luke thought you could, you know, use one of the suggested speeches in the pamphlet, except use the word 'undead' instead of--"

"I get it, I get it." Simon spread the pamplet open. "Here, I'll practice on you." He cleared his throat. "Mom. I have something to tell you. I'm undead. Now, I know you may have some preconceived notions about the undead. I know you may not be comfortable with the idea of me being undead. But I'm here to tell you that the undead are just like you and me." Simon paused. "Well, okay. Possibly more like me than you."


"All right, all right." He went on. "The first thing you need to understand is that I'm the same person I always was. Being undead isn't the most important thing about me. It's just part of who I am. The second thing you should know is that it isn't a choice. I was born this way." Simon squinted at her over the pamphlet. "Sorry, reborn this way.”
Cassandra Clare

David  Wong
“Something coming back from the dead was almost always bad news. Movies taught me that. For every one Jesus you get a million zombies.”
David Wong, John Dies at the End

Molly Harper
“The brain may die, but my compulsion for useless trivia lives on.”
Molly Harper, Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs

Michael  Grant
“Which was how Britteny ended up nestled next to Mickey, under the shelter of a painter's drop cloth.
She felt no pain.
She saw no light.
She heard, but barely.
Her heart was still and silent.
Yet she did not die.”
Michael Grant, Hunger

David Wellington
“I will not negotiate with the undead!”
David Wellington, Monster Island

Amy Mah
“If people don't wish to be eaten then they shouldn't taste so nice”
Amy Mah-Vampire, Fangs Rule: A Girls Guide to Being a Vampire

Terry Pratchett
“Biers was where the undead drank. And when Igor the barman was asked for a Bloody Mary, he didn't mix a metaphor.”
Terry Pratchett, Hogfather

Emily Lloyd-Jones
“She was half a wild creature that loved a graveyard, the first taste of misty night air, and the heft of a shovel. She knew how things died. And in her darkest moments, she feared she did not know how to live.”
Emily Lloyd-Jones, The Bone Houses

Angela Carter
“He is the intermediary between us, his audience, the living, and they, the dolls, the undead, who cannot live at all and yet who mimic the living in every detail since, though they cannot speak or weep, still they project those signals of signification we instantly recognize as language.”
Angela Carter, Wayward Girls and Wicked Women

Dan Chaon
“It had occurred to him that if the undead don't realize that they are dead, he might easily be one of them himself.”
Dan Chaon, Stay Awake

“I don't know what's so scary about zombies. Reanimating the dead isn't that hard, but they make TERRIBLE minions. They can't move quickly and they fall to pieces in a matter of days.”
Noelle Stevenson, Nimona

Daniel Waters
“What is it like.... what is it like to be dead?' Evan looked at him with his dull, unblinking blue eyes, ' I don't know, what is it like...... to be alive?”
Daniel Waters

Amanda Downum
“A dozen cobras moved as one, shattering their bottles. Wine and glass sprayed the room. The snakes sprang for Isyllt's attacker with fangs unfolded. He screamed high and sharp as they uncoiled, long slick bodies whipping through the air. She wasn't sure if their venom could survive death and pickling, but it didn't seem to matter. After several bites, he curled on the floor, weeping and trying to bat the undead snakes away.”
Amanda Downum, Kingdoms of Dust

Robert Kirkman
“I saw thousands of them. A sea of the dead that roared like an ocean! You would have heard them screaming toward you. It would have taken days to steer them away. Killing them? I don't think killing them would have been possible.”
Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead, Vol. 27: The Whisperer War

Suzanne  Johnson
“I thought you hated wizards,” I said.
“I do.”
He kissed me again”
Suzanne Johnson, Frenchman Street

Suzanne  Johnson
“Once you’ve been on this earth a bit longer, you’ll accept that you can’t save everyone.”
Suzanne Johnson, Frenchman Street

“Horrific many eyed, many winged angels, undead zombies and vampires are part of our cultures. Witches, warlocks, and demons as well. [...] In many cases what has given birth to some of them may never be known, but perhaps it is because we are not looking in the right places.”
L.B. Ó Ceallaigh, Revenants, Retroviruses, and Religion: How Viruses and Disease Created Cultural Mythology and Shaped Religious Perspectives

“We create ourselves to be almost blind walking dead, where we are led by both negative aspects of religion and cultural conformity to gloss over people. We gloss over the Armenian genocide in the Ottoman Empire. We gloss over the Japanese internment camps that most likely would have been far worse had the war continued longer. We often marginalize those besides the ethnic and Jewish descent that died in the Nazi holocaust of World war II.”
L.B. Ó Ceallaigh, Revenants, Retroviruses, and Religion: How Viruses and Disease Created Cultural Mythology and Shaped Religious Perspectives

Nicholas Woode-Smith
“My mother taught me to never make deals with demons”
“Your mother sounds very uncreative...”
Nicholas Woode-Smith

Ernest Cline
“It suddenly occurred to me just how absurd this scene was: a guy wearing a suit of armor, standing next to an undead king, both hunched over the controls of a classic arcade game. It was the sort of surreal image you'd expect to see on the cover of an old issue of Heavy Metal or Dragon magazine.”
Ernest Cline, Ready Player One

Becca Ritchie
“With her, and only with her, the dead in me is alive.”
Becca Ritchie, Amour Amour

Jason Medina
“He fell backwards from the force of the shots, but he did not die, for how can you kill what is already dead?”
Jason Medina, The Manhattanville Incident: An Undead Novel

Yoon Ha Lee
“In what universe was keeping an insane undead general as an attack dog a good deal?”
Yoon Ha Lee, Raven Stratagem
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Suzanne  Johnson
“You must not have carnal relations with this elf, Drusilla.”
Suzanne Johnson, Frenchman Street

Dorothea Lasky
Moves you past these lines
Into conversation
With the undead”
Dorothea Lasky, Rome: Poems

Jason Medina
“Meanwhile, the reanimated zombies followed along at a much slower pace lurking in the shadows and finishing off anyone that managed to slip by, until the entire city had finally fallen and become a metropolis of the undead.”
Jason Medina, The Manhattanville Incident: An Undead Novel

Colleen Gleason
“The vampire burned up?” Dylan asked, his eyes lit with humor. “You mean, he doesn’t sparkle in the sunlight?”
Colleen Gleason, The Spiritglass Charade

“The earliest documented appearance of rabies on our planet has been in Mesopotamia around 2000 B.C. ... The symptoms of rabies were diagnosed throughout history, following its inception, as being a form of undead or cursed type of creature, revenants if you will.”
L.B. Ó Ceallaigh, Revenants, Retroviruses, and Religion: How Viruses and Disease Created Cultural Mythology and Shaped Religious Perspectives

Bennett Sims
“FIGHT THE BITE refers to this phenomenon as 'spite bites': namely, when people who are nonfatally contaminated (e.g., by a scratch, or a bite on the ankle: any matter of infection that─instead of killing them instantly─leaves them with a week of fever and dread before they become undead) decide to spend their last days alive contaminating as many other victims as they can.”
Bennett Sims, A Questionable Shape

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