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Peter S. Beagle
“The magician stood erect, menacing the attackers with demons, metamorphoses, paralyzing ailments, and secret judo holds. Molly picked up a rock.”
Peter S. Beagle, The Last Unicorn

Chuck Palahniuk
“With a gun barrel between your teeth, you speak only in vowels.”
Chuck Palahniuk

Tom Stoppard
“A man breaking his journey between one place and another at a third place of no name, character, population or significance, sees a unicorn cross his path and disappear. That in itself is startling, but there are precedents for mystical encounters of various kinds, or to be less extreme, a choice of persuasions to put it down to fancy; until--"My God," says a second man, "I must be dreaming, I thought I saw a unicorn." At which point, a dimension is added that makes the experience as alarming as it will ever be. A third witness, you understand, adds no further dimension but only spreads it thinner, and a fourth thinner still, and the more witnesses there are the thinner it gets and the more reasonable it becomes until it is as thin as reality, the name we give to the common experience... "Look, look!" recites the crowd. "A horse with an arrow in its forehead! It must have been mistaken for a deer.”
Tom Stoppard, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

C. JoyBell C.
“I think that if you have a horse, pegasus, qilin, or unicorn, you should sit on it! You should stroke its hair, whisper in its ear, be one with it! And you shouldn't feel sorry if other people don't have one.”
C. JoyBell C.

Chloe Neill
“Oh please," Scout said."Don't take that tone with me. You know you'd love to have a minion. Someone at your beck and call. Someone to do your bidding. How many times have you said to yourself," Self, I need a unicorn to run errands and such?”
Chloe Neill, Firespell

Peter S. Beagle
“If she had touched me," he said very softly, "I would have been hers and not my own, not ever again. I wanted her to touch me but I could not let her. No cat will. We let human beings caress us because it is pleasant enough and calms them - but not her. The price is more than a cat can pay.”
Peter S. Beagle

C.S. Lewis
“Emeth came walking forward into the open strip of grass between the bonfire and the Stable. His eyes were shining, his face was solemn, his hand was on his sword-hilt, and he carried his head high. Jill felt like crying when she looked at his face. And Jewel whispered in the King's ear, "By the Lion's Mane, I almost love this young warrior, Calormene though he be. He is worthy of a better god than Tash.”
C.S. Lewis, The Last Battle

Julia Quinn
“I’m not trying to impress you,” he replied, glancing up at the front of the room. “Gads,” he said, blinking in surprise. “What is that ?”
Hyacinth followed his gaze. Several of the Pleinsworth progeny, one of whom appeared to be costumed as a shepherdess, were milling about.
“Now that’s an interesting coincidence,” Gareth murmured.
“It might be time to start bleating,” she agreed.
“I thought this was meant to be a poetry recitation.”
Hyacinth grimaced and shook her head. “An unexpected change to the program, I’m afraid.”
“From iambic pentameter to Little Bo Peep?” he asked doubtfully. “It does seem a stretch.”
Hyacinth gave him a rueful look. “I think there will still be iambic pentameter.”
His mouth fell open. “From Peep?”
She nodded, holding up the program that had been resting in her lap. “It’s an original composition,” she said, as if that would explain everything. “By Harriet Pleinsworth.The Shepherdess, the Unicorn, and Henry VIII .”
“All of them? At once?”
“I’m not jesting,” she said, shaking her head.
“Of course not. Even you couldn’t have made this up.”
Hyacinth decided to take that as a compliment.
“Why didn’t I receive one of these?” he asked, taking the program from her.
“I believe it was decided not to hand them out to the gentlemen,” Hyacinth said, glancing about the room. “One has to admire Lady Pleinsworth’s foresight, actually. You’d surely flee if you knew what was in store for you.”
Julia Quinn, It's in His Kiss

Lewis Carroll
“I always thought they were fabulous monsters!" said the Unicorn. "Is it alive?"
"It can talk," said Haigha, solemnly.
The Unicorn looked dreamily at Alice, and said, "Talk, child."
Alice could not help her lips curling up into a smile as she began: "Do you know, I always thought Unicorns were fabulous monsters, too! I never saw one alive before!"
"Well, now that we have seen each other," said the Unicorn, "if you'll believe in me, I'll believe in you. Is that a bargain?”
Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland / Through the Looking-Glass

Peter S. Beagle
“Why did they go away, do you think? If there ever were such things."
"Who knows? Times change. Would you call this age a good one for unicorns?"
"No, but I wonder if any man before us ever thought his time a good time for unicorns.”
Peter S. Beagle, The Last Unicorn

Sybrina Durant
“The Metal Horn Unicorns say, “No Metal – No Magic. . .and No Technology”. They are exactly right! Metals and other elements of the periodic table are in every facet of our everyday lives.”
Sybrina Durant, Magical Elements of the Periodic Table Presented Alphabetically by the Metal Horn Unicorns

Peter S. Beagle
“He was the color of blood, not the springing blood of the heart but the blood that stirs under an old wound that never really healed. A terrible light poured from him like sweat, and his roar started landslides flowing into one another. His horns were pale as scares.”
Peter S. Beagle, The Last Unicorn

