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Rick Riordan
“Oh no." I said panic rising in my chest. "No, no, no, Somebody get a can opener. I've got a god in my head!!”
Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid

Charles  Hart
“Softly, deftly, music shall caress you. Hear it, feel it, Secretly possess you.”
Charles Hart, The Phantom of the Opera: Piano/Vocal

Gail Carriger
“My dearest girl,' said the vampire finally, examining Lord Maccon with an exhausted but appreciative eye, 'such a banquet. Never been one to favor werewolves myself, but he is very well equipped, now, is he not?'

Miss Tarabotti gave him an arch look. 'My goodies,' she warned.

Humans,' chuckled the vampire, 'so possessive.”
Gail Carriger, Soulless

Ashly Lorenzana
“I don't possess these thoughts I have --- they possess me. I don't possess these feelings I have --- They obsess me.”
Ashly Lorenzana

“Oh, he did look like a deity – the perfect balance of danger and charm, he was at the same time fascinating and inaccessible, distant because of his demonstrated flawlessness, and possessing such strength of character that he was dismaying and at the same time utterly attractive in an enticing and forbidden way.”
Simona Panova, Nightmarish Sacrifice

Irvin D. Yalom
“Marriage and its entourage of possession and jealousy enslave the spirit.”
Irvin D. Yalom, When Nietzsche Wept

Nenia Campbell
“You want to be free. You also want to be mine. You can't be both.”
Nenia Campbell, Crowned by Fire

Thomas Hardy
“It appears that ordinary men take wives because possession is not possible without marriage, and that ordinary women accept husbands because marriage is not possible without possession”
Thomas Hardy, Far From the Madding Crowd

Jared Diamond
“Much of human history has consisted of unequal conflicts between the haves and the have-nots.”
Jared Diamond, Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies

Friedrich Nietzsche
“Even the most beautiful scenery is no longer assured of our love after we have lived in it for three months, and some distant coast attracts our avarice: possessions are generally diminished by possession.”
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

“When one has nothing to lose, one becomes courageous. We are timid only when there is something we can still cling to.”
Don Juan

“Buffy Summers: (to Spike) "I could NEVER be your girl!”
Buffy the Vampire Slayer writers

A.S. Byatt
“He had been violently confused by her real presence in the opposite inaccessible corner. For months he had been possessed by the imagination of her. She had been distant and closed away, a princess in a tower, and his imagination’s work had been all to make her present, all of her, to his mind and senses, the quickness of her and the mystery, the whiteness of her, which was part of her extreme magnetism, and the green look of those piercing or occluded eyes. Her presence had been unimaginable, or more strictly, only to be imagined. Yet here she was, and he was engaged in observing the ways in which she resembled, or differed from, the woman he dreamed, or reached for in sleep, or would fight for.”
A. S. Byatt

“Appreciation, not possession, makes a thing ours.”
Marty Rubin

Emme Rollins
“I don't want you to be my fan. I want you to be mine.”
Emme Rollins, Dear Rockstar

L.J. Smith
“Whatever. I just won’t have Elena hurt, is all. Or the little red-headed witch.”

“Ah, yes, sweet Bonnie. I wouldn’t mind one or two like her. One for Samhain and one for the Solstice.”

Damon snorted drowsily. “There aren’t two like her; I don’t care where you look. I won’t have her hurt either.”
L.J. Smith, Nightfall

Pliny the Younger
“An object in possession seldom retains the same charm that it had in pursuit.”
Pliny the Younger, The Letters of the Younger Pliny

“Whom have I in heaven but you and earth possesses nothing I desire besides you"
-Psalm 73:25”
Anonymous, The Holy Bible: King James Version

Jessie Burton
“Marin believes love is better in the chase than caught.”
Jessie Burton, The Miniaturist

