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Christine Feehan
“I’m quite capable of walking,” she pointed out.
It is faster this way. Your legs are short.”
They are not!”
Christine Feehan, Dark Guardian

Christine Feehan
“I wasn’t going to argue with you. Why ever would you think that? I never argue."
Lucian smiled at her. She was so small, it amazed him she was such a strong person. "Of course you do not argue. What was I thinking? Go to sleep, honey, and allow my poor body to rest."
"I’m already asleep. You’re the one gabbing.”
Christine Feehan, Dark Guardian

Lynsay Sands
“What is it?”
Leigh glanced up with uncertainty, then back to his groin with a sort of horrified fascination. “Well, um… is there something about immortals you haven’t told me?”
“What? What do you mean?” he asked with bewilderment.
Leigh shook her head, then leaned forward and said “Hello?” to his groin, only to stiffen again and jerk back as if it had hissed at her.
“Are you talking to my penis?” Lucian asked with disbelief.
“It talked to me first,” she said defensively, and frowned. “You didn’t mention this little skill.”
Lucian decided she must be joking and laughed. “So, what did it say?”
“It said, ‘Lucian? Lucian, are you there?’” He blinked.
“Why would it say that?”
“I don’t know. It’s your penis.”
That’s when he recalled the cell phone in his pocket. A laugh bursting from his lips, Lucian reached in his pocket to retrieve the phone.”
Lynsay Sands, Bite Me If You Can

Lynsay Sands
“I thought you said that after this many years nothing should embarrass him?" Leigh said with gentle amusement.

Lucian grunted. "I guess he's more sensitive than I thought."

"I am NOT sensitive," Cale snapped, irritated by the very suggestion.

"It's probably his mother's fault," Lucian said, ignoring him. "Martine named him after Caliope, the muse of poetry. Between that and his father dying when he was only fifty, he's probably suffered under Martine's namby-pamby influence.”
Lynsay Sands, Hungry for You

“Have you ever loved anyone?"
"You mean besides my mum?"
Luke was dumbfounded as he stared at Jack. He knew his friend's story. "She sold you when you were five."
Jack shrugged. "Doesn't mean I didn't love her. Just means she didn't love me.”
Lorraine Heath, In Bed with the Devil

Lynsay Sands
“Lissianna said, smacking Thomas in the arm. “What were you thinking? They don’t waltz here.”
“I was thinking I didn’t want my uncle clasping my butt, and our chests rubbing together as he stepped on my feet while trying to shuffle me around the floor,” Thomas answered dryly.”
Lynsay Sands

Lynsay Sands
“Relax,” Lucian said dryly. “Bricker will not leave without me. The SUV is—”
“What?” Basil asked when his brother paused with his arm half raised, shock crossing his features.
“The little shit just drove away without me,” Lucian said with amazement.”
Lynsay Sands, The Immortal Who Loved Me

Lynsay Sands
“Winkie? Flesh flute? Tallywhacker? Baby maker? Quiver bone? Joystick? Fun stick? Lap rocket? Love muscle? Wedding tackle? One-eyed wonder weasel? Helmet head? Wang? Trouser snake? Giggle stick? Schlong? Mushroom head? Love rod? Pecker? Thundersw—”
“Enough!” Lucian barked, and when Bricker paused and glanced to him questioningly, he said, “I do not know what alarms me more, that you have so many names for cock or what it means in regard to how much time you spend thinking about cock.”
Lynsay Sands, The Immortal Who Loved Me

Lynsay Sands
“What the hell is going on?” Bricker asked with amazement as they watched Victor carry Elvi out. “First Basil’s carrying Sherry away, and then Marcus is carting a blubbering Basha off, and now Elvi’s sobbing to beat the band and Victor is playing he-man too. Have the women gone crazy or is this an immortal caveman convention?”
Lucian reached out and biffed the younger man in the back of the head.
“Ow,” Bricker complained, rubbing the spot.”
Lynsay Sands, The Immortal Who Loved Me

Rachel Hartman
“Are you in love with Prince Lucian?' screamed my uncle. 'What were you up to when I arrived? You weren't going to mate right here in the snow, were you?”
Rachel Hartman, Seraphina

Christine Feehan
“Do not say it." Gabriel said with quiet menace.

"I said nothing." Lucian pointed out.

"You raised your eyebrow in that obnoxious way you have," Gabriel replied. "You are in enough trouble with me without adding a sneer to your sins."

"She is not like the women I seem to recall from our youth."

"You did not know any women in our youth." Gabriel told him.”
Christine Feehan, Dark Legend

Rachel Hartman
“I think I've heard that ballad," I said. "It's beautiful but it ends sadly.”
Rachel Hartman, Seraphina

Immanuel Kant
“For if the question is absurd in itself and demands unnecessary answers, then, besides the embarrassment of the one who proposes it, it also has the disadvantage of misleading the incautious listener into absurd answers, and presenting the ridiculous sight (as the ancients said) of one person milking a billy-goat while the other holds a sieve underneath. (A58/B82)”
Immanuel Kant, Critique of Pure Reason

Temple West
“You know how you get rid of tears?” I asked. He shook his head. “You find somebody you love and you hug them.”
Temple West, Velvet

Anne Bishop
“ - As wiccanfae não merecem estar entre nós...e Tir Alainn não é o lugar delas.
- Nesse caso, sugiro que se vá embora.
Lucian fixara-a com o olhar até Selena começar a perder mão sobre si mesma, em vias de se descontrolar.
- Eu sou Fae - afirmara - e sou Filha da Casa de Gaian, o que implica que também sou wiccanfae. No entanto, se eu sou wiccanfae,o que julga o Senhor do Fogo que é?
- Como?!
- O fogo é um dos elementos da Mãe Universal. Não é uma dádiva dos Fae. O único motivo pelo qual o senhor o domina é por ser descendente de pelos menos uma pessoa que pertencia à Casa de Gaian.
- Mentira - brandira Lucian - Eu sou Fae.
- Wiccanfae! - atirara Selena, no mesmo tom. - Quem tem o seu poder não pode ter sangue puro. Quem julgava o senhor que era?...”
Anne Bishop, The House of Gaian

-I gave you your life.

-You gave me chains.

-I thought you would have learned by now after all these years; you cannot have one without the other.

Patrick Tatopoulos, Rise of the Lycans

Melina Marchetta
“Lucian stared at him, overwhelmed. “What are you all of a sudden?” he demanded gruffly. “An ancient wiseman?”
Jory pointed to himself.
“Look at me, cousin. Did ancient wisemen have shoulders like mine?”
Melina Marchetta, Quintana of Charyn

Craig Johnson
“If you’re looking at the weather, it’s shitty, with a chance of shittier.”
Craig Johnson, The Western Star
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Craig Johnson
“Lucian took a swallow of the whiskey and licked his lips. “The one brother doesn’t seem too upset about his dead brother, and I’m starting to think this family might be a little bubble off plumb, but I get the address of the shooter and throw Cain in back of the Nash. On the drive over, he’s telling me that he didn’t have anything to do with killing Abel and that he didn’t even help the shooter dump the body—made him do it himself. Took some kind of strange moral stand on that one, I guess.” The old sheriff rolled his eyes. “Well, Ludlow Coontz, the shooter, is this big, dumb-lookin’ bulldogger, two hundred and seventy pounds if he was an ounce, and this is before I had yon man-mountain over there.”
Craig Johnson, The Western Star
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