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Shannon L. Alder
“When a man plays with your heart it is for one of two reasons: He knows he can or he is undecided.”
Shannon L. Alder

Shannon L. Alder
“More often than not, people who are obsessed with their desires and feelings are generally unhappier in life vs. people that refocus their attention on service to others or a righteous cause. Have you ever heard someone say their life sucked because they fed the homeless? Made their children laugh? Or, bought a toy for a needy child at Christmas time?”
Shannon L. Alder

Karen Quan
“I had a dream that I saw shooting stars with you. Two things that will come close to never happening: Seeing shooting stars, and being with you.”
Karen Quan, Write like no one is reading 2

David Goggins
“Be more than motivated, be more than driven, become literally obsessed to the point where people think you're fucking nuts.”
David Goggins, Can't Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds

Markus Zusak
“I bet that guy was as obsessed with Sarah as I am with this other girl, and I bet he promised himself never to hurt her, just like I've been doin' - and look what he's done to her. He's left her a crumpled mess, lyin' on her bed all the time.”
Markus Zusak, Underdog

Paul Morabito
“Doing something once can be addicting. Doing it twice is admitting it.”
Paul Morabito, Poetic Delusions

Crystal Woods
“He's unconventionally attractive and yet coincidentally everything I've ever wanted.”
Crystal Woods, Write like no one is reading

Ted Dekker
“My name is Gerhard Braun, and I am God.”
Ted Dekker, Obsessed

Charlotte Eriksson
“An artist must be passionately in love with her art. Obsessed or possessed ― go mad for what you believe in.”
Charlotte Eriksson

“I am Iron Man”
Davin Turney

Israelmore Ayivor
“You go into extinction by being obsessed about becoming something else and then travelling in the wrong car while your real self keeps waiting at the bus stop for your unfulfilled return!”
Israelmore Ayivor, Shaping the dream

Vladimir Nabokov
“I would fight of course. Oh, I would fight. Better destroy everything than surrender her.”
Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita

Dee Remy
“I felt the same way the world felt about Kurtis; It revolved around him.”
Dee Remy, There Once Was A Boy

Anupama Garg
“TANTRA is a field that says neither abstain nor be obsessed. This can be handled by a few, even if you have mastered it”
Anupama Garg, The Tantric Curse

Nitya Prakash
“Not all people are obsessed with love in their life, some are just are obsessed to need a villain because they want to be a Hero.”
Nitya Prakash

Dorothea Lasky
“I never noticed anything but you
But you but you
So that I couldn't sleep”
Dorothea Lasky, Rome: Poems

Carmen Maria Machado
“You wanted someone to be obsessed with you. How could you accomplish that?”
Carmen Maria Machado, In the Dream House

Vladimir Nabokov
“He loved her in spite of her unlovableness. Armande had many trying, though not necessarily rare, traits, all of which he accepted as absurd clues in a clever puzzle.”
Vladimir Nabokov, Transparent Things

“I am so obsessed with my life that the books I used to read are resting in the bookshelf for years and my soul is dying in the arms of my life.”
Neymat Khan

“I wasn’t obsessed with him until I felt him fading. But maybe I was always obsessed, I just didn’t feel the anxiety of it until the trust was gone.”
Dominic Riccitello

Ottessa Moshfegh
“He was very intelligent and preoccupied with death and suffering.”
Ottessa Moshfegh, Homesick for Another World

“I don't want to become obsessed with work or money or change any of the values I have now. I don't have reason to believe that I ever should change, as much as I have this feeling of urgency to pursue my dreams...”
Tanya Kimberly Orme

Assegid Habtewold
“Individuals who are obsessed with competing with themselves alone don't have time to compete with others and, most importantly, to judge others...”
Assegid Habtewold, The 9 Cardinal Building Blocks: For continued success in leadership

“Do not allow yourself to be obsessed on failures”
Sunday Adelaja

Olivia Sudjic
“I hope when this is done I'll be able to get back into my happy gardening vibe that was so healthy for me. I want to go back to my routine and my morning ritual with the compost, but it will probably be that my life will split in two. New Leaf Gardening in Wood Green will be happening in parallel to a fantasy that runs along the bottom of that screen like a ticker. Alice will be fine. Rabbit will stay up tonight, and every night. Resending and resending, reopening the page to see if she has responded, if anyone has. The spinning wheel will make my eyes hurt and everything else will go dark.”
Olivia Sudjic, Sympathy

Jennifer L. Armentrout
“Hell you don’t. My brother is so wrapped up in you, if I call your name, he comes running. You damn well know that.”
Jennifer L. Armentrout, Moonlight Sins

“Go Beyond Motivated. Be More. Do More. Overcome More.”
Wesam Fawzi

Ayu Welirang
“Walau Migdal Bavel dibangun oleh berbagai manusia, tapi tak ada yang mau mengalah jika ia bisa mencuri satu kunci akses surga. Tak ada yang mau hanya menjadi manusia. Semuanya ingin menjadi orang tertinggi, tersuci, teralim dan berpengaruh di Sennaar.”
Ayu Welirang, Rumah Kremasi: Kumpulan Cerita Pendek

Nitya Prakash
“I can go from oddly obsessed to completely uninterested in 0.2 seconds.”
Nitya Prakash

Sylvia Nasar
“Steenrod was a careful, methodical man who chose his suits and sports coats according to a mathematical formula and had a mania for thinking up highly logical, if impractical, solutions to social problems like crime.”
Sylvia Nasar, A Beautiful Mind

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