Kamilla Benko
“Taking a deep breath, she began a new tale.
"Once upon a real time, there were two girls, sister. The little one followed the elder like night follows day, and they were as different from each other as sun and moon, but like the sun and moon, neither would be the same without the other...”
Kamilla Benko, The Unicorn Quest

Becky Albertalli
“It’s kind of adorable how every minute counts for him. The classic honeymoon stage where everyone feels like they’re riding a unicorn on floating rainbows while drinking Skittle smoothies. But eventually you realize the unicorn was just a horse in costume and now you have cavities.”
Becky Albertalli, What If It's Us

Sybrina Durant
“It might be very hard to believe but with no metal and no magic there’d be no technology.”
Sybrina Durant, Magical Elements of the Periodic Table Presented Alphabetically by the Metal Horn Unicorns

Sheri   Fink
“Just like the Little Unicorn, you can create magic when you believe in yourself and cherish your friends. Your sparkle is always within you and shines brightest when you spread love, joy, and kindness. Never let anything dim your sparkle.”
Sheri Fink, The Little Unicorn

Thea Harrison
“None of us could have predicted this," Death said. "That the dragon, who was terminally possessive and loved the material treasures of the world beyond all else, would come to yearn eternally for what he could never truly hold onto: the soul of another. All things die, brother. Sooner or later, they all die.”
Thea Harrison, The Adversary

“Dominic was rubbing his cheek against her head when his body stiffened. "What is that?"
"What?" She was trying to wiggle her fingers in between his shirt buttons without anyone else seeing. She liked the feel of his chest hair beneath her skin.
Although her onetime comment comparing it to petting Humphrey was a mistake she wouldn't repeat.
"In the sugar bubble on the second tier." Dominic was dropping into his Operation Cake tone, which only made her want to open all the buttons. "What is that?"
"Probably another dragon," she said airily, rubbing him and making a shiver run through his big body. "We agreed on including Caractacus."
"Yes. We agreed on the dragon. We did not agree on other crea..." He couldn't seem to help running his fingers down her spine, but she felt the moment he realized what he was looking at. His words became dangerously even. "It has a horn."
"You're seeing things." A soothing pet on his pec.
"It has hooves." Unmistakable outrage.
"I have no idea what you're talking about."
In public, he was still usually a little more reserved, but he swung her around now, properly into his arms. His brows had lifted pointedly, but he was unable to fully repress that laugh she loved so much. His forehead came down to rest on hers. "God, you're lucky I adore you."
Sylvie was smiling as she slipped her arms around his shoulders. "And despite your hopeless lack of imagination and tragic inclination toward minimalism, I love you madly.”
Lucy Parker, Battle Royal

“The origin of the universe is a unicorn.”
Wald Wassermann

Thea Harrison
“I will always want to touch you," he told her. "No matter how stinky or cranky you get. If you want, I'll roll in the mud with you."

"Now, there's true love." She snuggled against his chest.”
Thea Harrison, The Adversary

Sarah Beth Durst
“The unicorn, still elegant and radiant, let out a tiny burp.”
Sarah Beth Durst, Fire & Heist

Reena Doss
“The stories of unicorns are buried under myth, legend and magic but did you know that they cannot survive in a place where Love, Truth and Freedom refuse to exist?”
Reena Doss

Stewart Stafford
“Hallucination Country by Stewart Stafford

A furious tribe of leaves,
Chased a logging truck,
As forked flames waved,
From a burning backyard tree.

A half-eaten unicorn in a ditch,
A warning from hunters nearby,
Slaughtering fairytale creatures,
Cryptids were their mint targets.

An abandoned Volkswagen car lay,
Half-overturned, underbelly exposed,
The injured driver, now hitchhiking,
With a spree killer or tow-truck driver.

© Stewart Stafford, 2022. All rights reserved.”
Stewart Stafford

“Let's try," said Evelyn. "Let's do it for the mermicorns.”
Daisy Meadows, Evelyn the Mermicorn Fairy: Special

Sybrina Durant
“Osm – the unicorn with the multi-metal horn tipped with Osmium can do it all! He has the powers of all the metal horn unicorns. Osmium is much rarer than gold, about 1000 times, but it is only worth about ¼ the price because there are so few uses for it.”
Sybrina Durant, Magical Elements of the Periodic Table Presented Alphabetically by the Metal Horn Unicorns

Irene  Daniels
“A threatened unicorn was never a pretty sight.”
Irene Daniels, Blood of Dragons

Irene  Daniels
“Turn lizards into dragons and see the horns on unicorns. Mustn't forget those!”
Irene Daniels, Blood of Dragons

“Dressed in red pants and a red shirt with red make-up and a stem on my head, I was too skinny. Most people thought I was a firecracker, a red unicorn, or a devil with one horn. It didn’t help that my worm got smeared with red paint, so I looked like a chili pepper with a Xenomorph from Alien bursting from my stomach.”

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