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Donna Goddard
“A balanced inner calmness radiates from a peaceful centre. It neither craves others' approval nor rejects others' presence. It neither pulls towards nor pushes away. It has a reverent attitude towards life and all its inhabitants.”
Donna Goddard, The Love of Devotion

Kailin Gow
“Women can have it all - a successful career, happy marriage, and motherhood. It's not one or another. It's about being able fit it all in with stride. A strong woman can have all this because we were built for it. - Strong by Kailin Gow”
Kailin Gow

Alice Broadway
“We're all a bit bad. We all have things in our lives that bring us shame and regret. Things that have hurt our souls or hurt the people we love. But 're all a bit good too. i reckon we're mostly good actually. And life is about trying to learn the balance, plot our place on the continuum... We're not just made up of good and bad: we're everything else too.”
Alice Broadway, Ink

Mikhail Bulgakov
“You spoke your words as though you denied the very existence of the shadows or of evil. Think, now: where would your good be if there were no evil and what would the world look like without shadow?”
Mikhail Bulgakov, The Master and Margarita

Amit Ray
“Life is a balance between emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) and intelligence quotient (IQ).”
Amit Ray, Mindfulness Meditation for Corporate Leadership and Management

Alaric Hutchinson
“Harmony is our natural state of being, and so, when our energies become too stagnant, chaos is thrown into the mix to stimulate what will eventually result in balance and invite flow. The trick is to not let chaos trap or define you… simply allow it to create movement in the vehicle of your life so that you can snap your eyes open and take back control of the wheel. Do not lose yourself in the storm, instead, be the calm in the storm.”
Alaric Hutchinson, Living Peace: Essential Teachings for Enriching Life

Mehmet Murat ildan
“When bored of sitting, move! When bored of moving, sit! Balance your life or there will remain neither moving nor sitting in your life but only falling!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

“Life is a tightrope walk. One has to balance the do's and don'ts.”
Haresh Sippy

“Wealthy is not about accumulating money into banks/pockets, not about having multi-properties to count of the atmospheric knowns, "it is when you make others sorrounding you to live a mult - health, happier and balanced life converging to the wealth you have indeed reflecting your available resources that enhences their appreciative earnings". (Getting and Giving). Use your wealth to enrich others indeed.”
Wilson M. Mukama

A.A. Alebraheem
“We don't need to strive towards balance, we rather need to work on the obstacles that are preventing the natural flow of balance.”
A.A. Alebraheem, When Life Makes Sense: Exploring the meaning of life through science, philosophy and faith

“Balance is not always obtainable in every situation, however, we have the option to surrender our control over the desired outcome and live more easily in the present moment . This will result in greater peace of mind.”
Nanette Mathews

Giridhar Alwar
“When one makes you happy, the other makes you worried. Its just a balancing phenomena. So be the same person what ever the situation you are in.”
Giridhar Alwar, My Quest For Happy Life

Tapan Ghosh
“The world is a stage. Life is an act… Just a balancing act.”
Tapan Ghosh, Faceless The Only Way Out

محمد أسد
“İşin garibi, otuz iki yaşının biraz üzerindeyim ve neredeyse kendimi bildim bileli beni öylesine huzursuz kılan, beni tehlikeden tehlikeye, rastlantıdan rastlantıya sürükleyip duran bu gezip dolaşmak dürtüsü, macera düşkünlüğünden çok, dünyada bana ait sükun dolu köşeyi bulmak tutkusundan, başıma gelenlerle düşündüklerim, hissettiklerim ve arzuladıklarım arasında açık, yalın bir ilişki kurabileceğim o denge noktasına ulaşmak tutkusundan gücünü alıyor.”
Muhammad Asad, The Road to Mecca

Jodi Aman
“The birds are us, you and me. We need to balance the eagle and condor that is inside every one of us. Put aside the judgments of the eagle, give opportunity and prosperity to the holism of the condor. Shift the power structures that hold the eagle dominant and the condor marginalized”
Jodi Aman

“When I am in balance with the vibration of the sun, the moon, the stars and the planets I am ultimately connected to the Universe.”
Debbie A. Anderson

“I am at peace and in balance with the vibrational love that is in my world.”
Debbie A. Anderson

Tony Curl
“I'm not convinced that the universe is balanced. Maybe for the universe to be balanced, first we need to be balanced, becauseit's only then can balance really be delivered. I'm pretty sure if I view the world as a bitter, twisted individual, all I will meet are other bitter, twisted people. When I acknowledge my emtions, but embrace awareness I find balance. When I fight my emotions I find imbalance.”
Tony Curl

“When I am in the heavenly light of my vibration, my life is in balance & harmony.”
Debbie A. Anderson

Tapan Ghosh
“The world is a stage. Life is an act... Just a balancing act.”
Tapan Ghosh, Faceless The Only Way Out

Tina Hallis
“Work-life balance is not something we can find. That’s because we use words as if this balance were a noun when in reality it’s an action verb. We cannot find balance because it’s a continual action with ongoing adjustments, just like the tightrope walker who constantly moves his pole to keep from falling”
Tina Hallis, Sharpen Your Positive Edge: Shifting Your Thoughts for More Positivity and Success

Michael Thomas Sunnarborg
“You have the potential to make healthy choices and balance your priorities no matter where you are on your life journey.”
Michael Thomas Sunnarborg, Balancing Work, Relationships & Life in Three Simple Steps

“Life is so balanced, even when we are not”
Mohsin Ali Shaukat

“Finding balance is the key in our life”
Jan Jansen Easy Branches

“It would be nice to have many of the quotes we read have a ‘BUT’ addendum written in the sub-text. Be kind BUT don’t get walked over. Be vulnerable BUT also have strong boundaries.Don’t judge BUT please do discern.Help change the world and make it better BUT first focus on changing yourself and making yourself better. Be courageous and bold BUT be compassionate alongside it.”
Aditi Johar Mirchandani

Michael Donaghy
“So this talk, or touch if I were there,
Should work its effortless gadgetry of love,
Like Dante’s heaven, and melt into the air.

If it doesn’t, of course, I’ve fallen. So much is chance,
So much agility, desire, and feverish care,
As bicyclists and harpsicordists prove

Who only by moving can balance,
Only by balancing move.”
Michael Donaghy

Tapan Ghosh
“If you are not able to balance your heart and mind, you are imbalanced.”
Tapan Ghosh

Bruno Munari
“When the objects we use every day and the surroundings we live in have become in themselves a work of art, then we shall be able to say that we gave achieved a balanced life.”
Bruno Munari, Design as Art

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