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Becca Fitzpatrick
“Fine! I'll throw on some clothes. Turn around. I'm in my pj's"
"I'm a guy. That's like asking a kid not to glance at the candy counter.”
Becca Fitzpatrick, Silence

Becca Fitzpatrick
“Quit calling me Grey. It makes me sound like I’m a boy. Like Dorian Gray.”

“Dorian who?”

I sighed. “Just think up something else. Plain old Nora works too, you know.”

“Sure thing, Gumdrop.”

I grimaced. “I take that back. Let’s stick with Grey.”
Becca Fitzpatrick, Silence

Becca Fitzpatrick
“But instead of taking the cue to leave, Patch crossed to Scott in three steps. He flung him around to face the wall. Scott tried to get his bearings, but Patch slammed him against the wall again, disorienting him further. “Touch her,” he said in Scott’s ear, his voice low and threatening, “and it’ll be the biggest regret of your life.”

Before leaving, Patch flicked his eyes once in my direction. “He’s not worth it.” He paused. “And neither am I.”
Becca Fitzpatrick, Crescendo

F. Scott Fitzgerald
“There’s a loneliness that only exists in one’s mind. The loneliest moment in someone’s life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is blink.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald

“You’re not fat, just easier to see than most.”
Mark A. Cooper, Royal Decree

Angela Morrison
“I’m here Bethie. Loving you. Wanting you. I’m not going to run into a hole and lick my wounds. I’m going to bleed in front of you.”
Angela Morrison, Sing Me to Sleep
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Becca Fitzpatrick
“Sure thing, Gumdrop.”
Becca Fitzpatrick, Silence

Becca Fitzpatrick
“When I'm wasted, I can almost forget who I am," he said, his smile fading slightly. "I know I'm still there, but only barely. It's a good place to be." He tipped back the thermos, eyes on the dark sea straight ahead”
Becca Fitzpatrick, Crescendo
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Scott Westerfeld
“Did you really think I was too fragile to know what Deryn was?"

"Fragile?" Volger looked about. "I hadn't thought so, but now I find you brooding in a bathroom. This doesn't speak well of your sturdiness.”
Scott Westerfeld, Goliath

Scott Westerfeld
“What if destiny doesn't care?”
Scott Westerfeld, Goliath

Becca Fitzpatrick
“His smile was sexy and warned of trouble, but I'd made up my mind that not all trouble was bad.”
Becca Fitzpatrick, Crescendo

Scott Westerfeld
“It's just programming"
"No. It's because I love him”
Scott Westerfeld, Pretties

Scott Snyder
“- If I tell you, will you let met go?
- You bet, partner. [...]
- You promised!
- Nope. I said "you bet." You did ... and you lost.”
Scott Snyder, American Vampire, Vol. 1

Scott Westerfeld
“Dude, I just watched you climb up a f*cking building!-Lace”
Scott Westerfeld, Peeps

“These are the hands of Rachel Joy Scott and one day, will touch millions of people's hearts.”
Rachel Scott

F. Scott Fitzgerald
“Writers aren't exactly people.... They're a whole bunch of people trying to be one person.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald

“You can only like someone so much… But never like them as much as you are gonna miss them.”
Mark A. Cooper

Scott Westerfeld
“I kissed him once," she whispered.
"Well done. What did he do?"
"Um..." Deryn sighed. "He woke up.”
Scott Westerfeld

James Tynion IV
“Tomorrow is a dream away.”
Scott Synder, DC Comics: The New 52

Scott Westerfeld
“And here in America rival newspapermen attack each other on sight?”
Scott Westerfeld

Geoffrey Knight
“What turns an honest, good-looking guy like you into a theif?"
Scott couldn't help but smirk.
"I blame chocolate.”
Geoffrey Knight, Scott Sapphire and the Emerald Orchid

“SUPERFRUIT!! The BEST YouTube Channel ever!”
Scott Hoying Mitch Grassi

Jayde Scott
“I thought she wanted out. We should've brought cuffs and a gag." Clare frowned. "What's wrong with you, Blake? This is a rescue mission, not a kidnapping.”
Jayde Scott, A Job From Hell

Kaui Hart Hemmings
“Scott still stares at Sid, then turns to Alice and hands her the Scotch. “We’re going to go see Joanie today,” he says.