“What is it about possessing things? Why do we feel the need to own what we love? And why do we become such jerks when we do? We've all been there. You want something, you possess it - and by possessing it, you lose it. ”
Louis Chunovic , Chris-In-The-Morning: Love, Life, and the Whole Karmic Enchilada

Stephen R. Covey
“Perhaps a sense of possessing needs to come to come before a sense of genuine sharing.”
Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

Criss Jami
“Realizing the seriously ruthless, venomous habits and agendas of evil always instills a more fierce passion and longing for a closer God. Men, out of pride, may claim their own authorities over what constitutes good and evil; they may self-proclaim a keen knowledge of subjective morality through religion or science. But that is only if they are acknowledging the work of evil as a cartoon-like, petty little rain cloud in the sky that merely wants to dampen one's spirits. On the contrary, a man could be without a doubt lit with the strength, the peace, and the knowledge of the gods, his gods, but when or if the devils grow weary in unsuccessful attempts to torment him, they begin tormenting his loved ones, or, if not his loved ones, anyone who may attempt to grasp his philosophies. No matter how godly he may become, God is, in the end, his only hope and his only grace for the pressures built around him - it is left up to a higher authority and a more solid peace and a wider love to eclipse not just one's own evils but all evils for goodness to ultimately matter. If all men were gods, each being would dwell in a separate prison cell, hopeless, before finally imploding into nothingness.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

“Fifty percent of something is better than than one hundred percent of nothing.”
Chuck Barris, You and Me, Babe

Ursula K. Le Guin
“You are rich. You own. We are poor. We lack. You have. We do not have. Everything is beautiful here, only not the faces. On Anarres nothing is beautiful, nothing but the faces. The other faces. The men and women. We have nothing but that, nothing but each other. Here you see the jewels. There you see the eyes. And in the eyes you see the splendor, the splendor of the human spirit, because our men and women are free possessing nothing. They are free. And you, the possessors are possessed. You are all in jail, each alone, solitary with a heap of what he owns. You live in prison, die in prison. It is all I can see in your eyes, the wall, the wall.”
Ursula K. Le Guin, The Dispossessed

William Blake
“IV   The bounded is loathed by its possessor. The same dull round even of a universe would soon become a mill with complicated wheels.

V   If the many become the same as the few, when possess'd, More! More! is the cry of a mistaken soul, less than All cannot satisfy Man.

VI   If any could desire what he is incapable of possessing, despair must be his eternal lot.

VII   The desire of Man being Infinite the possession is Infinite & himself Infinite.”
William Blake, The Complete Poetry and Prose

Elena Ferrante
“I didn’t realize that in his wish to transform me was the proof that he didn’t like me as I was, he wanted me to be different, or, rather, he didn’t want just a woman, he wanted the woman he imagined he himself would be if he were a woman. For Franco, I said, I was an opportunity for him to expand into the feminine, to take possession of it: I constituted the proof of his omnipotence, the demonstration that he knew now to be not only a man in the right way, but also a woman.”
Elena Ferrante, Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay

“I knew, as every peasant does, that land can never be truly owned. We are the keepers of the soil, the curators of trees.”
Lisa St. Aubin de Teran, The Palace the Palace

Emily Brontë
“The guest was now the master of Wuthering Heights: he held firm possession, and proved to the attorney, who, in his turn, proved it to Mr. Linton, that Earnshaw had mortaged every yard of land he owned for cash to supply his mania for gaming; and he, Heathcliff, was the mortgagee.

In that manner, Hareton, who should now be the first gentleman in the neighbourhood, was reduced to a state of complete dependence on his father's inveterate enemy; and lives in his own house as a servant deprived of the advantage of wages, and quite unable to right himself, because of his friendlessness, and his ignorance that he has been wronged.”
Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights

John Galsworthy
“That “small” emotion, love, grows amazingly when threatened with extinction.”
John Galsworthy, The Forsyte Saga

Hannah Rothschild
“Beauty and desire to possess have driven men mad for centuries.”
Hannah Rothschild, The Improbability of Love

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