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“Get a grip on your heart and pride, girl. Nobody has or ever will give a damn whether you're happy or not.”
Sandy Blair, A Man In A Kilt

Brandon Mull
“Oh, Kendra, before I forget, Gavin asked me to give you this letter." He held out a gray, speckled envelope.
"Happy birthday to you!" Seth exclaimed, his voice full of implications.
Kendra tried not to blush as she tucked the envelope away.
"Dear Kendra," Seth improvised, "you're the only girl who really gets me, you know, and I think you're very mature for your age--"
"What about some cake?" Grandma interrupted, holding the first piece out to Kendra and glaring at Seth.”
Brandon Mull

Kennedy Ryan
“Don’t you feel how connected we are?” I ask. “If I break your heart, I break mine.” A sweet smile spreads over her lips and she nods.”
Kennedy Ryan, Grip

Pepper D. Basham
“God holds us. We are protected by His grip in such a precious way that the good and the bad must pass through His fingers to us. No harm, fear, or pain can reach us without His allowance, and yet, it is a loving grip. A loving allowance we cannot understand until time has frayed our pride and tempered our heartbreak. And even then, our only answer may be to trust His love more than our understanding.”
Pepper D. Basham, The Thorn Keeper

Randy Alcorn
“Giving up everything must mean giving over everything to kingdom purposes, surrendering everything to further the one central cause, loosening our grip on everything. For some of us, this may mean ridding ourselves of most of our possessions. But for all of us it should mean dedicating everything we retain to further the kingdom. (For true disciples, however, it cannot mean hoarding or using kingdom assets self-indulgently.)”
Randy Alcorn, Money, Possessions and Eternity

Anthony Liccione
“She's my pride, my winning prize, always a surprise, to look into her eyes, see her free soul, as soap that slips from the grip of control; a stroll through the park on a dark night with stars to spark the sky, heaven with no price tag I realize, love is the same: endless, priceless, full bliss; to have this princess I pinch myself thinking this is a dream, but to my reprise, I can only say I am now, at last, alive.”
Anthony Liccione

“We must come to grips with our biases, or they will surely keep a grip on us.”
Edward Mooney, Jr.

“As the new year began, [Patricia Highsmith] felt completely paralysed, incapable of reading or picking up the phone. 'I can feel my grip loosening on my self,' she wrote. 'It is like strength failing in the hand that holds me above an abyss.' She wished there was a more awful-sounding word for what she was feeling than simply 'depression'. She wanted to die, she said, but then realised that the best course of action would be to endure the wretchedness until it passed. Her wish was, 'Not to die, but not to exist, simply, until this is over'.”
Andrew Wilson, Patricia Highsmith, Ζωή στο σκοτάδι

“I lose the grip of time when I search for its delusional existence.”
Yash Thakur