Alice grins. “And Chachi?” she asks.

Sid bursts out laughing and Scott turns back to him, then places a hand on his shoulder, which makes me fear for his life. “You be quiet, son,” Scott says. “I could kill you with this hand. This hand has been places.”

I shake my head and look at both Sid and Alex.

Scott lifts his hand off Sid’s shoulder and turns again to his wife. “No, Alice. Our Joanie. Our daughter. We’re going to give her anything she wants.” He glares at me. “Think about what she would want, Alice. We’re going to get it for her and bring it to her. Bring it right to her bed.”

“Joanie and Chachi,” Alice chants. “Joanie and Chachi!”

“Shut up, Alice!” Scott yells.

Alice looks at Scott as though he just said “Cheese.” She clasps her hands together and smiles, staying in the pose for a few seconds. He looks at her face and squints. “Sorry, old gal,” he says. “You go ahead and say whatever you want.”

“It was funny,” Sid says. “All I was doing was laughing. She has a good sense of humor. That’s all. Maybe she knows she’s being funny. I think she does.”

“I’m going to hit you,” Scott says. His arms hang alongside him, the muscles flexed, veins big like milk-shake straws. I know he’s going to hit Sid because that’s what he does. I’ve seen him hit Barry. I, too, have been hit by Scott after I beat him and his buddies at a game of poker. His hands are in fists, and I can see his knobby old-man knuckles, the many liver spots almost joining to become one big discoloration, like a burn. Then he pops his fist up toward Sid, a movement like a snake rearing its head and lunging forth. I see Sid start to bring his arm up to block his face, but then he brings it down and clutches his thigh. It’s almost as if he decided not to protect himself. The end result is a punch in his right eye, a screaming older daughter, a frightened younger daughter, a father trying to calm many people at once, and a mother-in-law cheering wildly as though we have all done something truly amazing.”
Kaui Hart Hemmings, The Descendants

“Things like,
Brothers and sisters!
Saving money!
Setting the table!
True love...
... I MEAN! Foods you don't like!”
Marcy Heisler, Goldrich and Heisler - Songbook, Volume 2

Anyta Sunday
“When you find the person that can see you, you don’t let go.”
Anyta Sunday, (In)visible

Pamela Morsi
“They stood up and the world was totally different. The wheat was an onyx sea, ever moving in shadow. Above it the heavens were illuminated with the wink of stars and planets, the Milky Way like a giant streak of glimmer slashing across the sky.
She was standing right next to him, awed by the beauty of the night sky and their tiny, tiny place in it. It seemed perfectly natural that he leaned down to gently press his lips to her temple. It wasn’t a kiss really, it was a consolation.

“Take my hand,” he said.
D.J. could see nothing as he unerringly led her through the darkened grain to the edge of the field.”
Pamela Morsi, Love Overdue

F. Scott Fitzgerald
“Douăzeci și cinci e prea cinică și sofisticată; treizeci e numai bună pentru paloarea excesului de muncă; patruzeci e vârsta poveștilor lungi, care durează cît un trabuc fumat în întregime; șaizeci e... ah, șaizeci e prea aproape de șaptezeci; dar cincizeci e cu adevărat floarea vîrstei. O ador.”
F Scott Fitzgerald, This Side Of Paradise

F. Scott Fitzgerald
“Încercăm să ne alegem mijloacele și apoi luăm ce putem – și ne mai și bucurăm.”
F Scott Fitzgerald, This Side Of Paradise

“How many people know 10 good things about America? Almost anyone can tell that. But thing is that cities in America is not certain or similar to each other. The many popular cities are also popular due to their food style like Portland Oregon, San Francisco, California, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Seattle Washington etc and many other cities like this including Miami too.

According to wallet hub, Miami stands at 3rd position about their craze of food and other things. But Miami is not just a food city but also claimed a name as a crime city.”
Scott Cooper Miami

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