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Kevin Ansbro
“We are what we eat,
and we are what we read.”
Kevin Ansbro

Marissa Meyer
“Everyone is trying to impress everyone else. Trying to make themselves out to be smarter or more confident than they actually are.”
Marissa Meyer, Cress

Germany Kent
“Live your life in such a way that you'll be remembered for your kindness, compassion, fairness, character, benevolence, and a force for good who had much respect for life, in general.”
Germany Kent
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“The 7 Secrets of Happiness

1. Think positively.
2. Do work you love.
3. Avoid anger.
4. Give generously.
5. Be grateful.
6. Overcome negativity.
7. Develop thick skin.”
Matshona Dhliwayo

“Justice is the gateway to peace.
Education is the gateway to equality.
Patience is the gateway to tolerance.
Compassion is the gateway to mercy.

Certainty is the gateway to assurance.
Hope is the gateway to courage.
Contentment is the gateway to happiness.
Integrity is the gateway to virtue.

Need is the gateway to want.
Laughter is the gateway to health.
Pleasure is the gateway to enjoyment.
Love is the gateway to joy.

Life is the gateway to death.
Reality is the gateway to truth.
Harmony is the gateway to order.
Time is the gateway to eternity.

Intelligence is the gateway to wisdom.
Focus is the gateway to determination.
Insight is the gateway to understanding.
Knowledge is the gateway to enlightenment.”
Matshona Dhliwayo

“It is easier to teach saints than to learn from sinners.
It is easier to teach young students than to guide old fools.
It is easier to chastise saints than to caution sinners.
It is easier to shine in the dark than to glow in the light.
It is easier to multiply enemies than to accumulate friends.
It is easier to embrace your angel than to face your demons.
It is easier to fight an army of opinions than a single truth.
It is easier to rise with enemies than to fall with friends.
It is easier to fall into sin than to rise into virtue.
It is easier to rise from defeat than to rise from ignorance.
It is easier to survive a blow from a friend than a kiss from an enemy.
It is easier to conquer a thousand devils than a single angel.
It is easier to rise from love than to soar from hate.
It is easier to move mountains by faith than hills by your hands.
It is easier for stars to shine than for truth to glow.
It is easier to resist pain than to defy pleasure.
It is easier to appease the strong than to wrestle the mighty.
It is easier to tame the mind than to bridle the soul.
It is easier to fight an army than to grapple with your conscience.
It is easier to embrace the future than to understand the past.
It is easier for the sun to shine than for the moon to glow.
It is easier for small seeds to rise than for big trees to grow.
It is easier to heal a wounded heart than a broken soul.
It is easier to rule the mind than to conquer the soul.
It is easier to conquer your enemies than to master your fears.”
Matshona Dhliwayo

“Expressing doubt is how we begin a journey to discover essential truths.”
Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls

“I was taught by family at ten.
I was taught by books at twenty.
I was taught by enemies at thirty.
I was taught by nature at forty.
I was taught by life at fifty.

At ten, I was foolish.
At twenty, I was naïve.
At thirty, I was alert.
At forty, I was experienced.
At fifty, I was wise.”
Matshona Dhliwayo

“Before I had a car, I had feet.
Before I had a telephone, I had prayer.
Before I had a degree, I had commonsense.
Before I had a diploma, I had curiosity.
Before I had knowledge, I had an opinion.
Before I had a reputation, I had a character.
Before I had a bodyguard, I had a friend.
Before I had a wife, I had a mother.
Before I had a son, I had a father.
Before I had a body, I had a mind.
Before I had a brain, I had a soul.
Before I had a memory, I had an experience.
Before I had a lifetime, I had a moment.”
Matshona Dhliwayo

“The weak forgive none,
the strong forgive some,
the great forgive many,
and the enlightened forgive all.

Trust unites,
fear divides,
mercy heals,
and love conquers.”
Matshona Dhliwayo

“The heart is a classroom,
the soul is a teacher,
the mind is a student,
and life is the exam.

The world is a university,
the universe is our professor,
wisdom is our homework,
and love is our final exam.

Life is an academy,
God is the instructor,
character is the assignment,
and virtue is the exam.”
Matshona Dhliwayo

Eraldo Banovac
“Speaking the truth is the main attribute of a pure hearted person.”
Eraldo Banovac

Eraldo Banovac
“Do not choose friends who only flatter you, but who understand you. True friendship implies willingness to speak frankly, to point out the mistakes we made and to exchange opinions freely.”
Eraldo Banovac

Elizabeth Goudge
“It was not the size of things that mattered but their perfection, it was not what one had that was important, but what one made.”
Elizabeth Goudge, A City of Bells

“It's tough to get out of one's inherited imbecilic culture, and a thus inherited or endowed lunatic belief system. A freethinker must overcome every deadened system. Especially one's own.”
Fakeer Ishavardas

Mwanandeke Kindembo
“Education is simply the act of gaining knowledge. Nothing to do with school.”
Mwanandeke Kindembo

Mwanandeke Kindembo
“Education is the result of self-learning, being taught by one or more people. Learning is the key word here. Schools, colleges and universities only divide you into CLASSES according to your level of understanding.”
Mwanandeke Kindembo

Diana D. Wild
“The real within us, is found in nature,
Our soul created a painting for us.
We have colors and animals...
From wilderness, we grew dandelions.”
Diana D. Wild, The Neverending Poems

Mwanandeke Kindembo
“The truth of life is that, even the doctor needs a doctor.”
Mwanandeke Kindembo

Mwanandeke Kindembo
“The matter of heart is more personal than accepting the opinions of others.”
Mwanandeke Kindembo

Diana D. Wild
“You become profound, when you love yourself more,
You look at yourself in the broken mirrors.
Trying to rebuild a final puzzle,
In which the crumbs are feeling flattered.”
Diana D. Wild, The Neverending Poems

Diana D. Wild
“There are peaceful days,
Created precisely for you.
Sometimes you stay alone with yourself,
Feeling the quietness returning to you.
Through his divine waves, calm seems to be,
A pure state of euphoria...”
Diana D. Wild, The Neverending Poems

Steve Leasock
“Life is to be lived now. Focusing on life suggests practicing being conscious of consciousness. Just be. Thoughts about life is not living life.”
Steve Leasock, Love Will Show You the Way: Choosing the Path of Least Resistance

Steve Leasock
“The transition back to a state of focusing on presence and conscious living first seems long, even unreachable. However, it is not difficult. On the contrary, it is quite simple. Just be. No attachment nor thought.”
Steve Leasock, Love Will Show You the Way: Choosing the Path of Least Resistance

Steve Leasock
“Loving and Living can be indescribably wonderful experiences without human based demands and expectancy.”
Steve Leasock, Love Will Show You the Way: Choosing the Path of Least Resistance

Steve Leasock
“You are sharing the seeds of life with the universe. Please plant these seeds consciously, wisely, and with love. Everything reflects back to you and the seeds that have been planted.”
Steve Leasock, Love Will Show You the Way: Choosing the Path of Least Resistance

“To be in a state of pure consciousness or no-mind does not entail the rejection of or complete detachment from ordinary mental or sensory experience. On the contrary, in a unified state of consciousness, awareness remains established in unbounded silence while simultaneously engaged in the boundaries of everyday activity.”
William S. Haney II, Cyberculture, Cyborgs and Science Fiction: Consciousness and the Posthuman

“Those who cannot see life through the eyes of others have no empathy just pity

rassool jibraeel snyman

“Know about the distance between the head and the heart?
It may take a split second or an entire lifetime.”
Muheet Mehraj

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