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Kelley Armstrong
“I'm suprised he doesn't send Christmas cards," Antonio said. "I can see them now. Tasteful, embossed veilum cards, the best he can steal. Little notes in perfect penmanship,"Happy holidays. Hope everyone is well. I sliced up Ethan Ritter in Miami and scattered his remains in the Atlantic. Best wishes for the new year. Karl.”
Kelley Armstrong, Bitten

Michael Bassey Johnson
“Don't call anyone a devil, because within you, you can experience hell and the devil, and the devil is nothing, but you!”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Criss Jami
“I am not sure if women are attracted to genius. Can you imagine the wise wizard winning the woman over the gallant swordsman? It seems rather otherworldly in more ways than one.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

Kami Garcia
“Nothin' wrong with havin' a cat in the house. They can see what most people can't, like the folks in the Otherworld when they cross back over - the good ones and the bad. And they get rid a mice.”
Kami Garcia, Beautiful Darkness

“Mystical insight and enlightenment occur when the veil between the worlds is lifted, the worlds are bridged, the gap closes, and we cross over.”
Tom Cowan, Fire in the Head: Shamanism and the Celtic Spirit

Patrick Harpur
“What you knew in your childhood is true; the Otherworld of magic and enchantment is real, sometimes terribly real - and certainly more real than the factual reality which our culture has built up, brick by brick, to shut out colour and light and prevent us from flying.”
Patrick Harpur, A Complete Guide to the Soul

Louise Erdrich
“A woman's body is the gate to this life. A man's body is the gate to the next life.”
Louise Erdrich, The Antelope Wife

Yasmine Galenorn
“And before you ask, I don't ask what equipment my lovers have, merely if they want to play.”
Yasmine Galenorn, Shaded Vision

Kelley Armstrong
“Clearly it was time to consider rescheduling that optometrist appointment I'd missed last fall.”
Kelley Armstrong, Personal Demon

Yasmine Galenorn
“what was life has crumbled. What was form, now falls away. Mortal chains unbind and the soul is lifted free. May you find your way to the ancestors. May you find your path to the gods. May your bravery and courage be remembered in song and story. May your parents be proud, and may your children carry your birthright. Sleep, and wander no more”
Yasmine Galenorn, Crimson Veil

Deborah Blake
“The taxi driver dropped them off back at the Wabasha Street Caves and drove off clutching a huge tip and muttering under his breath about dog drool on his upholstery. In return, Chudo-Yudo muttered something about taxi drivers tasting good with ketchup.”
Deborah Blake, Dangerously Divine

Tracey-anne McCartney
“She placed her arms and hands strategically over the areas of her body that she felt uncomfortable with, but he moved closer, and his hands gently pulled them away too. “There’s no need to hide from me, you’re beautiful.” His lips then softly kissed the places that she tried to hide. At first, she felt self-conscious, but after taking several deep breaths, she focused purely on him, and not on her fears of not being sexy enough. She felt open, perhaps a little too exposed, more naked inside than out. She knew that her old inhibitions were causing her nervousness, and tried harder to relax. It was difficult having someone looking deeper than her just her body, something she wasn’t used to.”
Tracey-anne McCartney, A Carpet of Purple Flowers

Deborah Blake
“If you ignored the benign ghost that haunted the place and the witch who lived inside, it was practically the picture of normalcy.”
Deborah Blake, Wickedly Ever After

Deborah Blake
“You guys must use some interesting parenting techniques."
"You have no idea," Liam said dryly. "You have no idea.”
Deborah Blake, Wickedly Ever After

S.L. Morgan
“Don’t forget, I didn’t choose to come to here. I was kidnapped and forced to live here by your marvelous Pemdas warriors, who are interested in Earth only as it serves to keep ‘your beautiful Pemdas’ safe. Believe me when I say I would far rather be home with my friends.” -Reece Bryant, The Legacy of The Key.”
S.L. Morgan, The Legacy of the Key

Deborah Blake
“Members of the court still talked in whispers of the lady-in-waiting who had accidentally worn mismatched stockings to an afternoon tea. They said she made a lovely rosebush, always festooned with stunning flowers in two slightly different colors of peach.
Beka didn't aspire to be a rosebush.”
Deborah Blake, Wickedly Wonderful

Deborah Blake
“You might even say their bark is as bad as their bite.”
Deborah Blake, Wickedly Spirited

Deborah Blake
“My name is Koshka, and this Human person is Jazz. She is the protégé of the Baba Yaga Bella, and I am Bella’s Chudo-Yudo.”
“Oh,” said the Dwarf, and doffed his hat, briefly revealing a shiny bald spot before putting it back on again. “Why didn’t you say so?” He scowled. “I thought you were door-to-door salesmen.”
“Do you get a lot of that in the Otherworld?” Jazz asked, genuinely interested in the answer. Somehow she hadn’t imagined that would be a problem here.
Smythe shook his head. “Not yet. But I’ve heard all about them, and I expect they’ll turn up any day.”
Deborah Blake, Wickedly Spirited

Robert Musil
“Ein tiefer Graben unweltlicher Herkunft schien sie und ihn in ein Nirgendland einzuschließen.”
Robert Musil, The Man Without Qualities

Deborah Blake
“I guess part of me hoped that you'd come to me because you trusted me to help. And because maybe you missed me, just a little."
Beka took a deep breath. "Just a little? Hell, Marcus, it felt like I was missing half my soul."...
His hazel eyes stared into hers, as if he could read her mind, or maybe her heart, which stuttered and skipped as if it only half remembered how to beat.
Then he said in a low, fervent voice, "I think I found it for you." He pulled her into his arms, wrapping her in strength and warmth and longing, tugging her in close until his lips met hers.”
Deborah Blake, Wickedly Wonderful

Deborah Blake
“Her arms reached up to wrap around his neck, holding on as if she would never let go. She kissed him back with an ardor that astonished, gratified, and aroused him all at once, and for a moment, he lost himself in the kiss, and in the woman, thinking to himself, now this, this is magic.”
Deborah Blake, Wickedly Wonderful

Stefanie Payne
“Across the lansdcape, steam vents hiss gaseous breath from deep inside the planet, creating an environment that feels like it hangs in the balance between our world and another.”
Stefanie Payne, A Year in the National Parks: The Greatest American Road Trip