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Shayla Black
“If you were expecting Prince Charming, I'm sorry. He's with his boyfriend.”
Shayla Black, Wicked Ties

K.A. Linde
“Jack: "..You were the on­ly one I saw when I closed my eyes"
Lexi: "Then why wasn't I enough when they were open?”
K.A. Linde, Avoiding Commitment

Moira Young
“Wisdom ain't a virtue I ever aspired to.”
Moira Young, Blood Red Road

Brodi Ashton
“He leaned forward and said, "Tell me, friend. Is there more for us?"

I looked down at my feet. "There's everything for us.”
Brodi Ashton, Everneath

Melissa de la Cruz
“Prove it!" she hissed. "Prove you are who you are!"
"We don't have time for this! You really want me to prove who I am?" he asked.
"Yes!" she challenged.
In answer, he took her in his arms, lifting her up and against the wall. He pressed his lips against hers, and with each kiss she could see into his mind, into his soul. She saw a year of hate...saw him alone, alienated, hurt. She had lied to him and had left him. With every kiss he made her see, made her feel...every emotion, every dream he had of her...every ounce of his wanting and his need...and his love...his all-consuming, life-affirming love for her. In the darkness they found each other again...and she kissed him back, so greedily and hungrily, she never wanted to stop kissing him...to feel his heart against hers, the two of them intertwined together, his hands in her hair, then down the small of her back. She wanted to cry from the overwhelming emotion that engulfed the two of them....
"Now do you belive me?" Jack asked huskily, pulling away from a moment so they could look into each other's eyes. Schuyler nodded, breathless. Jack. Every fiber of her being tingled with love and desire and remorse and forgiveness. Oh Jack...the love of her life, her sweet, her soul...”
Melissa de la Cruz, The Van Alen Legacy

Emma Lord
“It’s weird, how you have no idea how far you’ve come until suddenly you can’t find the way back.”
Emma Lord, Tweet Cute

P.C. Cast
“What more could you want? How about dominion over this 'beautiful place'? Beauty doesn't last. Friends and family decay. Power is the only thing that goes on forever."
Jack answered with his gut. "No, love goes on forever.”
P.C. Cast, Awakened

Kiersten White
“Jack might look my age, but he was like a little kid on a sugar high --- in need of a good spanking. --- Good heavens, that sounded creepy.”
Kiersten White, Supernaturally

F. Paul Wilson
“If you come to a fight thinking it will be a fair one, you didn't come prepared.”
F. Paul Wilson

Shannon Hale
“Hey, times are tough, and thirty gold coins can do a lot of good. But I guess you wouldn't know about needing money, since you grew up like a little princ..."
(Rapunzel glares)
"Prin... soner. I mean, prisoner! A prisoner in a tower, such a shame, that.”
Shannon Hale

Ilona Andrews
“Grandpa?" Declan raised his eyebrows.
"We keep him in the shed out back," Jack said helpfully. "So he doesn't eat dog brains.”
Ilona Andrews, On the Edge

Kresley Cole
“I woan let you go back to that boy--not until you give me one bec doux." A sweet kiss. Then he reached forward, unlacing the ribbon from my hair.

"What are you doing?" I murmured.

"Souvenir." He put it in his pocket, and for some reason that struck me as the sexiest thing I'd ever seen.”
Kresley Cole, Poison Princess

Brodi Ashton
“However he'd found his way here, it didn't matter. I knew then that the boy under the tree had to be mine. That floppy hair should be mine to touch. That big, knuckly boy hand should be mine to hold. That gruff voice should be mine to hear, and those ears should be mine to tell all my secrets to. Except for the biggest secret. That I loved him. More than the crush I was dealing with for years. More than I should've loved a best friend. More than he would ever love me back. I was gone for him.”
Brodi Ashton, Everbound

Brodi Ashton
“Tell me, friend," Jack said, his fingertips grazing mind as people shuffled past us in the hallway. "Is there more for us?"
I looked at my feet. "There's everything for us.”
Brodi Ashton, Everbound

Kiersten White
“What’s the point in hating something if you aren’t proactive?”
Kiersten White, Supernaturally
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Cinda Williams Chima
“Commander! Sir! Wake up!"
Jack surfaced from sleep, wondering who the commander was and wishing he'd respond so he could go back to sleep - until he remembered that he was the commander.”
Cinda Williams Chima, The Dragon Heir

