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Allan Rufus
“Life is like a game of chess.
To win you have to make a move.
Knowing which move to make comes with IN-SIGHT
and knowledge, and by learning the lessons that are
acculated along the way.

We become each and every piece within the game called life!”
Allan Rufus, The Master's Sacred Knowledge

Ian McEwan
“It is quite impossible these days to assume anything about people's educational level from the way they talk or dress or from their taste in music. Safest to treat everyone you meet as a distinguished intellectual.”
Ian McEwan, Atonement

“The word Genius is not a noun, it's a verb!”
Doctor Jim Gates

Bianca Pitzorno
“Il nome della materia non ha importanza. E neppure chi insegna a chi. Il sapere è uno scambio reciproco.”
Bianca Pitzorno, La bambinaia francese

E.M. Forster
“For human intercourse, as soon as we look at it for its own sake and not as a social adjunct, is seen to be haunted by a spectre. We cannot understand each other, except in a rough and ready way; we cannot reveal ourselves, even when we want to; what we call intimacy is only a makeshift; perfect knowledge is an illusion.”
E.M. Forster, Aspects of the Novel

Mwanandeke Kindembo
“When knowledge is put into practice that’s when wisdom is born within a person.”
Mwanandeke Kindembo

Isaac Asimov
“You feel humiliated, my young man, because thinking you understood so much so well, you suddenly find that many very apparent things were unknown to you. Thinking you were one of the Lords of the Galaxy; you suddenly find that you stand near to destruction. Naturally, you will resent the ivory tower in which you lived; the seclusion in which you were educated; the theories on which you were reared.”
Isaac Asimov, Second Foundation

Loren Weisman
“An add is not an introduction.

Neither is a like, a share, a comment or a follow.

Adding a person on social media and expecting that to be your introduction and a reason for them to respond does not highlight your authenticity or allow you to stand out.

Engage online like you would in person.”
Loren Weisman

Loren Weisman
“Are you selling with soul or do you come off like you are selling your soul? If people only see you selling your expertise all the time, without experiencing elements of you sharing the expertise and knowledge you have, then what reason are you giving them to trust you or buy? ”
Loren Weisman

“Not all educated people are intelligent, but all intelligent people are educated.”
Agbor Jenet

Raheel Farooq
“All answers to why are information. All answers to how are knowledge.”
Raheel Farooq, Kalam

“Whatever you do, be different – that was the advice my mother gave me, and I can’t think of better advice for an entrepreneur. If you’re different, you will stand out.”
Qamar Shahzad

“Knowledge is Only Permanent and Biggest Asset Than Others.”
jagan kumar

“What you don't know is what you haven't learned”
Khoa Pham

“If you have the knowledge then keep it, it will help you when you'll need it.”

“When you listen, you learn, gaining knowledge, with a transformation towards wisdom, thus laying an educated foundation for others to then listen, learn, gain know....”
Jaco Snoek

“See the 'That' of What Is in all, and treat them accordingly - as the mirrored self of your soul. That is religion enough. The rest is but mumbo jumbo of lost souls.”
Fakeer Ishavardas

Amrit Das
“Knowledge is the sea of success, and Learning is the key to success.”
Amrit Das, Don't stay in bed, unless you can make money in bed: 31 Proven Passive Income Ideas To Make Money Online $2,000+ Per month with Your Online Business & ... Freedom

“Realising that you are lucky ... is knowing you are in a time and place in the world where there is so much opportunity available to you thanks to those who came before that is a realisation that will give you the power to get on in life.”
Bernardo Moya

“I can never lose my knowledge to you, probably you can gain my knowledge”
J. Ruby

James Hauenstein
“Even in the face of overwhelming proof, most people think, 'What they see or hear first, they believe first.”
James Hauenstein

Jeff Wheeler
“Studying is like rowing upstream; no advancement is the same as dropping back.
--Dawanjir proverb”
Jeff Wheeler, The Killing Fog

Debashis Chatterjee
“Learning is not about accumulation but about accommodation of knowledge. Learning is the art of creating space so that the learner can see the movement of knowledge in space and time. Knowledge of yesterday may not be relevant today. Knowledge of the past may not be relevant to the future. Knowledge used properly and appropriately, is learning. Knowledge should never be hoarded. It should rather be used like a disposable tissue. The movement of open source learning across the world today tells us that learning like love cannot be divided. Learning can only be multiplied and shared.”
Debashis Chatterjee, Can You Teach A Zebra Some Algebra?

“An academic degree never determines your destiny, but your character does.”
Shiva Negi

“We need to be much clearer about what we do and do not know so that we don't continually confuse the two. If I could have one wish for education, it would be the systematic ordering of our basic knowledge in such a way that what is known and true can be acted on, while what is superstition, fad, and myth can be recognized as such and used only when there is nothing else to support us in our frustration and despair.

Benjamin Bloom”
Benjamin Bloom

Natsume Sōseki
“Los que buscan la verdad dentro de sí mismos son más sabios y mejores personas que esos escolares que alardean de serlo por haber pasado por encima de epícteto en sus clases”
Natsume Sōseki, I Am a Cat

Virginia Woolf
“Suprimid esta protección, someted a las mujeres a las mismas actividades y esfuerzos que los hombres, haced de ellas soldados, marinos, maquinistas y repartidores y ¿acaso las mujeres no morirán mucho más jóvenes, mucho antes que los hombres y uno dirá: «Hoy he visto a una mujer», como antes solía decir: «Hoy he visto un aeroplano»? No se sabe lo que ocurrirá cuando el ser mujer ya no sea una ocupación protegida, pensé abriendo la puerta.”
Virginia Woolf, Un cuarto propio

Thomas More
“«Esto es lo que siempre hicieron nuestros mayores. Ya podíamos nosotros igualar su sabiduría». Al decir esto, zanjan toda discusión y se sienten felices. Les parece mal que alguien sea más sabio que los antepasados. Cierto que todos estamos dispuestos a aceptar todo lo bueno que nos han legado en herencia. Pero con el mismo rigor sostenemos que hay que aceptar y mantener lo que vemos debe mudarse. Con frecuencia me he encontrado en otras partes este tipo de mentes absurdas, soberbias y retrógradas.”
Thomas More, Utopia

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