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Bruce Lee
“Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.”
Bruce Lee

Sanober  Khan
“in a world
full of
temporary things

you are
a perpetual
Sanober Khan

Grace Willows
“You are enough to drive a saint to madness or a king to his knees.”
Grace Willows, To Kiss a King

Jay McLean
“Every Princess has one Prince to share the loves and joys of life, and do you know how that Princess knows which Prince is hers?”
“How Mommy?”
“From the kiss.”
“But how?”
“The very first kiss with your Prince will change your life. When your lips touch for the first time, the earth will feel like it stops moving, but in the same moment, the world around you spins. It’ll feel like fireworks in the night sky. Like a bright light in the darkness. You’ll feel your heart beat fast in your ears but silence will surround you. And when you pull apart and open your eyes and look at each other, and really see each other. You’ll know it in that moment, through that kiss, that you’ve just let someone own a piece of your heart, and you’ll live happily ever after.”
Jay McLean, More Than This

C.J. English
“Every cell in my body was telling me that he was my happily ever after.”
C.J. English, Affairytale

Jasinda Wilder
“I can’t promise you forever, because that’s not long enough. - Jason Dorsey”
Jasinda Wilder, Falling into Us

“The Cycle of True Love: First I see and think I love, then I say I know I love, today and forever more I decide to love.”
Michael Sweeney

Toba Beta
“I wish I could wait forever for your love, my sweetheart..
even though I know for sure...that none of us is immortal.”
Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

Molly Friedenfeld
“An act of kindness may take only a moment of our time, but when captured in the heart the memory lives forever.”
Molly Friedenfeld, The Book of Simple Human Truths

Toba Beta
“You'll betray me then I'll forgive you again.”
Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

Jacqueline Simon Gunn
“Love was feeling the person everywhere, under your skin, in every strand of your hair, in your heart, in your bones, in the tone of your voice when you said their name. Love wasn’t always about being with the person, it was feeling that your world was better just because they lived. Even if you weren’t ever going to be together, he was the air you breathed, invisible but everywhere.”
Jacqueline Simon Gunn, Where You'll Land

Eden Butler
“The only magic I ever really made was the love I had with you.”
Eden Butler, Beg

Jacqueline Simon Gunn
“It’s this thing I have. I’m sorry if it scared you. I feel other people’s feelings. I imagine crumbling insides and splitting hearts, goodbyes that hang in the air before they break into tiny pieces. I hear words that aren’t said, the echoes of lonely hallways and hollow footsteps. I hear sobs that soak pillowcases when all the lights are out and the world is sleeping. I carry this inside of me, all of it.

I knew you paced the floor at night, trying to walk over all the things you didn’t want me to know. But I felt every wound you ever endured when I rested against you. I felt the ache that I have, deep inside of me, on your lips. Every time we kissed, I tasted a lifetime of tangled paths and bumpy roads woven with joined hands. Love isn’t blind, you see. I felt everything you were and could be, if only you stopped hiding in the same darkness you sheltered me from. I knew who you could become if someone loved you just right.
I’m sorry if that scared you.

Just in case you were wondering, I still love you and I'll keep the lights dim.

Come home.”
Jacqueline Simon Gunn

Ken Poirot
“Gifts are temporary and often forgotten; love is forever and always remembered.”
Ken Poirot

Jacqueline Simon Gunn
“You are the stars hidden by clouds. I know you’re there even when I can’t see you. Your shine peeks out and reaches me in the depths of my soul. Tell me your arms are long enough to reach me across oceans. Tell me someday we will be together, somehow, some way. Tell me that this love we have can survive being together as well as we’ve survived being apart. Tell me we are more than the chasm of our divide.”
Jacqueline Simon Gunn

Christopher X. Sullivan
“Mark is the one thing in this world that I love enough to write a million words about... he is the one I am obsessive about recording. I want you to love him as much as I do. I want you to see him how I see him. Yes, he has flaws and, yes, I put my blinders on when looking at those flaws... but I feel compelled to immortalize our story—his story.”
Christopher X. Sullivan, The Lover

“those eyes—those fucking eyes. They hooked me every time, clamping down on my soul, trapping me like I was in chains.”
Shanora Williams, 100 Proof

Eden Butler
“Maybe when you love someone, neither one of you are supposed to be worthy of the other. Maybe that's what your'e supposed to do--spend you life earning that love. Maybe we're supposed to work at being worthy.”
Eden Butler, Beg

Jacqueline Simon Gunn
“I used to wonder if we were destined to fail from the start, two people who lived hard and loved fast. Afraid to slow down. But now I know that my fingers weren’t long enough to reach your wounds, to caress the places that ached from the sharp words and careless actions of others. People had confused your gentleness for weakness. You carried everything heavy.

