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Erik Pevernagie
“Between shortage and absolute poverty an ocean of shades and gradations do emerge on the scale of deficiency. Be that as it may, each stage must find a mode to leave a door ajar for the sun to peer in and human warmth to radiate. ( " Homeless down in the corner")”
Erik Pevernagie

Erik Pevernagie
“If we don’t live in the same vibe, it is hard to be aware of each other. When our reading differs from our neighbors’ reality, our surroundings may take a range of discordant shades and daily episodes become unrecognizable. But if we endeavor to find out, the “who is who”, the “what is what” and the “where is Waldo”, we might demonstrate our social literacy and connectedness. ("Fish for silence.")”
Erik Pevernagie

Erik Pevernagie
“Through art, we learn to understand ourselves and light up the veiled angles in our minds. It teaches us how to get hold of life and get a sense of the shades in the wild richness of the abundant diversity that stretches through our daily experience. It gives us a foothold in the estranging landscapes we cross during our life journey and helps us figure out the wisdom behind the countless signs and tokens. (Stilling our mind)”
Erik Pevernagie

Ross Caligiuri
“If you feel like you don't fit into the world you inherited it is because you were born to help create a new one.”
Ross Caligiuri, Dreaming in the Shadows

Ross Caligiuri
“To completely understand me you must first accept that I am not you.”
Ross Caligiuri, Dreaming in the Shadows

Ross Caligiuri
“My dream is to create something so beautiful that it encourages people to present the best version of themselves to me everywhere I go.”
Ross Caligiuri

Ross Caligiuri
“Eternity will not cause our memories to fade, it will force our hearts to accept the past.”
Ross Caligiuri, Dreaming in the Shadows

Ross Caligiuri
“To struggle against the weight of sleep as reality eclipses the moon of your dreams is the purest sign of true love.”
Ross Caligiuri, Dreaming in the Shadows

“For grey matter, there is no black and white. If you think in black and white, then you do not use enough brain functions.”
Petek Kabakci

Henry T. Finck
“Love is such a tissue of paradoxes, and exists in such endless variety of forms and shades that you may say almost anything about it that you please, and it is likely to be correct.”
Henry Finck

Kathryn Hurn
“How easily such a thing can become a mania, how the most normal and sensible of women once this passion to be thin is upon them, can lose completely their sense of balance and proportion and spend years dealing with this madness.”
Kathryn Hurn, HELL HEAVEN & IN-BETWEEN: One Woman's Journey to Finding Love

“Although I don't know much about anything, I know that I have a story. I know that it is not over. There are shades and shadows of adventures and people and wild new places. Whatever Paris might turn out to be, and whatever Dr. Epstein is able to do, I want to be there to find out.”
Emily Barr, The One Memory of Flora Banks

Talia Carner
“All this time she hadn't known that "blue" was actually seven distinct shades, each with its own names- azure, Prussian, cobalt, cerulean, sapphire, indigo, lapis. She pressed the waxy pencils on the paper, amazed by the emerging hues: the ornaments curving on the Armenian vase were lapis; the purplish contours of the Jerusalem mountains were shrouded by indigo evening clouds.”
Talia Carner, Jerusalem Maiden

Ross Caligiuri
“Try to think of it as though we are rewriting history––the first time this experience occurred you and I never kissed in this Dream Machine room. But now when we leave here, and open our eyes again near the wall around the center of Constance, that kiss will be included in our memories of the day we first met. We could spend a lifetime recreating this moment here, meanwhile, not a single second of our lives would slip by back in our reality. Time seems to move differently inside of our memories.”
Ross Caligiuri, Dreaming in the Shadows

Ross Caligiuri
“As her feet beat the concrete ground beneath them, her chest began to ache. It had been a long time since she had run at a full sprint. She was, quite literally, running for her life, and leaving everything she had known before behind. Regardless of her past experiences, here she was, blindly following a girl, who was virtually a stranger, because she had promised to lead Eleanor to safety.”
Ross Caligiuri, Dreaming in the Shadows

