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Nora Ephron
“Oh, how I regret not having worn a bikini for the entire year I was twenty-six. If anyone young is reading this, go, right this minute, put on a bikini, and don't take it off until you're thirty-four.”
Nora Ephron, I Feel Bad About My Neck, And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman

Jeffrey Eugenides
“During a warm winter rain ... the basins of her collarbones collected water.”
Jeffrey Eugenides, The Virgin Suicides

Steve Maraboli
“By choosing healthy over skinny you are choosing self-love over self-judgment. You are beautiful!”
Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

“Soon I'll be thinner than all of you, she swore to herself. And then I'll be the winner. The thinner is the winner.”
Steven Levenkron, The Best Little Girl in the World

Ibi Kaslik
“Heart lesson #3: post-heartbreak survival.
The heart is resilient, I mean literally. When a body is burned, the heart is the last organ to oxidize. While the rest of the body can catch flame like a polyester sheet on campfire, it takes hours to burn the heart to ash. My dear sister, a near-perfect organ! Solid, inflammable.”
Ibi Kaslik, Skinny

“She ran her hands over her body as if to bid it good-bye. The hipbones rising from a shrunken stomach were razor-sharp. Would they be lost in a sea of fat? She counted her ribs bone by bone. Where would they go?”
Steven Levenkron, The Best Little Girl in the World

“She began to be reassured by these pains, tangible symbols of her success in becoming thinner than anyone else. Her only identity was being "the skinniest." She had to feel it.”
Steven Levenkron, Kessa

Diana Gabaldon
“I wouldna cross the road to see a scrawny woman if she was stark naked and dripping wet. ~Jamie Fraser”
Diana Gabaldon

“Kessa ran her fingers over her stomach. Flat. But was it flat enough? Not quite. She still had some way to go. Just to be safe, she told herself. Still, it was nice the way her pelvic bones rose like sharp hills on either side of her stomach. I love bones. Bones are beautiful.”
Steven Levenkron, The Best Little Girl in the World

Donna Cooner
“I loved you when you were three hundred and two pounds, and I love you now."
Donna Cooner, Skinny

Matt Dunn
“Skinny jeans were only good if you had skinny genes.”
Matt Dunn, A Day at the Office

Ellen Hopkins
“But calories won't conquer me. They are one thing I can control”
Ellen Hopkins, Perfect

Nicholas Sparks
“For desert, maybe we can split a couple of crumbs.”
Nicholas Sparks, Dear John

Alyson Noel
“But I want you to know that you're a beautiful girl, far more beautiful than I ever was at your age, and that starving yourself to compete with all of those skinny celebrities who spend half their lives checking in and out of rehab is not only a completely unreasonable and unattainable goal, but will only end up making you sick.”
Alyson Noel, The Immortals Boxed Set

“From the newsstands a dozen models smiled up at her from a dozen magazine covers, smiled in thin-faced, high-cheekboned agreement to Kessa's new discovery. They knew the secret too. They knew thin was good, thin was strong; thin was safe.”
Steven Levenkron, The Best Little Girl in the World

“She lay on her back and walked her fingers down her ribs, skipped them over her abdomen, and landed on her pelvic bones. She tapped them with her Knuckles. [. . .] I can hear my bones, she thought. Her fingers moved up from her pelvic bones to her waist. The elastic of her underpants barely touched the center of her abdomen. The bridge is almost finished, she thought. The elastic hung loosely around each thigh. More progress. She put her knees together and raised them in the air. No matter how tightly she pressed them together, her thighs did not touch.”
Steven Levenkron, The Best Little Girl in the World

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“The media made the masses to find not-so-skinny women appear not-so-beautiful … in the eyes of the remote holder.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana, The Confessions of a Misfit

Enock Maregesi
“Wanaume hupenda nyama kwenye mifupa.”
Enock Maregesi

Alain Bremond-Torrent
“She is just drunk and horny, and skinny, so skinny, as thin as a steak from a Mac Donald’s burger.”
Alain Bremond-Torrent, running is flying intermittently

Jennifer Valoppi
“At first, when she started to lose weight, everyone commented on how great she looked. Finally, those last ten, ugly pounds were gone. But then the weight just kept coming off. She was left with sagging jowls and eyes that had lost their glimmer, like an old dog relegated to a sleepy corner.”
Jennifer Valoppi, Certain Cure: Where Science Meets Religion

Gabriel García Márquez
“The type he preferred was the opposite: those skinny little tadpoles that no one bothered to turn around and look at in the street, who seemed to disappear when they took off their clothes, who made you feel sorry for them when their bones cracked at the first impact, and yet who could leave the man who bragged the most about his virility ready for the trashcan.”
Gabriel García Márquez

Marissa Meyer
“This dress won't fit without a twenty-two-inch waist, although just once I'd like to see you down to twenty.”
Marissa Meyer, Heartless

Steven Magee
“If losing weight was easy, we would all be skinny.”
Steven Magee

“He is a scrawny broomstick of a boy in dusky shalwar kameez with holes - filthy wild hair, bruised lips, skulking face.”
Usman Malik, The Djinn Falls in Love & Other Stories

Abhijit Naskar
“Fitness has nothing to do with thinness. A chubby person who works out daily is fitter than a skinny person who has a sedentary lifestyle.”
Abhijit Naskar, Gente Mente Adelante: Prejudice Conquered is World Conquered