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Cassandra Clare
“Isabella with her whip and boots and knives would chop anyone who tried to pen her up in a tower into pieces, build a bridge out of the remains, and walk carelessly to freedom, her hair looking fabulous the entire time.”
cassandra clare

Penelope Douglas
“It’s just you, Little Monster. Own it or it will own you.”
Penelope Douglas, Corrupt

Kiersten White
“They are less than the mud. You do not get angry at the mud for clinging to your shoe. You wipe it off and never look at it again.”
Kiersten White, And I Darken

Kiersten White
“If you are too weak to stand being hit and too stupid to avoid it, then you deserve more pain.”
Kiersten White, And I Darken

Renée Ahdieh
“The tears and the pain all but blinding her, she forced open her eyes one more time, to a curtain of dark hair; to a waterfall of black ink spilling across the last page of her life.
I’m not nothing.
I was loved.”
Renee Ahdieh, The Wrath and the Dawn

Beatrix Potter
“This is a fierce bad rabbit;
look at his savage whiskers,
and his claws and his turned-up tail.”
Beatrix Potter

Germany Kent
“With God, you are stronger than your struggles and more fierce than your fears. God provides comfort and strength to those who trust in Him. Be encouraged, keep standing, and know that everything's going to be alright.”
Germany Kent

“Do not be afraid to bare your teeth - you were not brought into this world covered in blood to become a gentle, tamed thing.”
Nichole McElhaney

“ have a terrible beauty that scares me - a fierce defiance that won't be subdued - not that i want to tame you - I don't - I like to look...”
John Geddes, A Familiar Rain

Vladimir Nabokov
“We loved each other with a premature love, marked by a fierceness that so often destroys adult lives.
I was a strong lad and survived; but the poison was in the wound, and the wound remained ever open”
Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita

Sanober  Khan
“fierce lovers.
and battle warriors

both come
from the same place.

there is bound
to be,
some bloodshed.”
Sanober Khan

George R.R. Martin
“Such a fierce little thing she is, they say, she has no need of comfort. They are wrong in that, I fear. All men need comfort.”
George R.R. Martin, Fire & Blood

Xiran Jay Zhao
“It’s as if I’ve got a cocoon shriveled too tightly around my whole being. If I had my way, I’d exist like that butterfly, giving onlookers no easy way to bind me with a simple label.”
Xiran Jay Zhao, Iron Widow

Larry Watson
“Long past the moment when her neck begins to stiffen and ache, she continues to stare into the darkness, even though none of the human secrets she needs to know are to be found in the stars but rather closer to the earth her boots stand upon.”
Larry Watson, Let Him Go

Balli Kaur Jaswal
“Fiery-eyed and indignant, they would pen their stories for the whole world to read.”
Balli Kaur Jaswal, Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows

David Anthony Durham
“She was a nightmare of beauty and menace living right there above them, a being part raptor, part human, part divine. She knew without question that she could sweep down on them and inflict upon all of them a terrible vengeance if she wished. She had the capacity for violence within her, residing beside her heart.”
David Anthony Durham, Acacia: The War with the Mein

John Steinbeck
“He hated old women. They frightened him. There was a smell about them that gave him the willies. They were fierce and they had no price. They never gave a damn about making a scene. They got what they wanted. Louie's grandmother had been a tyrant. She had got whatever she wanted by being fierce.”
John Steinbeck, The Wayward Bus

Elizabeth Kay
“Are you frightened of me?' asked Ironclaw. 'No. Why should I be?' 'I'm very fierce,' said the brazzle, with some pride. 'All brazzles are fierce. They have to be, they guard hoards of gold. And they peck people's eyes out. Only when necessary, you understand.' 'Have you ever pecked someone's eyes out?' Ironclaw looked sheepish. 'No. But I could if I wanted to.' Felix smiled.”
Elizabeth Kay, The Divide

Rachel L. Schade
“All of my stubborn thoughts of dying with dignity melted away. Dignity was for the weak—I was full of fury.”
Rachel L. Schade, Silent Kingdom

C. JoyBell C.
“The past twenty years was all about "being fierce". I think we're tired of that now. I think women everywhere are asking why we have to grow claws to share this planet. Why do we have to grow fangs to stay here? We're tired of the fierceness, the viciousness. We want to get back in touch with our tenderness, we want comfort, we want to embrace and to be embraced. And I'm here for it, I'm here for this, I am so ready.”
C. JoyBell C.

“This determination is my bushido. It’s my “way of the warrior.” It’s palpable, a fierceness I possess, a beautiful stubbornness and unwillingness to give up.”
Hillary Allen, Out and Back: A Runner's Story of Survival Against All Odds

S.T. Gibson
“She looked wild as a pagan goddess and bright as an icon of Mary, sanctity and sin all shining together as one”
S.T. Gibson, Robbergirl

Sherrilyn Kenyon
“Telling a mother not to worry about her son, Urian, is like telling someone not to breathe.”
Sherrilyn Kenyon

“if we concede to exist

as a sudden broken thing not fearful enemies of love

we grow fierce as yes”
Tina Cane

L.J. Shen
“When did you become so" - he searched for the right word - "fierce?" I smiled. "Since I found out being a pushover Durant equal being nice. Being strong is not only kind on myself--but on other people too.”
L.J. Shen

“The fierceness of an animal is in the eyes.”
Klassikan Proverb

Victoria Christopher Murray
“They have no idea the fierceness that lurks within your petite frame.”
Victoria Christopher Murray, The Personal Librarian