Ross Caligiuri
“Eleanor had heard talk of the rebellion that existed inside the city of Constance before. Most of the information she gathered was considered an old fairy tale by the general public. There were a few stories here and there about people angered by their present living conditions, who had demanded that the center of Constance be held responsible for it. However, information was never passed between the five different sectors. Over the years the tales of the rebellion had become children’s bedtime stories, and people did not take them seriously.”
Ross Caligiuri, Dreaming in the Shadows

Ross Caligiuri
“Here we go,” Phoenix said, turning back to Nora. “Try not to let this room scare you.”
Ross Caligiuri, Dreaming in the Shadows

Brent Weeks
“The cosmetics, the clothes, the hair, the shaved and lotioned skin, the anointing oils, the posture, the dazzling bright colors and pleasing patterns: these were all the lampshades we settle over our light hoping to cast a hue and color others will find acceptable. We hope we'll find it acceptable, too.
But others don't even see that color, for they view us through their own lenses, filtering our already-filtered light in ways we can only guess. Nor do we see ourselves true, for we wear our own lenses, and sometimes the eye itself is dark, and how great the darkness!
Kip had been so certain for so long that there was nothing he could do to make himself acceptable that he'd hidden his light altogether. The mirror had been an enemy who, overwhelming in his might, had simply needed to be avoided. But the mirror is ever a liar: when you yourself cut out half the light by which you see, how can the mirror be anything but?
'Let me see my skin, but with no pink tones.'...'Oh, how awfully pale and ugly I am.'
We see others not as they are but as we see. We see ourselves not as we are but as we see-and as we are seen, for we each cast our light on each other, too. Surrounded by those who cast only brutal light, we see some truth, and sometimes necessary truth, but a lie if we think it all the truth.
Kip had been shedding filters and lampshades for the last few years now. Being stripped of drafting was different, though. It not only changed his sight, but it changed the very light he cast into the world. It certainly was changing how people saw him.”
Brent Weeks, The Burning White

“Every disorder is either too much or too little.


Often we are unable to see when an ocean is just a glass.”

Herman Melville
“Is it that by its indefiniteness it shadows forth the heartless voids and immensities of the universe, and thus stabs us from behind with the thought of annihilation, when beholding the white depths of the milky way? Or is it, that as in essence whiteness is not so much a colour as a visible absence of colour, and at the same time the concrete of all colours; is it for these reasons that there is such a dumb blankness, full of meaning, in a wide landscape of snows — a colourless, all-colour of atheism from which we shrink?”
Herman Melville, Moby Dick

Anthony T. Hincks
“Even grey has a shade of happiness.”
Anthony T. Hincks

“If we accept that opposites (or gradations of circumstances, or differences in ways of being) are all part of the same hologram of life (just as we need different shades and colours to make up a picture), then we can see that we need all those aspects to make up our world.”
Julia Woodman

Paige Britt
“When they burst through, a small chain of colorful mountains appeared below them. The range spanned from the deepest, darkest blue to the shiniest, brightest white and everything in between. The foot of each mountain was a single color– midnight blue, mossy green, burnt umber – and this color, whatever it was, was the darkest shade it could be. As the color moved up the mountains, the shade grew lighter and lighter until it reached the peak. The peaks were glorious pastels, shimmering with only the faintest pigment.”
Paige Britt, The Lost Track of Time

Terry Pratchett
“But we are running out of colors," said Mr. Violet, intervening.
"That cannot be the case," said Mr. white. "There are an infinite number of colors."
"But there are not that many names," said Miss Taupe.
"That is not possible. A color must have a name."
"We can find only one hundred and three names for green before the color becomes noticeably either blue or yellow," said Miss Crimson.
"But the shades are endless!"
"Nevertheless, the names are not."
"This is a problem that must be solved. Add it to the list, Miss Brown. We must name very possible shade.”
Terry Pratchett, Thief of Time

“Try the Color Me Coral." Turning, he cast an expert eye over Sylvie. "For you, definitely a rose. Two swipes of Bloomin' Marvelous, and boom. Greta Garbo."
"And I thought my work involved magical illusions.”
Lucy Parker, Battle Royal

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“Many times in life it’s not about turning on the light. Rather, it’s about refusing to pull the shades.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

“Room temperature for one, may not be room temperature for another. It's easier to stay warm, when we are cold, as camouflage for other senses.


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