Matt Myklusch
“...the future is not written. It lies in the choices you make. Our future is ours to decide. Always.”
Matt Myklusch, Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation

Amanda Hocking
“Not to sound, you know, like a dick," Jack said carefully. "But you just dragged us out of bed to show us Jane's messy room? That's not really an emergency Mae."
"She's not here!" Mae shouted, gesturing to the mess around her. "That's the emergency." 
"Again, not to be a dick, but that's not really an emergency." Jack said.”
Amanda Hocking, Flutter

Kresley Cole
“I know that look.” Jack shook his head ruefully. “Doan worry; she’ll
give you your balls back as soon as she’s done getting her way.”
Kresley Cole, Dead of Winter
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Moira Young
“Don’t worry, says Ike, I didn’t do yer pretty face no harm. I should of though. After what you done to me.
He glares at Jack an Jack actually looks shame-faced. Ike jabs him in the chest with a big meaty finger.
You left me, you sonofabitch, he says, hangin upside down, stark naked, with all them women in their—
Jack grabs his hand. Not now, Ike, he says. We’ll talk about it later.”
Moira Young, Blood Red Road
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Moira Young
“Jack lifts his mug. Me an Ike do the same.
To Molly Pratt, says Jack.
Ike scowls at him. Watch yer mouth, he says.
Jeez, Ike, says Jack. All I’m sayin is … to Molly Pratt.
Ike looks sly. Leans in an waggles his eyebrows. To Molly Pratt, he says, an her frilly red bloomers.
One helluva woman, says Jack.
One helluva pair of undies, says Ike.
Then they throw their drinks down their necks.”
Moira Young, Blood Red Road
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Brodi Ashton
“Tell me, friend. Is there more for us?"
I looked into his eyes, "There is everything for us.”
Brodi Ashton, Everneath

Kresley Cole
“Jackson asked, "Where'd the water come from in your house?"

"A pipe." Then he explained to Jackson, "Water travels in pipes.”
Kresley Cole, Poison Princess

“So what's the point, then, if we can't be happy? Why are we doing any of this?"

"Oh, there's definitely happiness," Jack said, turning his back on the ocean and looking at her. "But it's just about moments, not ever-afters." He grinned. "Like when you're right in the middle of the ocean with your friends, with no one trying to kill you in any kind of horrifying way. You have to appreciate these moments when they happen, 'cause obviously we don't get many of them.”
james riley, The Half Upon a Time Trilogy: Half Upon a Time; Twice Upon a Time; Once Upon the End

Kresley Cole
“Your mortal's storming the slaver den." Aric's tone was half-amused, half-approving. "I'm hereby inviting myself on his incursion.”
Kresley Cole, Dead of Winter

Oscar Wilde
“Well, I don't like your clothes. You look perfectly ridiculous in them. Why on earth don't you go up and change? It's perfectly childish to be in mourning for a man who is actually staying a whole week with you in your house as a guest. I call it grotesque.”
Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest: And Other Plays

Lisa Kleypas
“You told me you believed marriage was for other people."

"You're the only man who could make me believe that it's for me, too. Although when you get down to it, love is what's real. I still say marriage is just a piece of paper."

Jack smiled. "Let's find out," he said, and he pulled me down to the bed with him.

Jack & Ella”
Lisa Kleypas, Smooth Talking Stranger

Timothy Pina
“A person who gossips & talks too much may not suffer from Bipolar Disorder but may suffer from Verbal Diarrhea.:)”
Timothy Pina

“Have you ever loved anyone?"
"You mean besides my mum?"
Luke was dumbfounded as he stared at Jack. He knew his friend's story. "She sold you when you were five."
Jack shrugged. "Doesn't mean I didn't love her. Just means she didn't love me.”
Lorraine Heath, In Bed with the Devil

Lisa Gillis
“Stung again by this queen bee of the Loren clan, Marissa shook it off and retorted, “See, that’s just it. I don’t always love Jack Storm. But with all my heart I love Jack Loren.”
Lisa Gillis, Weathering Jack Storm

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