Had I known, I would have danced delicate language all around you. I would’ve told you that your internal brightness illuminated mine. And that I only saw the beauty in myself when I looked at my reflection in your eyes. If only I had known that behind that strong gaze was everything else. Everything you didn’t want me to know. Your shine came from what you felt when you looked at me. And you feared that I would be yet another to use your light and leave you alone. In even more darkness.
But I wouldn’t have.
I didn’t know how to tell you, but I know that pain too.”
Jacqueline Simon Gunn

Krystle Kotara
“Love encompasses two wild imaginations,
dreaming of what a life together could be.”
Krystle Kotara, The Lust Diaries

Jacqueline Simon Gunn
“Too many times, I confused my melancholy for loneliness and sought comfort in the wrong arms. Too many times, I surrendered myself to my own illusions, trying to find something that I didn’t understand. Always searching for an elusive affection, desire so pervading it was painful in its insatiability. Every time I held it close, it slipped through my fingers, my body resting in the depth of others only to find myself shivering in shallow water.

When you wrapped yourself around me, I knew it was different. A subtlety I had never known, in your embrace. Our restless, wandering souls came together, ideas and passions transforming into redamancy. I know it now – that elusive something I had always wanted – with you, every day, in every kiss, the way you touch me, in dark and light, in the illumination of all of the little things, with hundreds of no matter whats and the taste of forever.”
Jacqueline Simon Gunn

Jacqueline Simon Gunn
“We ran our brokenness against each other, in pure abandon. I knew you weren’t in it for the long run. I could feel it in the yearning of our bodies, the way our skin merged with desperation over and over, the way we held on too tight. I knew you weren’t the answer to my loneliness or the cure for all that ailed me, but you changed my life.
You helped me realize that I could love again.
And for that I am thankful.
So thankful.”
Jacqueline Simon Gunn

Anyta Sunday
“When you find the person that can see you, you don’t let go.”
Anyta Sunday, (In)visible

Jacqueline Simon Gunn
“I wanted to keep him there to hold me up, to rely on, to remind me that there were places we found in other people that were safer than any walls could keep us.”
Jacqueline Simon Gunn, Love's Remains

“The heart so tender and young,
Cannot undo-
The song that has been sung!

This feeling I have forever!
I regret -
That I can’t forget
& you don’t remember!”
Somya Kedia

Jacqueline Simon Gunn
“Maybe we love people forever. Maybe some relationships were derailed by time and circumstance, but somewhere in the background there was a place where that love still existed, where you were still those two people in that time.”
Jacqueline Simon Gunn, Love's Remains

“Love still feels like a word, though I am far deep inside it. Isn't it kind of scary to fall in for someone and just not realize it? It's like a rainbow with many colors, just waiting for the rains to drop to let it show what it truly is. It's like the music pouring inside with all the feel indeed tingling softly in your mind, soul and body. It's like the wind, you can't see it, but you feel it.”
Khushi Parwal

Eda J. Vor
“We need so desperately to believe in a forever love--so much so that there’s an entire genre of entertainment dedicated to young lovers who persist against all odds, medical or fantastical or otherwise--that when it doesn’t happen, we fall a little bit to pieces. The spell is broken. Evil wins. Because that’s a true representation of reality, that loss of hope, that perversion of purity. That’s what we’re all living with anyway and seeing it represented in our entertainment reinforces what we already know to be true: there is no perfect love or life or quest or character. We’re all just fumbling along, trying to make the best of whatever it is we can find, whatever small comforts we can take, whatever compromise seems the least devastating.”
Eda J. Vor, Fully Functioning: a postpartum descent into obsessive fangirling

Jacqueline Simon Gunn
“I wanted to keep him there to hold me up, to rely on, to remind that there were places we found in other people that were safer than any walls could keep us.”
Jacqueline Simon Gunn, Love's Remains

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